5 Sahara Sam’s Indoor Play Areas to Discover with Your Kids

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This post about Sahara Sam’s Indoor Play Areas was sponsored by Sahara Sam’s who is a Jersey Family Fun Partner in Fun. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about indoor waterparks in New Jersey & New Jersey Water Parks we think their family may enjoy.


We at Jersey Family Fun always enjoy our visits to Sahara Sam’s Oasis! Many of our writers with children of all ages have splashed, swam, slid and surfed at this amazing indoor/outdoor water park. Our latest visit was no different as we enjoyed the Mirage, their 2016 expansion, along with all our usual favorites. For those who haven’t been to Sahara Sam’s – first, what are you waiting for?! – here are our favorite Sahara Sam’s indoor play areas. And a little secret, adults will love these too!


Sahara Sam's Indoor Play Areas


5 Sahara Sam’s Indoor Play Areas to Discover with Your Kids


1. Race down the new Tut’s Twisters water slides


Sahara Sam's Indoor waterslides

Waiting for Sahara Sam to come through one of the new waterslides.


What’s a little competition among friends or family? See who can slide down the fastest, on a mat, head first. These thrilling slides rise 5 stories in the air making them our favorite of all the Sahara Sam’s indoor play areas!


2. Do the doggy paddle in the Cleopatra’s Cove pool


Sahara Sam's Indoor Pool

Cleopatra’s Cove, new for 2016


Sometimes a pool is all you need for fun, and Sahara Sam’s Oasis can provide that too! Take a break in the new Cleopatra’s Cove pool. Practice your doggy paddle, your butterfly stroke or just take a seat on one of the built in benches. Maybe you’ll master the handstand or set a new underwater record!


3. Float down the Congo Bongo

All that relaxation sounds great right? Keep it going with a float down the lazy river. You get the best view of the water park as you recline in a tube, either holding on to a friend or taking it solo. Watch out for the waterfalls and sprays as you go! It maybe a relaxing area but it’s still one of the best Sahara Sam’s indoor play areas.


Crocodile Flats Obstacle Course

Crocodile Flats Obstacle Course


4. Walk across lily pads at Crocodile Flats

All relaxed now and ready for a challenge? Find it at Crocodile Flats where you will be faced with the floating lily pads. Can you figure out how to cross them? Standing, laying, gripping desperately? Hold on tight to the ropes above and give it a go! No worries if you fail, you get a dip in the pool below.


5.  Belly board with the Flow Rider

Now for the biggest challenge of them all – can you master the surfing action of the Flow Rider? At this Sahara Sam’s indoor play area You need to be 8 or older and 42″ or taller, but it’s a thrill like no other! Can you hang on? Unlike the ocean, waves are guaranteed here, and no scary sealife (sharks included) to give you a startle! Sahara Sam’s Oasis has the only indoor surfing simulator in New Jersey!


Flow Rider brings the thrills!

Flow Rider brings the thrills!


This is only a bit of what you’ll enjoy in a day playing at Sahara Sam’s Indoor Play Areas. There’s truly something for everyone from the toddler play spaces to the largest slides. With all these indoor fun spots, don’t let the weather keep you from visiting. If it’s a hot dry day, get outside too – there’s so much to explore. Your kids won’t want to leave, and then will be asking when they can come back!


What’s your favorite Sahara Sam’s Indoor Play Area?


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  1. Jennifer says:

    Our favorite Sahara Sam’s Indoor Play area is the Congo Bongo. My children and I love relaxing and looking at the scenery.

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