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Portable Potties Help Kids Pee & Poop Outside

Across our state parks have started to reopen. Trails are open for hiking. Lakes and ponds are open for fishing and hiking…. BUT restrooms are closed. Parents are cringing. We want to get our kids outside, but we also know our kids can’t go longer than an hour or two without needing a bathroom. If only there were portable potties for kids.

I can remember taking long day trips with my boys. Inevitably someone would always have to pee or poop before we reached our final destination. They couldn’t just wait. It’s understandable. Now though even if your kids can wait till they get to your destination the bathrooms are probably still closed.

Boys and girls outhouses in the woods.
When this isn’t an option you’re going to want a portable potties. Photo by James Frid

Sure, we can tell our kids to just pee in the woods, but some kids are nervous about that. Some kids are going to need to poop. How can we help our kids peep and poop in the woods when they are too nervous to or they haven’t done it before?

As I thought more about the problem and how to help families find solutions I remembered the portable potties we had when our kids first learned to potty. I thought there has to be an easier way to manage potty-time in the woods. I saw some portable toilets for camping at Bass Pro Shops and it got me thinking, that has to be portable toilets for kids.

There are! I’ve rounded up a collection of products to help kids pee and poop in the woods. Moms we’ve got you covered with products that will help you pee while standing up, just in case you don’t want to squat in the woods either.

Portable Potties to Help Kids Pee & Poop Outside

Amazon seems to be the easiest place to round up products and have them delivered safely. Most of the links below will lead to Amazon. If you make a purchase using our affiliate links we will receive a small commission.

Let’s start with portable toilets. We’re giving you a range of options here. There are smaller portable toilets that you can keep in the car (if your kids don’t want to use them outside the car.) They’re great for drive in movies in New Jersey. We’ve also included some portable toilets that are small enough to carry on your back for those hiking trips. Finally, we’re including portable toilets for camping that even come with an enclosure. It’s like having your own port-a-potty.

legs photographed walking through the woods.

Portable Toilets for Kids

If you purchase a portable potty just make sure you grab some disposable waste bags. We’ll include some options in this guide. Always take solid waste with you and leave no trace behind.

toddler sits on portable potty

Pee Funnels

It may sound funny, but they exist. Pee funnels help females pee while standing up. They can be very helpful for those times you have to go but there’s no toilet around and you don’t want to squat. They also don’t require you to be so exposed.

girl stands with legs together because she needs to pee in the woods.


Whether you use toilet paper or disposable wipes when peeing or pooping in the woods, never leave them behind. Don’t litter. Instead bring a plastic sealable bag with you. Dispose of the trash when you get back home. There are also reusable wipes you can use, pack, and then wash when you get home.

3 kids stand together on a sidewalk discussing going potty outdoors.

Pee into a bag? Disposable Urinals

I know it sounds funny. It may seem odd. But there are disposable bags that act as portable potties. Pee or poop directly into them and your waste turns into a solid. Then seal it and take it with you. Here’s a few options.

2 girls and one boy hike in the woods

Portable Toilet Bags

Do not use a portable toilet for kids without first lining it with one of these bags. You don’t want that kind of messy clean up. These bags have all been designed to use with portable potties or toilets to hold waste. They allow you to safely take your waste with you without worry about making a mess.

A stone toilet sign points to a path ahead into the forested mountains.
Photo by Sergei Akulich

Tips for Peeing & Pooping in the Woods

Step away from the trail you’re on. You are going to want to go far away from the trail where you can see the trail but others won’t see you. Don’t go to far though that you can’t find your way back or get to close to wildlife.

Look out for brush around you. Ideally you want to be able to do your business without risking coming into contact with ticks, chiggers, or other bugs.

Face down hill.

boy stands on grass looking towards the mountain

If someone needs to poop and you don’t have a portable toilet, follow these steps.

  1. Find a location at least 200 feet from any water, campsites, and trails.
  2. Dig a hole at least 6″ in diameter and a minimum of 6″ deep.
  3. Poop next to the hole.
  4. Shovel the poop into the hole using a stick.
  5. Put the stick in the hole.
  6. Cover the hole with dirt.
  7. Cover the spot with a big rock to discourage others and animals from digging in that same spot.

Take any waste with you. Toilet paper, tissues, and wipes should never be left behind, even if they claim to be disposable or biodegradeable.

man pees in woods

Have anything we should add to the list? Let us know in the comments below. Now that we’ve given you a way to pee and poop in the woods, let’s show you a few places to get out and explore.

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Sunday 28th of August 2022

What is the proper thing to do with the potty liners? I want to bring some for our little potty and 2 year old but I'm at a stand still when it comes to what to do with those little trash bags full of pee.

Jennifer Auer

Sunday 28th of August 2022

I would dispose of them in a trash can, perhaps after wrapping them in a plastic bag or newspaper. - Jenn

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Wednesday 1st of September 2021

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mountain momma

Thursday 30th of July 2020

Thanks for this useful hints.

We're also on hikes many times and when our kids have to pee or poop outside we look for a quiet place with soft soil or grass and then they sit down with their bottom flat on the ground. We don't dig a hole underneath them.

This way they can pee or poop very comfortable without need to get lifted in "sitting" position and without any danger to fall or pee or poop on their pants because the legs are spread forward and the pants at the ankles are far away from any splashing.

The only struggle for them is to poop while having their bottom flat on the ground and needing to push the poo out against it. But most times they can handle it. Sometimes they complain that it seems to be "stuck". Then they have to try a bit longer until it's out but it works and it's much easier and more comfortable for them than squatting or getting lifted.

The only important thing is to wipe them properly after. When it's all done we dig a small hole to bury everything and then it's all fine.

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