Red Lobster Makes Eating Out With Food Allergies Possible

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This post was sponsored by Red Lobster restaurants who provided bloggers with a meal at no charge. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families restaurants in our local area we think their family may enjoy.


Our family restaurant review returns with a visit to Red Lobster.

Since going gluten-free I’ve become nervous about doing restaurant reviews. Would the restaurant have something to eat? Could I have something that wasn’t just the salad? Granted not everything needs to be gluten-free. We certainly have moms and kids who don’t need to eat gluten-free. But if I’m the one doing the review I wanted to know that there something I can eat.


I know Red Lobster has amazing food, but would they still have food for me?

When I went to Red Lobster a few weeks ago I had no idea the treat I was in for. Not only did I learn how Red Lobster serves guests with food allergies, our server, Pat was very familiar with the needs I would have and took special care of me. So while the focus of our event was learning about their new $7.99 lunch options I couldn’t let the event go by without telling you what they do for their guests with food allergies.


Red Lobster 799 Lunch Menu



How Red Lobster serves guests with food allergies


When you first meet your server, let them know if you have a food allergy or sensitivity. At that point things will change. You can request their allergen menu to see which foods are safe for you to eat. For me, that’s is usually as far as I need to take it. I avoid foods with gluten because I believe I can’t tolerate it. But, I know it’s not that easy when you are allergic to a food like gluten or seafood, etc.  I know that cross-contamination is very serious and it’s something many restaurants don’t think about enough. It’s different at Red Lobster. When you place your order, it is flagged that the guest has a food allergy. It’s done through the computer and it’s done in person. From that point on the culinary manager or chef in charge, takes over your meal. No other cook touches your meal. Fresh butter is taken from a fridge. Clean kitchen knives and such are taken from an allergen-free container. Your food is cooked on a different grill or prepared in a different way so it never touches a pan or grill with your food allergen. While all this is happening the manager may even come out to greet you and assure you that Red Lobster will do everything they can to keep your food allergen free. And while I know no restaurant can guarantee with 100% confidence that there will be no cross-contamination issues, I feel pretty confident saying that Red Lobster does everything they can to make sure there isn’t.


Again, this is how Red Lobster helps those with food allergies.

  • An allergen-menu is available that lists foods and what food allergens they contain.
  • The server alerts the cooking staff in person and by computer.
  • One chef becomes responsible for your meal to avoid cross contamination.
  • Kitchen utensils are taken from an allergen-free container for use on your meal.
  • The food is prepared differently or in a different manner in an effort to avoid cross contamination.


So what did I eat for my gluten-free Red Lobster meal?

For an appetizer I had shrimp cocktail that was followed with a garden salad.

Red Lobster cocktail shrimp


For my dinner I had salmon.

Red Lobster gluten free salmon



For dessert I had a gluten-free cheesecake with strawberries.

Red Lobster gluten free cheesecake



It was all very delicious! And since my family has always enjoyed Red Lobster meals and I now know my options there, I am sure we will be visiting them again very soon.


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In full disclosure, this is a sponsored post from Red Lobster. We were provided with a meal during a blogger event at no charge.  This was arranged so that we could sample their lunch menu specials.  However, our opinions are honest and based on our experiences at the Red Lobster in Philadelphia.

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