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This post was sponsored by Sahara Sam’s who is a Jersey Family Fun Partner in Fun. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about things to do with families in New Jersey & New Jersey Waterparks we think their family may enjoy.

The Towering Tim-Buk-Tu

The central focus of the indoor water park is the fabulously fun Tim-Buk–Tu.

For our family to visit Sahara Sam’s it involves a two hour drive and it was worth every minute. Located in Berlin, the outside exterior doesn’t represent the full cornucopia of activities that will keep your kids hopping from one ride to the next. However, after one visit your kids will be counting down for a return trip, just like mine are currently doing.


Splash Pad Fun

So many opportunities to explore on the water playground.

Quickly, our family of four made our way into the guaranteed 84 degree interior which I now believe is the perfect temperature. When you enter the first thing that greets you is Tim-Buk-Tu. That is the name for what I can only describe as a water playground. The main tower is surrounded with various devices that children or adults can maneuver to spray each other across the area. My three year old quickly mastered the technique of splashing his father by turning various levers. I thoroughly enjoyed how these devices were developing my children’s gross motor as well as problem solving skills (and soaking my husband was just an added bonus). My children were mesmerized with finding more gears which are hidden in corners and on the walls. Climbing up the main tower, children can opt for the small slide or climb to the top to go down a very large water slide. Since my children (ages 2 and 3) are on the smaller size compared to other visitors, I watched the lifeguards work seamlessly together to coordinate the kids ride down the slide.


At the top of this playground is an oversized bucket that drops water every few minutes. I am not talking about a splash of water but rather a waterfall crashing down on you and it is so much fun. At one point during the trip, my family and two other families went under the bucket over five times. I still smile thinking about the experience and the shared laughter. Indoors, there are several options including an infant/toddler area, surfboard, tube ride, obstacle course, and more and larger water slides that sadly but understandably my children at this age cannot ride.


Safety on Slides

Sahara Sam’s staff works seamlessly to ensure their visitors are safe.

One overwhelming element I noticed throughout the entire visit was the focus on safety. As an individual who enjoys design and art, it would be easy to write about the oasis theme that is carried throughout Sahara Sam’s. As a parent, I want to know that the lifeguards are well trained, courteous, and vigilant. The Sahara Sam’s staff is impressive. For example, my children spent a decent amount of time on the splash pad if not most of the trip. A lifeguard patrolled the perimeter with the rhythm of a panther. They do not stop walking the perimeter and checking hidden corners. They do not hesitate to blow a whistle or instruct the children the appropriate method to enter and exit the areas.


While in the Rip n’ Roll, a wave pool, the lifeguard blew a whistle at us for putting our children on our back. Not only were lifeguards framing the walls of this area but they were also located at the entrance of the pool. As the mother of toddlers, it is easy to become so hyperfocused on their safety that often times I rarely get to enjoy the experience. Since Sahara Sam’s is so well organized, my family was able to enjoy a good time together. We all had a fabulous time!

Catching Water

Kids love trying to catch water on the splash pad.

In addition, to the safety enforced by the lifeguards, the other impressive factor to safety I noticed at Sahara Sam’s was the abundant number of life jackets available. In the outside exterior at each entrance are stands which contain infant/toddler jackets as well as children’s jackets. Inside, there are several stands also present that offer visitors life jackets when needed. Each ride and feature does have clear signage indicating when a life jacket is needed. Ironically, we brought my daughter’s life jacket but in all honesty on our next visit it is staying home because Sahara Sam’s make it incredibly convenient for families to get on the rides and have fun safely.


As a family we are always looking for fun experiences that bond our family together. Sahara Sam’s is clean, nicely designed, and the staff are well trained. More importantly, it offers many options for all ages and physical abilities. I find it impressive how many possibilities are available for toddlers and preschoolers. The more activities that are available for all ages to participate means larger opportunities for the family to bond. One of the best experiences my family had this summer was visiting Sahara Sam’s. My son is still asking, “let’s go to Sahara Sam’s”. His endorsement has certainly encouraged us to look into a return trip in the winter.

Family Memories

Fun experiences like Sahara Sam’s is about creating memories.

Sahara Sam’s

535 N. Route 73
West Berlin, NJ (Camden County).

For more information, go to


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