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We received this book, at no charge, to review from Scholastic Books. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about children books we think your family may enjoy.


The Scarecrows’ Wedding

By Julia Donaldson


The Scarecrows' Wedding

Certainly not a wedding my family will forget, this delightful book will definitely entertain.


About The Scarecrows’ Wedding

A wedding that no one will ever forget is the intention of Betty O’Barley and Harry O’Hay. They are two scarecrows in love who decide it is time to get married. The happy couple creates a list, seeks out the items from the list on their farm, enlists the support and assistance of their colleagues (cows, geese, and other animals), and hit an unexpected obstacle. What happens next is a plot twist but the cute and quirky story is wrapped up with a happy ending for the preschooler crowd! It is a delightful story with a light rhythm that is fun to read.


The Scarecrows’ Wedding  is best for children ages 4-8.


Why I enjoyed The Scarecrows’ Wedding

  • There are some interesting themes in this story which I enjoy because that means we can keep reading the book and find new points of discussion. Right now, my children are identifying the animals but as they get older we can discuss relationships, commitment, and loyalty.
  • There is a bad guy in the book. Well, he isn’t bad, but he certainly doesn’t have positive qualities. I think it is important to start discussing what are good and bad qualities. This particular character opens a discussion on loyalty and helping one another.
  • I enjoyed reading this book to my children as it had a great rhythm and it was fun to hear about the adventure this couple endured to get married.


Why my kids enjoyed The Scarecrows’ Wedding

  • My children liked this book because they love farms. They like the animals on the farm, they like to identify things on the farm, and they love visiting them. This is a cute book to read before visiting one. However, now we will definitely keep our eyes open for scarecrows!
  • My children enjoyed the drama in the book. The “oh no” suspense for the preschoolers had them intrigued but the happy ending made them happy.
  • My children liked the graphics in the book and the cute little details that reflects the illustrator’s, Axel Scheffller’s style. His illustrations are unique but definitely frames Julia Donaldson’s books very well.


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