Poopendous! A Hilarious, Educational Book about Poop for your Kids

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My boys reading Poopendous at bedtime.


“Everyone poops—yes, it’s true—from aardvarks to the humped zebu.” – Artie Bennett, Poopendous Author


Sure you knew that but did you know how interesting poop can be? Me either…not until author Artie Bennett asked us to review his book Poopendous. Since we’re always up for a great new book and don’t boys love learning more about things we find ‘gross’ I said yes.  The book was far better than I could have expected.  Through great colorful images and humorous, yet educational words Artie takes us on a journey around the world to learn about all poop: how does the poop of different animals compare, what is poop called around the world, what is poop used for.


Here’s a little of what we learned in between the chuckles, of course.

Different names for poop

  • Ca-ca
  • Do-do
  • Boom – boom
  • Guano
  • Dung
  • Whitewash
  • Muck
  • Dingleberry
  • Pellets


What is poop used for?

  • Termites use poop to build their mounds
  • Dung beetles roll up their poop and eat it
  • Seeds that are in poop get dropped to the ground and generate new plants
  • Poop enriches soil
  • Dung is used for cooking and heat
  • In some cultures, poop is used to build homes


Other interesting facts about poop

  • Monkeys throw their poop when stressed out
  • Poop can be as small as a fly speck or big pile from a hippopotamus
  • Male hippopotamuses get very territorial and will shower each other with poop
  • Wombat produce cube-shaped poop.
  • Bird poop is white because birds don’t pee.
  • Most people make about two pounds of poop each day.
  • Cow chip bingo is a game where cows are placed in marked-off squares and prizes are awarded to those whose cows leave deposits in their squares.




Poopendous retails at most bookstores and online sites for around $16.99.

The book follows author, Artie Bennett’s award-winning  The Butt Book.

Visit ArtieBennett.com for even more of the scoop on poop, as well as some fun butt-related stuff, including some fascinating butt trivia, words for the butt, even a classic butt joke.


Poopendous would make a great addition to any kid’s library. With school starting again soon, it would also make a great addition to your child’s classroom or school library as well.


In full disclosure, Jersey Family Fun received 2 copies of Poopendous. One we used for our review. The additional one will be used for our giveaway. All opinions are honest and our own based on our reading of this children’s book.


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