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We received a subscription for this app, at no charge, to review from Educational Games. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun which allows us to share information about children’s apps we think families may enjoy.


Reading Rainbow, the classic TV show starring LeVar Burton, is a great reading app full of virtual islands for children to explore through books and videos.  Recently, they’ve teamed up with Kindermusik to create a new magical learning island for their app: Music Mountain.

Reading Rainbow 1

When you sign up for the Reading Rainbow app, you will be able to create “passports” for up to 5 children. The passports can be personalized to your child’s age, gender, and area of interest. Each child also receives a backpack which they can personalize from a selection of designs.

Reading Rainbow 3

Click on the mountain icon and off you go to begin exploring different islands! Each island offers children a selection of books and videos tailored to their age and interests. Each book gives you two options: Read by Myself or Read to Me. I love the flexibility that this creates. I can read to my 17 mo old, have my 4 year old follow along with a narrator, and let my 6 year old listen the first time then switch modes and re-read it himself the second time. When they have opened a book, there is also a game option which leads children to a memory match game based on illustrations from the book they are reading. My older two loved playing these games both individually and together.

A sample of books and videos from Music Mountain island

A sample of books and videos from Music Mountain island

As is expected by Reading Rainbow, the quality of e-books available to download in the site is phenomenal. My boys love listening to them over and over. The videos are both fun and informative and really engage children. I love that the Reading Rainbow app also keeps track of my children’s reading including what they’ve been reading and how much time they’ve spent reading it over the past week. I can even get a feel for which books they absolutely love and which subjects they’re really into at the time (because we all know young children change interests like the wind!)


Reading Rainbow 4

Earn stickers for every book read then use them to decorate the different islands


We love music in our house (I’m a trained musician and former music teacher). I love that the videos on Music Mountain get my boys excited about music and serve as a springboard for us to go out and explore music in our lives. The books teach my boys about creating music and even about different musicians, composers, and styles. All while they’re having fun!


A page from one of my favorite books. A fun way to introduce jazz and its great musicians like Duke Ellington and Billie Holliday.

A page from one of my favorite books. A fun way to introduce jazz and its great musicians like Duke Ellington and Billie Holliday.


Note: The Reading Rainbow app is free to download, however a subscription is required to have unlimited access to the library. Each family is allowed 5 books, that can not be exchanged, with the free subscription and limited access to videos. Subscriptions begin at $9.99 for one month or $29.99 for 6 months and are available for the iPad through iTunes or through Amazon for Kindle.


This blog post was written by Melissa O. while she was a blogger for Jersey Family Fun.

In full disclosure we were provided with a subscription for the Reading Rainbow app to make this review possible. As always all opinions are honest and our own and based on our experience reading this children’s book.

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