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Want a South Jersey beach that offers extra fun for the kids?


You can find that at the Sand Castle Park in Ventnor. This cute playground is perfectly situated between the Ventnor Library and the beach. With something always going on at the Ventnor Library for the kids this is an ideal spot for a day at the beach. Start your morning with one of the Ventnor Library events. During our most recent visit to the library my boys learned how to cook breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes. In the summertime they’ve learned how to draw comics. Saturdays the library hosts open chess games. There is always something going on. (Take a look at their Ventnor Library events on our calendar or the library’s calendar of events.)


After indoor fun, head out to the beach. Parents with little ones can even play on the playground side. It’s enclosed by the boardwalk so kids can’t get too close to the water. Or park your towels on the other side for a beach playdate with water fun. When the kids get tired of the beach, finish off your Ventnor day with time on the playground. We promise your kids will be zonked out in the car from all the fresh air and you’ll have a peaceful ride home.


The Sand Castle Park is located at 6500 Atlantic Avenue in Ventnor. Parking for the Sand Castle Park is available in the Ventnor Library parking lot as well as in a side lot and on the street. Most parking was available for free. During the summer months, parking may be harder to find due to summer residents.


spider web at Sand Castle Park in Ventnor NJ

One of my favorite features of this Ventnor park is this spider web that kids can climb.


Get to know Sand Castle Park through our details and pictures below.



What you need to know about Sand Castle Park

The Sand Castle Park also goes by these park names:

  • Ventnor Library Park


Sand Castle Park hours

We did not see any stated hours for the Sand Castle Park in Ventor. We believe like most parks it is open dawn to dusk.


Sand Castle Park bathroom

The Sand Castle Park has bathrooms located inside the complex with the Ventnor Library.


An impressive purple climbing structure at Sand Castle Park in Ventnor NJ


Sand Castle Park tables and pavilions

There were about 7 park benches near the playground and a few more around a fountain. There were no pavillions.


Is shade available at the Sand Castle Park?

There were no shady areas at the Sand Castle Park in Ventnor.


Playground structure at Sand Castle Park in Ventnor NJ


Sand Castle Park Playground features

The Sand Castle Park has 1 main playground with multiple play areas. This Ventnor playground is just a few steps before the boardwalk. The ground surface is sand with the boardwalk separating the playground from the beach.

  • 1 Large purple climbing playground structure with a climbable spider web.
  • Another large purple climbing playground structure with unique monkey bars.


Rock climbing wall at Sand Castle Park in Ventnor NJ

The traditional rock climbing wall.


  • Two-sided Rock climbing wall
  • 6 Swings
    • 4 Baby Swings
    • 2 Traditional Swings


Swings at Sand Castle Park in Ventnor NJ

Sand Castle Park has 4 baby swings and 2 traditional swings.


  • 1 Main playground structure that resembles a pirate ship
    • 3 slides
    • Voice tunnel
    • Activity walls


Backside of the playground structure at Sand Castle Park in Ventnor NJ

A view of the beach side of the pirate ship.


Watch our video tour of Sand Castle Park below.


Sand Castle Park Trails

Sand Castle Park in Ventnor does not offer any walking trails. However, you can enjoy a nice walk along the boardwalk or in town along Atlantic or Ventnor Avenues.


Sand Castle Park Fields

There are no traditional fields at the Sand Castle Park, but there is a large area of sand. Bring a soccer ball, kick ball, or other beachy sports equipment and have a pick up game.


Our Sand Castle Park review

One of the things parents and kids will enjoy most about the Sand Castle Park are the unique climbing structures. Not only can kids climb the traditional rock climbing walls, but the two purple structures add unique climbing challenges. The spider web in the middle adds an extra element of fun and is an instagram-worthy spot. With steps at the front, even the littlest of kids should be able to get inside.


spider web at Sand Castle Park in Ventnor NJ

This spider web can be climbed up multiple ways.


To see more pictures of Sand Castle Park visit this photo album on Facebook in our South Jersey community.


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