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In full disclosure, we received compensation from Momtrends for this post.  As always, all opinions are our own.


Please note this service is only available to NJ residents 


Fast, reliable and convenient healthcare in your hands


As moms, do we ever put our phones down? As much as we might resent our devices and the control they seem to have over us, there’s no denying they can make lives much easier. From communication to home security to finding the best parking options, our phones can get us through the day more efficiently. Would you believe there’s now a way to connect with a local doctor and receive treatment through your phone as well? Introducing, Convenient Care Now from Hackensack University Medical Center!


Get live, secure 24 hours a day, 7 days a week care from licensed dieticians, doctors or psychologists. You already know Hackensack UMC as a trusted, innovative and thorough medical facility. Now whether you’re in Bergen County or at the Jersey Shore, you can get that top notch care for you and your family with Convenient Care Now by Hackensack UMC.


Feeling skeptical about telehealth? Don’t! Six reasons to use Convenient Care Now:

  • Doctors are board certified with an average of 15 years of experience.
  • Visits are secure and private, and from your own home, the school pickup line – anywhere!
  • Common primary care prescriptions can be prescribed without an office visit.
  • If you have no transportation or are on vacation, care is accessible.
  • Visits are $49, on average lower than the cost of an in office visit.
  • Talk to a doctor about a cold, allergies, stomach issues, pink eye, urinary tract infections or more!


My Convenient Care Now experience

With all the news about the rising cost of epi-pens, and food recalls, my son’s peanut allergy is always forefront in my mind. We happen to be in a health insurance gap due to job change, and rather than get charged for an office visit or search the internet and get panicked, I logged on to Convenient Care Now for some advice.


The doctors of Convenient Care Now await your visit!

The doctors of Convenient Care Now await your visit!


I chose to access the service through my laptop, but a quick download of the app to your mobile device works too. After an account set up and test of the computer I was able to choose from 3 primary care doctors. There were some medical history questions to answer before the visit began, and you have to select a local pharmacy, pay for the visit, and then you’re ready to go! There was about a 5 minute wait time, which flew by as I went about my chores in the house.


Dr. DeHaas was in her office wearing her doctor’s coat, and it was just like an in-office doctor consult. After reviewing my reason for the visit as well as asking some questions about my son, I asked my question about how to know when it’s a peanut allergic reaction. As we never had a reaction to peanuts (thankfully!), his recent reactions to either animals or seasonal pollen have had us worried.


Dr. DeHaas giving me her medical advice!

Dr. DeHaas giving me her medical advice!


Dr. DeHaas was able to answer my questions about when to worry, what medicine to give, and the differences in allergic reactions (sneezing – not peanuts, tight throat – peanuts). I wasn’t rushed through my visit and she was happy to answer additional questions. There was no prescription needed for this visit, as the allergy medicines she mentioned were over the counter. All told I spent about a half hour getting my computer set up, waiting to be seen, and having the visit. Professional advice I can trust, all while in my pajamas without interrupting my day. I’m sold!


Ready to give Convenient Care Now a try?

Don’t let those sniffles get worse! There’s too much fall fun to be had to spend your days lying in bed. Get your first visit FREE with the code:


Convenient Care Now is only available in New Jersey.


Visit Convenient Care Now’s website, or on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.


In full disclosure, we received compensation from Momtrends for this post. As always, all opinions are our own.

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