Eww! Gross! Sharing Solutions for When Kids Get Car Sick

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Sharing solutions for when kids get car sick


I recently shared my story of living with motion sickness and how I found a remedy with Dramamine®. Now, I’m sharing my children’s experiences getting car sick.


When we started traveling as a family I really hadn’t though about the possibility of my kids getting car sick. I know, I know. Preparing for a road trip, I packed lots of snacks. I made sure we stopped for potty breaks and to stretch their legs. It never dawned on me that one day they might get sick in the car.


Then it happened and it was gross.


Last November, we were headed to Hersheypark for the Sweet Lights and to experience a Hersheypark Christmas. I was driving a rental car and the drive was only about 4 hours. We were only a few minutes from Hersheypark when my middle son started complaining about his stomach not feeling so good. It didn’t register with me that when your child gets carsick for the first time, it can progress quickly.


Who knew on the way to see Santa at Hersheypark we'd have to deal with some car sickness first?

Who knew on the way to see Santa at Hersheypark we’d have to deal with some car sickness first?


My son asked for a bag. I really had nothing but a brown bag that I had used for snacks. I couldn’t open a window fast enough. Before I knew it, we were barely in the parking lot. Then it happened and it was gross. He threw up in the bag, on himself, and in the car. Before I had a chance to even try to clean it up, my youngest also threw up. GROSS! And let’s just say brown bags don’t hold vomit well. Unfortunately, we had quite the mess to clean up before we could get in the holiday spirit with Hersheypark. Thank goodness chocolate is a great way to get a yuck taste out of your mouth.


I was determined for that not to happen again. From then on preparing for road trips with my kids always meant Dramamine® for Kids for the younger two. Dramamine® for Kids has been amazing at preventing my kids from getting car sick. Along with cutting back screentime while driving, it’s our solution for making our trips free from car sickness.


Until recently, my oldest (11 years old) was always fine on road trips. However, on our road trip heading back from Virginia, once again in a rental car, and less than an hour away from home, my oldest got car sick. Let me tell you it’s no fun cleaning your tween up pretty much on the side of the road in a residential area. I kept hoping no one would come out and wonder what’s going on. I was thankful for extra clothes he could change into and a secret compartment in the rental that was able to hold the clothes and the smells till we got home.


Colonial Williamsburg

This big guy’s fun at Colonial Williamsburg was unfortunately followed by his first case of car sickness.


Now, what works for his brothers also works for him. When it comes to traveling with my kids Dramamine® for Kids is my car sickness remedy.


Dramamine® for Kids


If your kids are like mine they are cautious about taking medications. They worry about the taste they think medication will have. Even though Dramamine® for Kids has a grape flavor they don’t mind, there are times when they are a little hesitant to take it. But they also know the alternative to taking Dramamine® for Kids is messy, yucky, and no fun.


No one wants to get carsick!


We’ve come up with a solution. Whenever they need a dose of Dramamine® for Kids we follow it up with something extra yummy like ice cream, a cookie, or their favorite, my homemade banana bread.


Dramamine® banana bread

A little homemade banana bread is something my kids enjoy to help them take their Dramamine® for Kids before a road trip.


Dramamine® for Kids is the only medicated motion sickness relief product formulated just for children ages 2-12 from the #1 Pharmacist recommended brand. It’s been a great and easy way we can prevent gross carsick moments from happening again. Dramamine® for Kids treats symptoms of motion sickness on the spot and prevents nausea, dizziness, vomiting and queasiness. Dramamine® for Kids comes in a convenient travel case and contains a safe, precise dose in a fun, chewable grape flavor.



Dramamine® 1


Do your kids suffer from car sickness? Have you tried Dramamine® for Kids?


Whether it’s the bus ride to school, a road trip to grandma’s, or flying off to an exciting vacation, consider Dramamine® for Kids to treat and prevent your kids from getting carsick. It helps to make sure you always have Dramamine® for Kids with you. Keep a supply in your glove compartment, luggage, as well as your purse. You want to make sure you if you are going on an extended trip you have enough for all the trips you’ll be taking while on your trip. Click over to take advantage of this Dramamine® Digital Coupon.


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