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Ocean City Sandcastle Park 34th Street Playground


Ocean City’s Sandcastle Park – Cape May County Parks & Playgrounds


We’ve been telling you about the Ocean City Playgrounds. My boys did a summer soccer league and each practice was another excuse to discover a new playground in Ocean City to explore. Each new playground we discovered was better than the last and this week we’ve got our favorite to share with you. Ocean City’s Sandcastle Park, otherwise known as the 34th Street playground is AMAZING!


Ocean City Sandcastle Park 34th Street Playground


3 Reasons to Love the Ocean City’s Sandcastle Park


  • Plan for the day when you visit the Sandcastle Park and bring your camera! There is truly so much to explore, I can’t see your kids ever getting bored. Mine didn’t. With a multi-level play structure for kids 5-12, another play structure for kids 2-5, and lots of swings, even on a busy day kids will still be able to have fun.


  • Extra sunny days are still doable at Sandcastle Park. There are nooks and crannies to the play structures with benches and canopy tops. Kids can sit and play and still be in the shade. Plus there’s shade at the lower levels and underneath them. Trees near the picnic tables also provide great shade as you eat lunches or snacks.


  • Unique structures! At Sandcastle Park, my boys enjoyed some unique play areas and equipment to climb on that you don’t see at most local playgrounds.


Ocean City Sandcastle Park 34th Street Playground


What Ocean City’s Sandcastle Park offers

  • 2 different playground structures, one for older and younger kids 2 – 5 and a multi-level structure for ages 5-12.
  • A basketball court
  • Picnic tables & benches
  • Mounted ride on toys
  • Climbing wall & structures
  • Multiple Slides
  • Traditional swings, baby swings, special needs swings
  • Ship play structure
  • Tunnels
  • Spider web rope climbing structure
  • Balance beams and step up platforms
  • Activity games
  • A variety of bridges for kids to walk across
  • Handicap accessible pathways to move about the platforms
  • Picnic tables, some with checkerboard surfaces


Ocean City Sandcastle Park 34th Street Playground


What you also should know about Ocean City’s Sandcastle Park

  • The playground area is fenced in with a small opening towards the street.
  • Limited meter street parking is available. I found the parking meter rates to be very affordable starting at 5 cents.
  • There are restrooms on the property.
  • The playground is open to the sun, but there are shady areas.
  • The playground is on 34th Street and very visible on the right hand side as you drive into Ocean City.


Ocean City Sandcastle Park 34th Street Playground



Ocean City’s Sandcastle Park is located in Ocean City in Cape May County on 34th Street. There is no fee to enjoy the parks or playgrounds.


View more Ocean City’s Sandcastle Park Pictures in our Facebook Gallery. Here’s a preview.


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