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In full disclosure, this is a sponsored post on behalf of Snap2 Marketing/PR to introduce Schafer Sports Center to New Jersey families.


Schafer Sports Center


A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of working with the Schafer Sports Center in Ewing Township. Not only were we going to get to introduce this fantastic sports facility to other New Jersey bloggers, but we were also getting to experience it for ourselves in an effort to introduce it to you. It only took a few steps in the door before my youngest started squealing. Within moments, he said this was going to be the best field trip I ever took him to. I mean look at this gymnastics area. Can you blame him for being excited?


Schafer Sports Center


Schafer Sports Center is not your typical gymnastics school. First, Schafer makes it possible for parents like me to take ALL your kids to ONE facility so kids can have the classes or sports programming they want. Under one roof, Schafer offers yoga, dance, gymnastics, soccer, lacrosse, swimming and more.


The focus at Schafer is not on winning. It’s not on being super competitive. It’s on your child. Kids are always first. The Schafer team wants to help families create happy, healthy, and responsible kids. Their staff is hired for their character and then trained to teach in a way that builds the self-esteem of a child so that for EVERY child learning is fun!


Schafer Sports Center


Take a look at some of the fitness activities the Schafer Sports Center offers kids in Mercer County.


Schafer Sports Center Athletic Classes for Kids


Gymnastics Classes for Kids in Mercer County

The 9,300 square foot gymnastics space at Schafer Sports Center was our FAVORITE area to play at Schafer. We had about 30 minutes during our visit for the kids to tumble, jump, swing, and more. It wasn’t enough! The kids could have played all day. We started with an obstacle course that involved scrambling up a hill, wiggling through a tunnel, balancing on tumbling disks, jumping over beams, and climbing a rail wall before finishing up by rolling down a gymnastics triangle.


Schafer Sports Center gymnastics


After the tumbling, we took to the trapeze swing at Schafer Sports Center. One by one the kids took turns swinging across the foam pit. Can you hear my son’s squeals of delight?


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From the swings to the trampoline, the kids jumped as we followed along. Schafer has multiple trampoline areas. The Schafer Sport Center staff gave the kids time for free bouncing as well as got them together in small groups for a trampoline game of popcorn.


Schafer Sports Center trampoline


Our last stop in the Schafer Sports Center gymnastic area was at the hanging ladder. My son thought he would never be able to get to the top, but he most certainly did get there. He was thrilled.


Schafer Sports Center swinging ladder


Yoga Classes for Kids in Mercer County

In partnership with Be Inspired Yoga, Schafer Sports Center offers therapeutic yoga for kids, adults, and families. This is how my son and I started our visit to the Schafer Sports Center, but it was not your typical yoga class. Yoga therapist, Fran had the kids playing with toys for breathing and stretching exercises. Who knew yoga could be so playful? As parents we were taught a variety of techniques we can use with our kids, even one with a tennis ball, to help them relax and wind down at the end of the day. All three of my boys loved the addition of a tennis ball massage to our bedtime routine.


Schafer Sports Center yoga


Dance Classes for Kids in Mercer County

We didn’t get to dance during our visit to Schafer, but kids can take dance classes, offered by the Dance Network, in their 1,000 square feet room.


Schafer Sports Center Dance classes


Year-round Swimming Lessons for Kids in Mercer County

Swimming season ‘may’ have come to an end, but it doesn’t have to. Schafer’s Sports Center offers a 5,200 square feet swimming space with water that is 4 feet deep. Whether you’re visiting Schafer for a pool party or swimming lessons you will most certainly enjoy the 90° water that is cleaned every 90 minutes. WOW! While kids of all ages can take swimming lessons at Schafer, their swimming lessons start as early as 6 weeks old. In fact, babies 6 weeks to 6 months old can take swimming lessons for free at Schafer. WOW! WOW!


With clean warm water, family friendly changing rooms, and the variety of pool floats and toys this was certainly one of our favorite areas of Schafer.


Schafer Sports Center pool


Soccer Classes for Kids in Mercer County

The Schafer Sports Center has a 13,400 square feet indoor astroturf field that is ready for all kinds of sports classes for kids. Schafer Sports offer soccer, soccer clinics, lacrosse, and flag football. During our visit, their soccer director, Everard Lewis, Founder/Director of Phenoms Soccer told us about their soccer programs for children from ages 3-18. Then, he lead the kids in an agility course that once again had them jumping, running, and wiggling.


Schafer Sports Center soccer


Special Needs Programs & Fitness Classes for Kids in Mercer County

Everything you’ve read that Schafer Sports Center offers: gymnastics, swimming, soccer, and yoga, they offer families with children with special needs. Whether your child is training for the Special Olympics or just wants to enjoy swimming or gymnastics like any child does, Schafer has a program and coaching that encourages any child to become their best. You can learn more about Schafers Special Needs Program on their site at


We truly enjoyed our visit to Schafer Sports Center. This sports program facility in Ewing Township was really top notch. To help you get another deeper look at the facility take a look at our Schafer Sports Center video.


Our Schafer Sports Center video tour


If you’re looking for a place in Mercer County with swimming, dance, yoga, gymnastics, and sports all in one place, Schafer Sports Center in Ewing Township is YOUR place.


Learn more online at their site,


See more Schafer Sports Center photos in our Facebook album. You can see a preview below.


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