Pump It Up – Randolph…The Cure for Rainy & Chilly Days

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Pump It Up in Randolph, New Jersey is a great place to cure the rainy day blues.  There are many slides, moon bounces, climbing structures for everyone.  The establishment keeps a calendar of “Drop In” play times for kids.  If you are like me and have children under the age of 5, you are always looking for ways for kids to exercise and have fun.


My twins spent over an hour and a half on the very large inflatables.  Truth be told, I joined them on a few of them!  The features of their open play is very nice.

  • They have two large rooms with 3-4 inflatables.
  • They split the time for play between the two rooms so that the kids can play with lots of different climbing structures.
  • There are also many younger toddler toys for those that are just learning to run and jump.



Pump It Up was very clean.  In fact, they required everyone to sanitize their hands before entering the play rooms.  The inflatables and rooms look like they have been wiped down and the tables are spotless.


This is a great place to go to when it is too cold to be outside or just a rainy day.  It gives kids a chance to run, jump, climb and play with others.  The cost is $11 per child.  However, they do run great deals on both Living Social and Groupon that are far less.  I picked up 5 drop in passes for $25 on Living Social.  Pump It Up indicated they also plan to run several more deals on these sites in the next few weeks.  You can buy them even if you are not a first time customer.


In full disclosure this post was not sponsored.

One thought on “Pump It Up – Randolph…The Cure for Rainy & Chilly Days

  1. Street Smart says:

    Wow, this is such an amazing place for the kids! I am sure m little girl would have fun with all those stuff.

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