Rahway Park – Union County Parks & Playgrounds

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Rahway Park – Union County Parks & Playgrounds



3 Reasons my Family Loves Rahway Park


  • Rahway Park has a great river/creek that runs through it.  There’s always someone fishing – and catching fish!  Travel across the Valley Road side to see a waterfall and more park space.


  • The playground structures are close to parking, are in a shady spot, and are near bathrooms!  There’s even a snack bar, open seasonally so you can stay in the park longer.  Bonus of summertime park visiting – there’s a pool!


  • There’s a one mile loop in Rahway Park, so bring your scooter or bike and get moving!



Rahwaypark1What Rahway Park offers

  • Baseball, soccer and softball fields
  • Bicycle Path/Running Track/Fitness Trail
  • Picnic Tables
  • 2 Playground structures
  • Restrooms
  • Snack Bar
  • County Pool
  • Tennis Courts



Rahway Park is located at St. Georges Avenue in Rahway, Union County. (Also accessible from Valley Road, Clark, Union County)


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See more Rahway Park photos in our Facebook Gallery.


In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.

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