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Saving With RxSaver Means More Money for Family Fun

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Receiving a diagnosis of a chronic illness is life changing; trying to understand the medical terminology, having to make decisions about treatment, and the disease’s impact on your family are just some of what you’ll have to come to terms with. In the best cases, your condition can be treated with lifestyle changes and medication. But we all know the healthcare cost situation in our country, a new medication can mean a serious change in your bank account. Budgets are tight so when a new cost arises, what gets sacrificed?


We at Jersey Family Fun want to make sure that a new medical diagnosis or the significant costs of expensive medications don’t have to take their toll on your children or your ability to make great memories with them. While our website offers hundreds of free and low-cost ways to enjoy family time across our state, we also want to help you find ways to save on expenses. After all, it’s hard enough on our kids to see their parents sick or to be sick themselves. It shouldn’t be harder because you can no longer do the fun things they are used to doing as a family.


Jenn walks in family fun walk with son

I walk with my boys and take my medications to stay healthy.


We recently learned about RxSaver by RetailMeNot which is a GREAT way to save money on prescription medications. It’s a FREE tool that is both a website and an app. Use it in the way that’s the most convenient for you! At home from your computer when you have downtime or from your smartphone when you’re waiting for the kids to finish up school, camp, or a sports practice.  It only takes a few minutes to use it to search prescription prices via their app. You might be surprised to learn that health insurance isn’t always your best option for savings. Don’t be told what you have to pay – control it with RxSaver by RetailMeNot! 


I’ve made mention of my struggles with Crohn’s Disease before. It’s been a major lifestyle adjustment with treatments, expensive medications, and a special diet since my diagnosis. Having the disease holds me back sometimes in sharing that fun with my kids; will the waterpark have gluten-free meals? What if I get a flare-up and we are at a park with no facilities? There’s always extra planning and packing for me beyond what my children might need for a day out. Still, your kids are only young for what seems like a blink of an eye and the weekends go by just as fast. Jersey Family Fun specializes in telling our readers about fun places to go and we want to take advantage of them too, so I do my best and go forward to make those rocking chair memories.


RxSaver App Opening Screen


While I might not be able to predict a flare-up, I do take daily medication to maintain my remission. Even with health insurance, this can cost anywhere from $125-$250 a month. We work hard for our money and want to ensure we are spending it wisely, and that we have control over how our funds are spent. RxSaver helps us achieve that! You may think a prescription is the same price at any pharmacy, but that’s not true! I can compare medication prices at nearby pharmacies using the RxSaver website and savings can be up to 80%, with or without insurance. Would you believe that there was a difference of nearly $20 between the highest and lowest priced pharmacy? That’s a few tickets to an Atlantic City Blackjacks football game with my kids or a trip to the local ice cream shop to take them out for a treat after a day at the beach or a concert in the park.


Jenn and boys with Atlantic City Blackjacks players at open practice

Open practice for the Atlantic City Blackjacks.


The best part of RxSaver was there are no memberships required and NO giving personal information. All you need to know is your prescription name and zip code. The process is fast and gets you back to enjoying your family time. No long drawn out calls to multiple pharmacies or healthcare companies!


You can be confident that RxSaver is helping you make the most of your money AND your time. With a few clicks on the RxSaver website you can save for more experiences, trips, and getaways.  Would you rather your money be in a pill bottle or in a family vacation? 


Jenn with boys at Island Beach State Park

Saving money let’s me help many more adventures with my boys.


Why not try RxSaver? Take control over what you pay for your prescriptions!

  • Easily access prescription pricing information
  • Compare prices at nearby pharmacies
  • Save up to 80% at pharmacies nationwide
  • Coupons for thousands of medications
  • Accepted at thousands of pharmacies nationwide

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Picture of glass of water, medicine, and RxSaver app on phone


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Wednesday 3rd of July 2019

Thanks for sharing this resource! I will definitely keep it in mind when I need meds or when I am asked about ways to save money on meds.


Tuesday 2nd of July 2019

I was shocked when I found out we could get prescriptions for less than our copay using tools like this. Every dollar counts, and it's saved us tons over the last year.

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