Pooh Welcomes Winter Book Review

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Pooh Welcomes Winter book

By Kathleen Weidner Zoehfeld

Pooh Welcomes Winter Book


About the Pooh Welcomes Winter Book

January18th is Winnie the Pooh Day -The Birthday of Winnie’s author A.A. Milne. To celebrate one of our favorite authors and the season of winter we couldn’t think of a better book to read than this one!

In this whimsical tale, Pooh and his friends mistake a snowman for Winter and bring him inside for a party. They are upset when their honored guest begins to melt. Christopher Robin uses this experience to teach his friends all about winter.


The Pooh Welcomes Winter book is best for children ages 2-5


Why I enjoyed the Pooh Welcomes Winter book

  • As a family we enjoy reading all of the books in the My Very First Winnie the Pooh Series. They are all (including this one) a simple, entertaining, and educational read. Every year, we add to our collection and this year we added Pooh Welcomes Winter.
  • The clever use of humor along the way makes this book even more delightful.  The idea of a snowman being alive and being able to have a party with Pooh and Piglet is adorable.  I even chuckled throughout the story and couldn’t wait to turn the page to see what Pooh was up to next.  I love how this book uses humor and Pooh’s silly personality to teach children about winter.
  • This funny and entertaining story is also educational.  I like how it simply taught the children about winter. With all the snow and cold weather lately, this book was a great way for me to teach my children about the seasons.


Why my kids enjoyed the Pooh Welcomes Winter book

  • This book featured all of their favorite characters. Just like all of the books in the My Very First Winnie the Pooh Series they enjoyed seeing how Pooh and Piglet handle another one of life’s questions; in this book-What is winter?
  • Full-color illustrations make this book a great read as the pictures capture and keep their attention throughout.
  • My son stated that his favorite part was when “Pooh and his friends haul Winter onto a sled and cart him inside to sit in a place of honor by the fire and give him fresh snowballs to eat”. He thought it was funny that they believed the snowman was actually alive. He kept giggling and saying that’s not really winter.


For your own copy of the Pooh Welcomes Winter book

  • Visit your local New Jersey library to borrow a copy.
  • Purchase your own at Amazon. Click on the ad to the right to locate the book.


To learn about other great books check out a Story Time at your local library. We list Story Times in New Jersey on our Calendar of Events.



In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post. The link and ad to Amazon is an affiliate links. If you make a purchase Jersey Family Fun will receive a small portion of the sale towards our cost of running Jersey Family Fun.

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