Cooling off in Scotch Plains at the Ponderosa Farm Park!

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Ponderosa Family Park – Union County, New Jersey – Parks & Playgrounds

Although the weather has become more bearable, it sure was HOT in early June! My daughter was invited to a friend’s pool but her little brother was not (go figure right!). So we headed to Ponderosa Farm Park in Scotch Plains.



Ponderosa Farm Park is just a year old and is located at 1600 Cooper Road on 23 acres of former farmland.


What the Ponderosa Farm Park offers

  • Hiking trails
  • Athletic fields
  • Picnic area
  • Fponder2arm themed playground and sprinklers!
    • Two main playground structures (one for ages 2-5, one for 5-12)
    • Rope spider web type climber
    • Swings
    • Cool circular monkey bar that you can spin around on (adults as well!).



ponder3Of course we were there for the water! It was crowded but we still had plenty of space to get wet. Bring a bucket (labeled with your name) so your little ones can have more water fun. If you happen to be there alone, the sprinklers come on with a motion sensor. There’s nothing more than sprinklers that come up from the bottom, so no worries about water dumping over someone’s head (unless one of those buckets goes awry!).


Almost every time we’ve been there there’s been a birthday party happening, but the space is plenty big enough for all! If you have children old enough to play on their own, bring a chair and settle in the other shady area. I gazed longingly at those moms since my 3 year old needs me more often than not. Someday that will be me! The playground itself gets pretty hot if you’re not running through the water so while you can probably avoid wearing a bathing suit yourself, definitely plan on your feet getting wet. Bathing suits for the little ones for sure! Expect the ice cream truck to come by as well for a cool down opportunity!


The Ponderosa Farm Park is located at 1600 Cooper Road in Scotch Plains in Union County.


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