Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park, Great Fun for Little Kids too!

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Sahara Sam's Indoor Water Park, Tim-Buk-Tu

Last weekend my friends and family visited Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park in West Berlin, NJ and everyone is still talking about it! We had so much more fun then I ever thought we would and we are already talking about going back soon!


To be honest, I was always hesitant on going to an indoor water park with my boys since they are so young. I have 4 1/2 year old twin boys and I always thought that they wouldn’t have enough activities available for my kids. Well on Sunday, Sahara Sam’s proved me wrong. They were constantly on the go and enjoyed themselves so much! We ALL did!


Flow Rider

Sahara Sam’s Indoor Water Park has 10 water attractions! There is something for everyone of every age!

  • The Nile Mile, a 350 foot body slide
  • Snack Eyes, matching slides that require a tube
  • Mount Kilimanjaro, a family raft ride
  • The Flow Rider, NJ’s only indoor surfing simulator
  • Congo Bongo, the relaxing lazy river ride
  • Cargo Obstacle Course, a water obstacle course
  • Sam’s Slamdunker, basketball in the pool
  • Warming Tub, a relaxing place for adults
  • Tim Buk Tu, a water play-land
  • Lizard Lagoon, a toddler water play area

All of the big water slides have ride restrictions of 42″ tall to ride so my boys weren’t allowed to go on them. I thought this was going to be an issue for sure, but because there were so many other things for them to see and do, they didn’t seem to mind a bit that they couldn’t participate. They spent most of their time in Tim Buk Tu and in Lizard Lagoon.



Tim Buk Tu is “an adventure playland” for children 5 and under with adult supervision. This was a place where my children could splash, slide, and play in various sprinklers and fountains. There was even a giant water bucket that would dump gallons of water on top of us. We were hesitant to do it at first but once we did it, we were hooked! The anticipation of it dropping an enormous amount of water on us was definitely thrilling. We would all grab each other for security and giggle as we got drenched by it. I was so curious as to how long it really took to fill and dump so I decided to time it using my iPhone. It takes exactly 5 minutes and 42 seconds to dump and refill before dumping again. I can’t even count how many times we stood underneath it.


Tim Buk Tu also has 2 water slides that my children were able to go on all by themselves. It has a blue enclosed water slide and an orange open water slide. There was always a lifeguard standing at the top of each one and at the bottom where the kids come out. This made me feel extremely comfortable even though I was also supervising my children at the bottom. Again, I can’t even count how many times they would go down each one of these slides. They had an absolute blast!

Enclosed Water Slide!

Lizard Lagoon

Lizard Lagoon

Lizard Lagoon is the perfect area for toddlers! It has low water depth and a safe playing area for even the youngest of guests to visit Sahara Sam’s! There is also a set of double slides for riders less then 48 inches. These slides are short and inviting for little ones. They are also monitored by a lifeguard who can also see the entire playing area. Lizard Lagoon also has a baby bungee, a small falling waterfall, and splashing water and sprinklers. This was a great area for my boys to play in while their daddy and I took a break from the action. (While still supervising them of course!)

Double Slide in Lizard Lagoon

We ended our day with one last trip around the Congo Bongo Lazy River. The boys sat on our laps in a tube raft as we took the time to relax and unwind after an exciting day at Sahara Sam’s. We cannot WAIT to visit again!

We had a Splashtastic Time!

Do you want to visit Sahara Sam’s?

Splash, surf, and slide at Sahara Sam’s, where it is always 84 degrees and Sunny! 60 + thousand square feet of weather proof water park fun under a retractable roof system! Water slides, arcade systems, indoor surfing… so much fun! Visit us for your Spring Break getaway!


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Sahara Sams is located at

Sahara Sam’s Oasis
535 North Route 73
West Berlin, NJ 08091

For more information on these events please visit the Sahara Sam’s website or call 856-767-7580 for more information.


To view more Sahara Sam photos from our visits you can check out our Facebook album.

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