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70+ Places to Hike in New Jersey With Kids or Without

Are you searching for where to go hiking in New Jersey?

Hiking in New Jersey has become one of my favorite hobbies. There’s something about being outdoors and walking through the woods and on the different New Jersey hiking trails that I find peaceful. My cares tend to slip away and I’m able to just focus on the moment. I listen for the sounds of nature. I take in the breathtaking views. I inhale the fresh air. I get inspired by my environment. I can be just as fascinated with an interesting tree with limbs going in different directions in the middle of the woods as watching herons and egrets fishing along the edge of a pond.

I enjoy hiking in New Jersey with my kids as much as I enjoy hiking with my own friends. There are benefits to both. With my boys there’s a lot of chattering going on. They will ask me different questions and I’ll ask them questions right back. But I also can force them to just be still and be aware of their environment. I appreciate that the games they are into Pokemon Go, Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and others encourage them to get moving. They earn eggs or can level up by walking so many steps. Or there may be a battle up ahead on a New Jersey hiking trail that is worth hiking a little extra fast to get to… or worth waiting for.

Hiking with my friends is different. We’re not playing any games. There isn’t always a lot of talking. Sometimes we’re quiet with our thoughts as we hike and other times we’re catching up on each other’s lives. We may listen to music or we may not. Every hike is a different experience.

L L bean hike

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Getting back to hiking with kids in New Jersey, we’ve created this list of trails to hike in New Jersey with kids or without, because whether you hike with kids in New Jersey or without we want to encourage you to get out there and explore New Jersey hiking trails. There’s nothing like it! We’ve created this list with trails we’ve hiked and hiking trails recommended by our readers. We’ve added traditional hiking trails and trails that have features kids would like, that are smooth enough for strollers, and range in difficulty from easy to harder. We have over 60 trails on our list, but our goal is to reach 100 places in New Jersey with hiking trails. If you have one to recommend for this list, please comment below.

New Jersey Hiking Trails

Please note that the trail difficulty ratings are opinion only from the sources we’ve used or our own experiences. All trail mileages represent only the portion of the trail that passes through the location we are featuring. Actual trail lengths could be longer.

Where can you hike in North Jersey?

The following New Jersey locations with hiking trails are located in North Jersey.

Bergen County locations with hiking trails

Get hiking in with our suggestions for Bergen County hiking trails.

  • Ramapo Mt. State Forest located at 253 Skyline Drive in Oakland, NJ.
    • This hilly forest is a sanctuary for wildlife. Hikers and mountain bikers enjoy miles of challenging trails. Many trails offer a view of the New York City skyline.
    • Hiking Trails: Ramapo State Forest has 10 trails that range in length from .3 mile to 6 miles. Most are considered difficult, but the 4.0 mile Lake Trail is considered easy.

More coming soon.

Essex County locations with hiking trails

Don’t miss these fabulous hiking trails in Essex County!

More coming soon.

Hudson County locations with hiking trails

Don’t miss these fun places to hike in Hunterdon County.

  • Liberty State Park located at 200 Morris Pesin Drive in Jersey City, NJ.
    • While Liberty State Park’s most majestic attraction may be the Statue of Liberty that sits in the New York Harbor, you would be doing yourself and your kids a disservice to overlook what else this North Jersey New Jersey State Park offers. Admission is free so there’s no reason not to check out as much as you can. Within this 1212 acre park are magnificent views of the New York City Manhattan skyline, wide open trails, trains, amazing playgrounds, and a new soon-to-be-open nature and science center.
    • Hiking Trails: While Liberty State Park doesn’t offer your traditional hiking trails, there are still plenty of trails to be explored. Discover the manmade and natural shoreline of the Upper NY Bay, with unique views of the Statue of Liberty and New York Skyline. You could, in fact, park at the first lot, and then walk through Liberty State Park enjoying all it has to offer. Or park at different lots and explore the area adjacent to that before driving to explore the other areas. What’s great about the trails at Liberty State Park is they are all wide and open. The ones we noticed and walked were all paved, easy for parents with strollers or those in wheelchairs. There is a sixty-acre natural area that consists mostly of salt marsh. Nature trails and observation points complement this wildlife habitat.
sailboats on the Hudson River near caven point beach

Liberty State Park

More coming soon.

6 Morris County locations with hiking trails

There are plenty of hiking trails in Morris County to enjoy!

  • Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area located at 472 Boonton Avenue in Boonton, NJ.
    • Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area is a must-do for all New Jersey families looking to explore the great outdoors. The park offers an educational visitors center, clearly marked trails of varying difficulties, views of Manhattan, and rock formations.
    • Hiking Trails: Earlier this year, Victoria and her kids enjoyed a 5.5 mile loop that passed through forests and wetlands, and offered the opportunity to witness various rock outcroppings. This hike captured much of the beauty of the park with flowing streams, wooden bridges, a rocky scramble, two scenic overviews, and of course the magnificent Tripod Rock.
girl with rock structure at Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area in Boonton nj

Pyramid Mountain National Historic Area in Boonton

  • Highlands Trail at Spruce Run located at 68 Van Syckel’s Road in Clinton, NJ.
    • Surrounded by the rolling hills of Hunterdon County, Spruce Run Recreation Area is popular with picnickers, swimmers, fishermen, boaters and campers. The reservoir was one of the first water supply facilities to be constructed and operated by the state and covers 1,290 acres with 15 miles of shoreline for recreation.
    • Hiking Trails: The Highlands Trail extends over 150 miles from Storm King Mountain on the Hudson River in New York south to Riegelsville, New Jersey, on the Delaware River. A 2.6 mile section takes hikers through a maple forest, a pine forest and along the water’s edge through the park before exiting onto NJ Fish and Wildlife property.
  • Hacklebarney State Park located at 119 Hacklebarney Road in Long Valley, NJ.
    • Hacklebarney State Park appeals to the whole family with its well-marked trails, peaceful forest setting, and cascading Black River, and smaller waterfalls. Both Victoria and I have hiked these trails with our kids. Hacklebarney is a perfect park to try out hiking with the family.
    • Hiking Trails: Victoria says, “Given the layout of the trails, it is possible to enjoy the Trout Brook and then circle back around to the parking lot (less than 1 mile), or to complete a full 3.5 mile loop. Most of the trails are gravel, but there are plenty of opportunities to climb rocks and boulders near the rivers.” Hacklebarney contains clearly marked trails.
Hacklebarney State Park in Long Valley New Jersey

Exploring Hacklebarney State Park

  • Farny State Park located at Split Rock Road in Rockaway, NJ.
    • This forested wilderness connects watershed lands and is crossed by an old logging road. Streams, mixed oak-hardwood forest and swamps make for some beautiful park characteristics.
    • Hiking Trails: Enter the trails through the Farny Natural Area. A portion of the Farny State Park trails make up the 20-mile Four Birds Trail. There are 4 moderate trails in Farny State Park ranging from 5.3 to 9.8 miles.
    • Learn more at the AllTrails website.
  • Great Swamp located at 247 Southern Blvd in Chatham, NJ.
    • The Great Swamp was created around 15,000 years ago by a melting glacier. Even though the name suggests it is completely swampland, it’s not. The Great Swamp is made up of a mixture of marshes, meadows, dry woods, and brush covered swamps. This combination of land means that the Great Swamp can support a wide variety of animal life. It makes it a prime spot for a hike in search of wildlife.
    • Hiking Trails: The Great Swamp consists of four color coded trails. The trails vary in length and the type of habitats that can be viewed. This means that the Great Swamp has hiking opportunities for all families. There are shorter hikes for families with young children and families looking for an easy outing and longer trails for families looking for a challenge.

Turkey Swamp Park

  • Morristown National Historical Park located at 586 Tempe Wick Road in Morristown, NJ.
    • Morristown National Historical Park offers a variety of experiences for families. Whether you enjoy history, a hike in the woods or a guided program with a ranger, there are plenty of things to do at Morristown National Historical Park.
    • Hiking Trails: The park contains roughly 27 miles of designated, marked, hiking trails ranging in distance from 2.25 miles to 6.5 miles. The Yellow Trail connects the key historic and interpretive sites throughout Jockey Hollow. Other hiking trails include the White Trail/Grand Loop Trail and the Blue Trail that has the best view from on top of Mt. Kemble. You can print a trail map and park map here.
Washington's Headquarters Museum at Morristown National HIstorical Park

Washington’s Headquarters Museum at Morristown National Historical Park

5 Passaic County locations with hiking trails

No need to travel far with these hiking trails in Passaic County.

  • Paterson Great Falls located at 72 McBride Avenue in Paterson, NJ.
    • View the majestic falls and explore the Great Falls Historic District Cultural Center as you hike at one of the National Parks in New Jersey. Not only are the waterfalls at Paterson Great Falls National Historic Park truly majestic but they are also quite significant when it comes to waterfalls on the East Coast. The Paterson Great Falls are the second largest waterfall east of the Mississippi.
    • Hiking Trails: Not your traditional hike but a walk still worth taking. Enjoy the paved paths that take you around this park providing breathtaking views of the waterfalls. Stop at the National Park Service office and grab a Junior Ranger booklet. The kids can earn their Junior Ranger badge as you explore Paterson Great Falls.
National Historical Park Paterson Great Falls in Paterson New Jersey

National Historical Park Paterson Great Falls in Paterson New Jersey

  • Abram S. Hewitt State Forest located in West Milford Township, NJ.
    • The Abram S. Hewitt State Forest is isolated and untouched, accessible only on foot. Marshes and wetlands are scattered throughout the forest with several brooks and streams crisscrossing the lower areas.
    • Hiking Trails: Just over 2 miles of the Appalachian Trail run through this New Jersey state forest. Other than that there are 10 trails ranging from 1 mile to 4.2 miles.
  • Long Pond Ironworks State Park located at 1334 County Road 511 in Hewitt, NJ.
    • Long Pond Ironworks State Park contains the remnants of ironworks operating from 1766 to 1886, two other pre-Civil War furnaces and two waterwheels surviving to this day.  In addition to the hiking trails, there’s a visitor center and museum on site.
    • Hiking Trails: There are 10 hiking trails ranging in distance from .41 mile to 5.8 miles.
  • Ringwood State Park located at 1304 Sloatsburg Road in Ringwood, NJ.
    • An intricate system of marked hiking trails are available at Ringwood State Park. These trails offer visitors opportunities to explore interior woodlands and rocky vistas.
    • Hiking Trails: Over 15 hiking trails exist at the Ringwood State Park. They range in distance from .6 miles to 7 miles and range in difficulty from moderate to difficult.
  • Norvin Green State Forest located at 150 Snake Den Road in Ringwood, NJ.
    • The undisturbed forest and rugged terrain of Norvin Green offers sanctuary for birds and other wildlife. Part of the Wyanokie Wilderness Area, the forest is near Wanaque Reservoir and is home to an extensive trail system built from old logging roads.
    • Hiking Trails: The existing 18 trails, either old forest roads or new trails constructed by volunteers, are perfect for nature walks. With hills ranging from 400 to 1,300 feet in elevation, Norvin Green provides the avid hiker with scenic vistas, including the New York skyline, Burnt Meadow Brook and Lake Sonoma. The property is accessible by foot only. Most trails are less than a mile to 3 miles. However, there are trails as short as .24 mile to the Hewitt-Butler Trail that’s 8.6 miles. There is one easy trail and one moderate trail. The rest of the trails are considered difficult.

6 Sussex County locations with hiking trails

Experience the best of the outdoors at these hiking trails in Sussex County.

  • Wawayanda State Park located at 441 New Jersey 94 in Vernon Township, NJ.
    • The ascent to the Pinwheel Vista on the Stairway to Heaven trail in Wawayanda State Park is an extremely rewarding and enjoyable hike that leads to one of the most stunning views in the state. Have you tried hiking it with kids?
    • Hiking Trails: There are two options for hiking the Stairway to Heaven Trail. The longer Stairway to Heaven Trail hike is part of the Appalachian trial and takes you on a boardwalk over marshland, through a forest, near a cow pasture, and over a suspension bridge to a steep ascent to the phenomenal Pinwheel Vista. This complete there-and-back hike is about 7.3 miles. If you are looking for a shorter, albeit steep, hike that will have you immediately climbing up Wawayanda Mountain, take the shorter trail that is 3 miles.
Stairway to Heaven trail hike in New Jersey highlands

Stairway to Heaven trail hike in New Jersey highlands

  • High Point State Park located at 1480 Rt. 23 in Sussex, NJ.
    • High Point State Park is one of the most beautiful and scenic parks New Jersey has to offer. The view from High Point Monument, at 1,803 feet above sea level, is a spectacular panorama of rich farmland and forest, soft hills and lush valleys in three states. The blue line of the Delaware River divides the verdant ridges of New Jersey from those of Pennsylvania.
    • Hiking Trails: High Point offers superb trails for hikers and skiers. The 14 trails vary in length from one half-mile to 18 miles and take visitors through unique and diverse landscapes including an Atlantic white cedar swamp, mountain ridge tops with 360-degree views, dense forests, fields and wetlands. 18 miles of the Appalachian Trail follows the Kittatinny Mountain Ridge through High Point State Park.
  • Stokes State Forest located at 1 Coursen Road in Branchville, NJ.
    • The breathtaking and panoramic view from Sunrise Mountain along the Appalachian Trail rewards hiking families that can trek up the steep side of the mountain. The view encompasses the pastoral farmland of New Jersey to the east and undeveloped forests and mountain ridges to the west.
    • Hiking Trails: Just over 12 miles of the Appalachian Trail follows the Kittatinny Mountain Ridge through Stokes State Forest. Another 23 hiking trails run through the Stokes State Forest from the .33 mile Cemetery Trail to the 17.3 miles of the Blue Mountain Trail.
  • Swartswood State Park located at 1091 E Shore Road in Swartswood, NJ.
    • Swartswood was established as New Jersey’s first state park in 1915 to ensure public access to the State’s third largest freshwater lake.
    • Hiking Trails: There are 9 official trails within the 3,460-acre Swartswood State Park. Most trails are located near Swartswood Lake, Duck Pond, and Spring Lake. One trail is located at the southwest corner of the park by Keen’s Grist Mill. Another trail is located a few miles northwest of the office near Willow Crest Lake. Trails are short, easy to moderate in difficulty and explore the unique glaciated landscape of the region. Trails are from .5 mile to just over 3 miles.

Sam’s Point Preserve hiking trail in New York

  • Kittatinny Valley State Park located at 199 Goodale Road in Newton, NJ.
    • Glacial lakes, limestone outcroppings, former railroads, and a small airport are features of Kittatinny Valley State Park. Lake Aeroflex and Gardner’s Pond form part of the headwaters of the Pequest River. This scenic property is home to a variety of wildlife such as whitetail deer, wild turkey, a variety of songbirds, beaver, muskrats, and squirrels.
    • Hiking Trails: Trails in the park vary in difficulty and terrain from the gravel roads that are walked and biked by many to the technical terrain enjoyed by hard-core mountain bikers. A 2-mile self-guided nature trail provides a brief introduction to the park’s natural and cultural resources. Most of the 27 mile trail of Paulinskill Valley Trail and the 20 mile trail of Sussex Branch Trail pass through Kittatinny Valley State Park. Outside of that the trail map shows an additional 11 trails from .5 mile to 2.6 miles.
  • Hopatcong State Park located at Lakeside Boulevard in Landing, NJ.
    • Hopatcong State Park allows visitors to enjoy the picturesque view of gorgeous Lake Hopatcong while playing in the playground, fishing, hiking and hanging out with family. The calming sound of the waves and boats driving by, makes Hopatcong State Park a great place to visit to relax and destress as well.
    • Hiking Trails: There is one hiking trail, the White Trail, that is .25 mile.

5 Union County locations with hiking trails

Explore these hiking trails in Union County.

  • Hawk Rise Sanctuary located at 1811 Lower Road in Linden, NJ.
    • Close to Route 1 in Linden, in an industrial area with strip malls, a police firing range, and a filled in landfill you’ll find a hidden treasure. In one of the last places you’d think to find an ecological preserve, is Hawk Rise Sanctuary! Hawk Rise was opened in 2012 and is maintained by the NJ Audubon Society.
    • Hiking Trails: The flat trails inside are about 1.5 miles long, and the sanctuary spans 95 acres. At the start of the sanctuary you have options on which way to go, and throughout the park there are other forks in the trails – choose wisely but be sure to go back and see what you missed.  There’s even a deer enclosure in the center of the entry area.
Hawk Rise Sanctuary in Linden New Jersey

Strolling through Hawk Rise Sanctuary

  • Trailside Nature and Science Center located at 452 New Providence Road in Mountainside, NJ.
    • Trailside Nature & Science Center is Union County’s Environmental Education Center, located in the Watchung Reservation, a 2,065-acre preserve containing woodlands, fields, lakes, streams and more than 13 miles of hiking trails. The trails can be accessed behind the nature center.
    • Hiking Trails: Walk the Watchung Reservation Sensory Trail with your kids. This beautiful hiking trail may not be long, but it’s packed with opportunities for all to learn. It’s .2 of a mile that loops with a small rope that runs from beam to beam. It’s .3 miles when you factor in the gazebo play area just outside of the path. (This gazebo serves as the main centerpiece to the outside area of the Trailside Nature Center.)
a rope and a wooden ball help guide the blind along the Watchung Reservation Sensory Trail at the Trailside Nature and Science Center in Mountainside, New Jersey

Watchung Reservation Sensory Trail at Trailside Nature and Science Center

  • Reeves-Reed Arboretum located at 165 Hobart Avenue in Summit, NJ.
    • The Reeves-Reed Arboretum is a hidden little spot that few realize is an untold treasure. Beautiful gardens in a relaxing setting make is a perfect place for a nature walk.
    • Hiking Trails: Reeves-Reed Arboretum offers 13.5 acres of natural beauty, including historic and contemporary gardens and six acres of woodland forest that their trails wander through. The blue blazes mark the Wildflower Trail, which curves behind the Stackhouse Education Center, between the upper parking lot and the front gate. The northern spur of the orange trail explores the lower woodland with topography characterized by a rounded depression known as a kettle, another remnant of the Wisconsin glacier. Both trails are less than a mile.

Reeves-Reed Arboretum hiking a trail

5 Warren County locations with hiking trails

Find some of North Jersey’s best hiking at these hiking trails in Warren County.

  • Mount Tammany of the Kittatinny Mountains located Worthington State Forest in the Delaware Water Gap.
    • Mount Tammany is located in Worthington State Forest and is a particularly popular, albeit challenging, loop in the Delaware Water Gap.
    • Hiking Trails: It is recommended to hike the Red Dot trail to the summit and then take the Blue Dot trail down. The Red Dot trail requires scrambling up rocks on rather steep terrain as it climbs approximately 1200 feet in 1.5 miles. The Blue Dot trail, although rocky, is more gradual.
Mount Tammany of the Kittatinny Mountains

Mount Tammany of the Kittatinny Mountains

  • Stephens Allumuchy State Park located at Waterloo Road in Byram, NJ.
    • The Musconetcong River, with some of the best trout fishing in the state, winds through Allamuchy Mountain State Park. Several miles of trails crisscross through the forests and marshlands of the park.
    • Hiking Trails: There are more than 14 miles of marked trails available for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding in the Allamuchy Natural Area. There also are more than 20 miles of unmarked trails available for hiking, mountain biking and horseback riding in the Northern Section of Allamuchy Mountain State Park. In all there are nearly 30 trails from half a mile to 10 miles in length.
  • Jenny Jump State Forest located at 330 State Park Road in Hope, NJ.
    • Jenny Jump State Forest is located in Warren County along the stunning rolling terrain of Jenny Jump Mountain Range. Panoramic vistas of the Highlands and the Kittatinny Mountains and Valley to the west, and scenic views of the Great Meadows in the east dramatically greet the visitor who climbs the narrow path leading to the top of Jenny Jump Mountain. Rocky outcroppings and boulders line the trail – evidence that great glaciers once covered what is now known as Jenny Jump State Forest.
    • Hiking Trails: Eleven miles of hiking trails and three miles of hiking /mountain bike trails offer magnificent views of the mountains and scenic Mountain Lake. The Summit Trail, at an elevation of 1,090 feet, offers a view of the Delaware Water Gap and the Pequest Valley. There are 7 official trails within Jenny Jump State Forest from .5 mile to 8.6 miles. Most of the trails are located near the camping area at the northern end of the forest. One trail is located in the southern portion of the forest and travels the hillsides around Mountain Lake. Jenny Jump Trail, the longest trail, traverses Jenny Jump Mountain.
male hiking New Jersey hiking trails with JLab Audio - JBuds Air Icon earbuds

Dads can hike with JLab Audio – JBuds Air Icon earbuds too.

Where can you hike in Central New Jersey?

The following New Jersey locations with hiking trails are located in the central region of New Jersey.

5 Hunterdon County locations with hiking trails

Hiking trails in Hunterdon County offer the perfect outdoor fun for kids!

  • Hunterdon County Arboretum located at 1020 NJ-31 in Lebanon, NJ.
    • When visiting the arboretum, you may have had no idea the amazing opportunities it has in store. Outside of the trails, there are exhibits on composting, opportunities to search out fun paths and a number of different gardens full of native plants and flowers.
    • Hiking Trails: There are a number of local hiking trails that will meet the needs of all families including those pushing strollers or those with little ones toddling behind as mom and dad blaze the trail and search for the next place to explore. Kids will especially love the children’s area called “The Wizard Walk”.
Treehouse at Hunterdon County Arboretum

Hunterdon County Arboretum

  • Voorhees State Park located at 251 County Road Route 513 in Glen Gardner, NJ.
    • Voorhees, like Parvin State Park, served as a camp for the Civilian Conservation Corps (CCC) – Franklin Roosevelt’s program to get people back to work during the Depression. The CCC planted trees and constructed shelters, picnic sites and trails throughout the park. Two overlooks provide scenic views of Round Valley Reservoir and Spruce Run Reservoir.
    • Hiking Trails: Voorhees has 7 trails that are suitable for a wide range of abilities and interests. The trails range from wide and graveled to rocky and steep in places and .25 mile to 2.3 miles.
  • Bull’s Island Recreation Area located at 2185 Daniel Bray Highway in Stockton, NJ.
    • Canal path is a National Recreation Trail, listed on the National Historic Register. 100 species of birds and other animals and plants.
    • Hiking Trails: The park has 30 miles of trails that make up 4 trails from .82 miles to the D&R Canal Trail of 70 miles.
  • Spruce Run Recreation Area located at 68 Van Syckel’s Road in Clinton, NJ.
    • Spruce Run Recreation Area’s reservoir was one of the first water supply facilities to be constructed and operated by the state. It covers 1,290 acres with 15 miles of shoreline for recreation.
    • Hiking Trails: The Highlands Trail extends over 150 miles from Storm King Mountain on the Hudson River in New York south to Riegelsville, New Jersey, on the Delaware River. A 2.6 mile section takes hikers through a maple forest, a pine forest and along the water’s edge through the park before exiting onto NJ Fish and Wildlife property.
  • Round Valley Recreation Area located at 1220 Stanton Lebanon Road in Lebanon, NJ.
    • The brisk blue waters of Round Valley Reservoir attracts swimmers, boaters, fishermen, picnickers and more to its scenic shore.
    • Hiking Trails: There are three marked trails at Round Valley: the nine-mile Cushetunk Trail, the 1 mile Pine Tree Trail and the 1/2 mile Family Hiking and Biking Trail. The Cushetunk trail surface is rugged, rocky and steep in places which makes it more suitable for experienced hikers. There is a fourth unmarked water trail that is approximately 1 1/2 miles.

Climbing the stairs of the Casino Trail in Beacon, New York

Mercer County locations with hiking trails

Head over to one of these spots in Mercer County to find your perfect trail.

  • Princeton Battlefield State Park located at 500 Mercer Road in Princeton, NJ.
    • The Princeton Battlefield was once the site of the fiercest fight of its size during the American Revolution. Today, the Battlefield is also home to the Clarke House Museum, trails, and more.
    • Hiking Trails: Adjacent to the park, the Institute Woods is comprised of a 588 acre mixed hardwood, wetlands and agricultural land with a variety of trails. Most trails are level to slightly graded.
  • Washington Crossing State Park located at 355 Washington Crossing-Pennington Road in Titusville, NJ.
    • Originally preserved for its the place in history, the park is also well known for its trails and wildlife habitat.
    • Hiking Trails: There are 13 trails that allow the visitor to explore the park and its distinct areas. The terrain
      within the park is mostly flat to gently rolling forest and mixed meadow with short sections of
      elevation along the creeks.  The trails range from 1/4 mile to nearly 3 miles.

Middlesex County locations with hiking trails

Take your pick of one of these hiking trails in Middlesex County.

  • Cheesequake State Park located at 300 Gordon Road in Matawan, NJ.
    • Cheesequake State Park’s uniqueness lies in its geographical location. Not only is it situated in the middle of the urban north and the suburban south, it lies in a transitional zone between two different ecosystems. Open fields, saltwater and freshwater marshes, a white cedar swamp, Pine Barrens, and a northeastern hardwood forest are the main characteristics of the park.
    • Hiking Trails: There are five designated trails at the park. The RedYellowGreen and Blue pathways are for hiking and walking use. The White Trail (multi-use) is designated for hiking and mountain biking. Trail lengths range from 1.5 to 3.5 miles. Trail difficulty ranges from easy to moderate with inclines.

Monmouth County locations with hiking trails

Your perfect hike awaits at one of these hiking trails in Monmouth County.

  • Gateway National Recreation Area located at 128 South Hartshorne Drive in Highlands, NJ.
    • Sandy Hook (part of Gateway National Recreation Center, a 3 part National Park in New York and New Jersey) is the peninsula at the intersection of ocean and bay, in Monmouth County. It’s a New Jersey treasure that has hosted generations of family beach days, class trips, and outdoor adventures.
    • Hiking Trails: Hit the paved trails at Sandy Hook and see ocean, bay, and forest all in one trip! Trails begin at the Spermaceti Cove Lifesaving Station and at Area M near Nine Gun Battery. The multiuse pathway is 7 miles long, with plenty of parking lots along the way, so you can choose multiple places to start your journey.
Wading at Gateway National Recreation Center (Sandy Hook)

Wading at Gateway National Recreation Center (Sandy Hook)

  • Monmouth Battlefield State Park located at 16 Business Route 33 in Manalapan Township, NJ.
    • One of the largest battles of the American Revolution took place in the fields and forests that now make up Monmouth Battlefield State Park. The park preserves a splendid rural 18th-century landscape of hilly farmland and hedgerows that encompasses miles of hiking and horseback riding trails, picnic areas, a restored Revolutionary War farmhouse and a visitors center.
    • Hiking Trails: Hiking the Battlefield, you will discover that the battlefields remain a working landscape. One family (the Applegates) cultivates extensive apple, cherry, peach and nectarine orchards. Grasslands and fallow fields are managed to provide shelter for grassland birds and small mammals. Visitors can learn more about the battlefield through wayside exhibits located on Perrine Hill, Combs Hill, and the Hedgerow.
  • Allaire State Park located at 4265 Atlantic Avenue in Farmingdale, NJ.
    • Allaire State Park encompasses over 3000 acres and offers trails for hiking and biking, campgrounds, and fishing. The state park is probably best known for its historic 19th-century ironmaking town, Allaire Village and its antique steam trains on the Pine Creek Railroad. Today, the park includes a visitor center and museum, nature interpretive center, and more family activities.
    • Hiking Trails: Several moderate hiking trails are in the main day use area of the park, accessible from the main parking area. The “South Side” area of the park is approximately 800 acres of varying terrain and has miles of unmarked trails as well as four primary marked multi-use trails. There are 9 trails on the trail map that vary from 1.3 miles to 4.6 miles.
alliaire railroad

Pine Creek Railroad at Allaire State Park.

Somerset County locations with hiking trails

Which of these hiking trails in Somerset County will be your favorite?

  • Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park located at 145 Mapleton Road in Princeton, NJ.It falls on the border between Somerset and Mercer County.
    • The 70-mile linear park is a valuable wildlife corridor connecting fields and forests. With its 19th-century bridges, bridgetender houses, past and present locks, cobblestone spillways and hand-built stone-arched culverts, the canal is a tremendous attraction for history lovers. Most of the canal system remains intact today and is a reminder of the days when the delivery of freight depended upon a team of mules or steam tugboats. Nearly 36 miles of the main canal and 22 miles of the feeder canal still exist, with many historic structures along the canal.
    • Hiking Trails: The Six Mile Run Reservoir Site at Delaware & Raritan Canal State Park contains 4 trails from 1.6 miles to just under 5 miles. The Kingston Trail has 2 trails for hiking, a 1.4 mile one and a 4.5 miles trail.

hiking female and male with backpacks on.

Where can you hike in South Jersey?

The following New Jersey locations with hiking trails are located in South Jersey.

Atlantic County locations with hiking trails

Hiking trails in Atlantic County provide a great way to have Jersey fun year-round!

  • Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge located at 800 Great Creek Road in Oceanville, NJ.
    • At this refuge there are opportunities to walk, drive, and explore. Animals such as wild turkey’s, white tailed deer, along with many other animals call the refuge home. Take a walk on one of the many nature trails and have kids spot all the different animals they see.
    • Hiking Trails: There are 4 trails to hike of varying lengths, including a very short boardwalk that goes over the marshes. Trails vary in length from .25 mile to 5 miles. There is a 9-mile drive that takes you out to the edge of the bay with great areas to bird watch.

family hike At Edwin B. Forsythe National Wildlife Refuge

  • Estell Manor Park located at 109 State Highway 50 in Estell Manor, NJ.
    • At Estell Manor you can view live animals and taxidermy animals in the Nature Center. There are many paths to explore and even bikes that are free to borrow (you have to bring your own helmets). The park also has playgrounds, ball fields, swing sets and a volleyball court.
    • Hiking Trails: Estell Manor Park offers 20 miles of hiking trails and bike paths. I’m not suggesting you conquer all 20 miles or even one mile of the trails with your kids but these trails are definitely a great place to start. We have been able to see animal tracks, find acorns and observe so many things about nature. Trail signs were visible.
Estell Manor Park

View from the trail in Estell Manor Park

  • Birch Grove Park located at 1700 Burton Avenue in Northfield, NJ.
    • Birch Grove Park offers more than it might appear. When you drive up you’ll be impressed with the multiple playgrounds and pretty pond with ducks. But explore beyond that and discover the Birch Grove Park hiking trails.
    • Hiking Trails: Birch Grove Park has easy to navigate hiking trails, nature trails, and an exercise trail. Just follow the signs as you make your way through the trails. Most of the trails are a 15-20 minute walk and young kids should be able to walk most of it on their own.The Birch Grove Park trail is also part of the 46 mile Birder’s Gamble Birding & Wildlife Trail.
Birch Grove Park in Northfield, New Jersey - Atlantic County Parks & Playgrounds

You can take a walk along beautiful trails and underneath a covered bridge at this lake at Birch Grove Park.

  • Egg Harbor Township Nature Preserve located at 318 Zion Road in Egg Harbor Township, NJ.
    • The Egg Harbor Township Nature Preserve is located off of Zion Road just beyond some residential neighborhoods. It is a 220 acre sanctuary that has an environmental center, lake area and wooded area. The Nature Preserve is good for biking, hiking or fishing.
    • Hiking Trails: You can hike the different trails and visit the environmental center.

6 Burlington County locations with hiking trails

Experience the best of outdoors at these hiking trails in Burlington County

  • Wharton State Forest – Atsion located at 715 Rt. 206 in Shamong, NJ.
    • Atsion is one part of the Wharton State Forest that makes up one of our New Jersey State Parks. Wharton State Forest is the largest single tract of land within the New Jersey State Park System. In addition to hiking, visitors can enjoy swimming at Atsion in the summer months. There are two playgrounds open year-round.
    • Hiking Trails: At Atsion there are two wheelchair-accessible hiking trails, a blue and a red trail. The red trail is shorter at a half-mile. It’s part of the blue trail. Both the red trail and blue trail loop. The blue trail is 1 mile long and provides more views of the beachfront.

Wharton State Park ~ Atsion boy looks at lake from the edge of the hiking trail

  • Wharton State Forest – Batsto located at 31 Batsto Road in Hammonton, NJ.
    • Wharton State Forest – Batsto is the larger of the two Wharton State Forest sections. While there’s no beach here, Historic Batsto Village has plenty to offer. When you visit Batsto Village you take a trip back in time. Walk around and see the sawmill and blacksmith, the farms and housing, among other buildings, from an earlier time.
    • Hiking Trails: What’s great about hiking at Historic Batsto Village is the variety of hiking options and the ways to do it. My kids and I love hiking the open trail through the historic village and around the nature and interpretive center. With friends from a hiking group we’ll take on the more woodsy trails. Batsto has 8 trails specifically designated for hiking. They range in distance from .5 miles to 4 miles. The Batona Trail of just over 28 miles can be accessed from the Wharton State Forest.
boys at Historic Batsto Village

Historic Batsto Village

  • Rancocas State Park located at Powhatan Indian Reservation Drive in Hainesport, NJ.
    • The Rancocas Creek provides an idyllic setting to observe nature up close in this rustic park. Hikers are welcome, but, there are no staffed facilities on site. The Rancocas Nature Center (entrance off Rancocas Road) hosts a variety of wildlife and outdoor programs.
    • Hiking Trails: There are 14 official trails within the park totaling more than 13 miles. The trails are clustered in two areas: within the forest and meadows near Rancocas Nature Center, and in the forested uplands between the north and south branches of Rancocas Creek. The trails range in length from 1/4 mile to 3 miles.
  • Warren Grove Recreation Center located at Beaver Dam Road in Warren Grove, NJ.
    • Warren Grove Recreation Area is an undeveloped wilderness perfect for hiking and birding. This 617-acre parcel is just west of the town of Warren Grove and straddles Ocean and Burlington counties. The land was acquired from the National Park Service in 1972 as part of their Federal Lands to Parks Program.
    • Hiking Trails: Warren Grove Recreation Area is open for passive recreation including horseback riding, bicycle riding, hiking, birding, hunting and nature/ecology study. Access into the recreation area is via several sand roads and old woods roads through the area but no marked trails currently exist.
  • Bass River State Forest located at 762 Stage Road in Tuckerton, NJ.
    • Bass River State Forest was the first forest acquired by the state of New Jersey in 1905 for public recreation, water conservation, and wildlife and timber management. Lake Absegami, a 67-acre lake created in the 1930’s, is the center of the forest’s recreational activities and provides an area for swimming and a serene setting for boating and canoeing. A trail through the Absegami Natural Area wanders through a pine/oak woods and a small Atlantic white cedar bog.
    • Hiking Trails: Bass River State Forest offers over 23 miles of official, blazed trails. There are 13 marked trails within the forest: 10 trails in and around the Lake Absegami Day Use Area and 3 trails around the Ballanger Creek area. Trails range from less than a half mile to 7 miles.
  • Brendan T. Byrne State Forest located at Highway Route 72 East in New Lisbon NJ.
    • Formerly known as Lebanon State Forest, visitors are greeted by the fresh scent of pines. Today’s forested acres are a strong contrast to the barren, cleared land that existed in the 1800s. The Lebanon Glass Works was established in 1851 and was successful until 1867, when it shut down after depleting the supply of wood necessary for the furnace to operate.
    • Hiking Trails: Today, hikers can follow the sandy trails and roads that crisscross the forest, sometimes passing near the remains of stone or brick structures or where large depressions indicate the location of what was once a bustling town. Brendan T. Byrne State Forest has more than 25 miles of marked trails. The various trails and loops provide challenges ranging from long single track hiking trails to a trail accessible for people with disabilities. Some of the more popular trails are the Batona Trail, the Mount Misery Trail and the Cranberry Trail. Other trails intersect with the Batona Trail to provide loops of about 6 miles and 14 miles for day hikes. Loops of about 2 miles at the forest office and one mile at Pakim Pond provide short easy hikes with wide pathways which avoid contact with vegetation that may harbor ticks or other insect pests. All of the trails allow the visitor to enjoy the scenery and biological diversity of the Pine Barrens.

Camden County locations with hiking trails

Head to this one great hiking trails in Camden County for outdoors fun!

  • Blueberry Hill located at Cul-de-sac at Berlin Rd & Eastwick Dr (right off Rt 561 – Haddonfield- Berlin Rd) in Berlin, NJ.
    • Mike from South Jersey Trails says, “I LOVE this hike. It has a view from elevation (rare in South Jersey), some wetlands and pine trees to look at, concrete ruins to stumble across, and has a million unmarked trails, but in a contained area.”
    • Hiking Trails: Blueberry Hill Loop is a 1.8 mile loop hiking trail located near Gibbsboro. This moderately difficult hiking trail provides chances to see wildlife. According to our research, most if not all of the trail is paved. The major trail is marked with trail markers every tenth of a mile. Though keep in mind there are several unmarked trails that split off from the main trail.
    • Learn more at the AllTrails website.

Cape May County locations with hiking trails

What makes Cape May County hiking trails especially enjoyable is the breathtaking views of the beach from the trails.

  • Cape May Point State Park located at 305 Lighthouse Avenue in Cape May Point, NJ.
    • There is more to the Cape May Point State Park than the Cape May Point Lighthouse. The park’s constantly changing shoreline, dunes, freshwater coastal marsh and ponds, forested islands and varied uplands make it a well-known location for viewing the fall bird migration. In addition, this New Jersey state park offers an interpretive center with live animals, interactive exhibits, a World War II Gun Battery, hiking trails, and observation platforms.
    • Hiking Trails: Cape May Point offers 3 easy trails ranging in distance from .5 miles to 1.5 miles. The hiking trails consist of a sand portion, grassy-dirt trails, and a boardwalk portion. Not only might you see monarchs but you can also walk down to the beach to see a World War II Gun Battery.
Cape May Lighthouse at Cape May Point State Park

Cape May Lighthouse at Cape May Point State Park

  • Corson’s Inlet State Park located at County Hwy 619 in Ocean City, NJ.
    • From the parking lot, Corson’s Inlet State Park doesn’t look like it has a lot to offer. Yet, it was one of my favorite New Jersey state parks to visit last summer. With mile after mile of beach and protected space for birds it was a beautiful, peaceful place to hike.
    • Hiking Trails: What I loved about hiking at Corson’s Inlet State Park was the option to choose a shorter hike through the sandy grass or a longer walk along the short hike but also around the peninsula. There are 4 trail options, each less than a mile. Do note though, the trails do not loop. If you hike the Yellow Ocean trail out to the beach you will need to retrace your steps back to the trail or walk a distance on the beach till you reach the boat dock/parking lot. There are not any trailheads along the beach beside the two trails. Despite not meaning to take a longer hike, we really enjoyed it. We saw an enormous amount of birds, even some fishing, and other amazing views of the beach.

Corson's Inlet state park seagulls feeding

  • Belleplain State Forest located at 1 Henkinsifkin Road in Woodbine, NJ.
    • The forests of Belleplain are not just home to hiking trails, but also a beach, playground, and campgrounds. Don’t just plan a hike. Plan a day of exploration, relaxation, and maybe camping.
    • Hiking Trails: We struggled a bit on our attempt to hike at Belleplain State Forest last summer. It was clear there were a number of places where the hiking trails started. However it wasn’t clear what direction to go and if the trails looped or not. We didn’t see any trail markers. There are over 20 trails that range in distance from .3 miles to 9.2 miles. Most do not loop and about half of the trails are also open for vehicle use.

Belleplain State Forest hiking trail

  • Ocean City Bridge located at 9th Street in Ocean City, NJ.
    • I can’t even tell you how many times I have driven across the Ocean City Bridge thinking I really need to get out and walk across it. While I haven’t walk the full length yet, I have explored a few spots. I really need to grab the boys one day after school and head over to walk across with them. It really is more than just a bridge.
    • Hiking Trails: The path is wide enough for bikes, pedestrians with/without strollers, joggers, and wheelchairs to travel it together safely. It’s 2.5 miles each way. Railings and concrete act as a barrier between the roadway and path. There are access points off of the roadway for parking, fishing, and other trails. Bonus across from the Ocean City Welcome Center is a protected area where visitors can see egrets and other wildlife.

Egret in the trees across from the Ocean City Visitors Center on the Ocean City Bridge

Gloucester County locations with hiking trails

Hiking trails in Gloucester County are a great weekend family fun activity!

  • Tall Pines State Preserve located at 1705 Glassboro Road in Sewell, NJ.
    • Tall Pines State Preserve is a 111-acre nature preserve in Gloucester County, New Jersey, that used to be a golf course. The reserve opened in November 2015, and is Gloucester County’s first state park. Mantua Creek flows through its center, providing a habitat to an unusually rich and diverse number of bird species.
    • Hiking Trails: Tall Pines hiking trails include paved and non-paved areas through grasslands, woodlands, small ponds and freshwater wetlands. The 2.6 mile hiking loop is good for all hiking abilities.
    • You can see the map of paved hiking trails here and read reviews of the Tall Pines hiking trails on the AllTrails website.
  • Scotland Run Park located at 980 E Academy Street in Clayton, NJ.
    • Heavily wooded small park in Gloucester County with a nature trail and views of Wilson Lake.
    • Hiking Trails: Walking trails are located behind the Nature Center and also on the lake-side of the park. The trails are unmarked and most who have visited have been able to hike a 1/2 mile to 3 miles. Those stretching it out to a longer hike included the outside loop behind the nature center, the Nature Trail, the road walk to the boat ramp road, and the distance between the trailheads.
  • Washington Lake Park located at 626 Hurffville – Cross Keys Road in Sewell, NJ.
    • Washington Lake Park, covering 330 acres, is the largest municipal park in New Jersey. The Park includes 3 playground areas, all are ADA compliant and two are handicap accessible. Open to the public are basketball courts, tennis courts, sand volley ball courts, two covered pavilions with grills that are available to reserve, a koi pond, cedar lake where you can fish, paved and natural walking trails, and a multi-use recreation area.
    • Hiking Trails: There are 9 trails ranging in length from .1 mile to .5 mile and from easy to moderately difficult.

5 Ocean County locations with hiking trails

Hike a perfect day at these hiking trails in Ocean County.

  • Island Beach State Park located at Rt. 35 South in Seaside Park, NJ.
    • Island Beach State Park is a narrow barrier island stretching for 10 miles between the Atlantic Ocean and  Barnegat Bay. The miles of sand dunes and white sandy beaches don’t just provide a place to locals to swim and hike but they are home to maritime plants and diverse wildlife.
    • Hiking Trails: Island Beach State Park has 8 hiking trails that split off from the major road that runs through this New Jersey State Park. Each trail is less than a mile, making them easy to do with kids or without. On our visit last summer we explored 3 of them. Some have a sandy grassy trail that lead to the beach. While other trails are dirt and lead to wetland areas where you can get great views of birds. For a longer hike of 7.6 miles you can walk the length of the state park.
Boys on hiking trail at Island Beach State Park

Island Beach State Park

  • Double Trouble State Park located at 581 Pinewald Keswick Road in Bayville, NJ.
    • Double Trouble State Park offers an outstanding example of the Pine Barrens ecosystem and a window into the Pine Barrens history. The park provides the protection and interpretation of over 8000 acres of significant natural, cultural, and recreational resources representative of the Pinelands National Reserve.
    • Hiking Trails: Double Trouble State Park offers over 8 miles of official, blazed trails. Most trails around the historic village and old cranberry bogs are fairly flat and follow sand roads. With the exception of a section of the Nature Trail, as it passes through a cedar swamp and across Cedar Creek between Lower Hooper Bog and Sweetwater reservoir, all blazed trails are multi-use. There are 8 trails ranging from easy to moderate and less than a 1/2 mile to 2.5 miles.
    • Learn more about Double Trouble State Park.
  • Barnegat Lighthouse State Park located at 208 Broadway & Long Beach Boulevard in Barnegat Light, NJ.
    • The site of Barnegat Lighthouse on the northern tip of Long Beach Island in Ocean County was regarded as one of the most crucial “change of course” points for coastal vessels. Vessels bound to and from New York along the New Jersey coastline depended on Barnegat Lighthouse to avoid the shoals extending from the shoreline. The swift currents, shifting sandbars, and the offshore shoals challenged the skills of even the most experienced sailor. The park is included as a maritime site on the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail.
    • Hiking Trails: The only trail is the Maritime Forest Trail, a 1/5-mile long, self-guided loop through one of the last remnants of maritime forest in New Jersey.
Barnegat Lighthouse

Barnegat Lighthouse upclose

  • Barnegat Branch Trail located at Burr Street and Railroad Avenue in Barnegat, NJ.
    • The Barnegat Branch Trail is a rail to trail that once complete will span 16 miles from Barnegat Township to Toms River Township. Three disconnected segments of trail have been completed.
    • Hiking Trails: The three completed trails include Beachwood Borough Trail: 1.0 mile, William Hebrew Park to Hickory Lane: 3.1 miles, and Barnegat Township to Forked River: 7.6 miles. Most of the trail has a stone-dust surface, but some areas are paved.
  • Tuckerton Seaport located at 120 West Main Street in Tuckerton, NJ.
    • Tuckerton Seaport & Baymen’s Museum serves as a showcase for New Jersey’s coastal culture. Tuckerton is more than a museum. It’s an indoor and outdoor New Jersey family attraction! It’s an experience!
    • Hiking Trails: Have you seen the Seaport’s new Nature Trail? Head toward the trail entrance by Perrine’s Boat Works. Keep your eyes peeled for the trail markers and the snowmen! This little known feature of the Seaport is more than just a walk through the woods. The ½ mile trail not only showcases the many native trees, plants, and birds found in the Barnegat Bay and Pinelands, but also the history of the baymen who utilized these natural resources to work the cycle of the seasons. Use the guide and see if your family can find the 10 different items on the trail.
snowmen bunnies on the nature trail at the Tuckerton Seaport

The snow bunnies will great you as you start you hike on the Tuckerton Seaport Nature Trail.

Details about these trails coming soon.

  • Cattus Island County Park located at 1170 Cattus Island Boulevard in Toms River, NJ.
  • Jakes Branch County Park located at 1100 Double Trouble Road in Beachwood, NJ.

Salem County locations with hiking trails

One hiking trails in Salem county is all you need for outdoors festivities!

  • Parvin State Park located at 701 Almond Road in Pittsgrove, NJ.
    • Parvin State Park is rich with nature and history. This park served as home for the Civilian Conservation Corps from 1933 to 1941, a summer camp for the children of displaced Japanese Americans in 1943, a POW camp for German prisoners in 1944 and temporary housing for the Kalmycks who fled their homelands in Eastern Europe in 1952. Parvin State Park not only has pine forests typical to the area but also a swamp hardwood forest. Spring bursts out in bright colors and rich fragrances with blossoming dogwood, laurel, holly, magnolia, wild azalea and over 200 kinds of flowering plants.
    • Hiking Trails: Located at the edge of the New Jersey Pine Barrens, you and your children can enjoy finding plants and animals that make their habitats in Southern New Jersey and the Pine Barrens while hiking any of the nine trails. Trails run from .35 miles to 3.2 miles. Several trails run through the hardwood and Atlantic white cedar swamps, pitch pine lowlands and upland pine and oak forests. While we didn’t see any animals, besides turtles, on our hike we did see unique tree structures like below and other interesting characteristics of the trails. Signs along the trails taught us a bit about how Parvin State Park played a role in history.
Parvin State Park tree structure on Parvin Lake Trail

Parvin State Park

  • Fort Mott State Park located at 454 Fort Mott Road in Pennsville, NJ.
    • If your kids like to have make believe battles with forts and look out towers, this is definitely a place you have to explore with them. It was a really neat location. The fort, the gun emplacements, the lookout towers … it reminded me of playtime with my boys and their army men. Hike while pretending during your visit to Fort Mott State Park. Fort Mott is the southern anchor for the New Jersey Coastal Heritage Trail.
    • Hiking Trails: Fort Mott State Park does not offer traditional hiking trails. It does offer nature trails and walking paths. We found most areas of the trails to be wide, paved, and stroller-friendly as well as wheelchair accessible. The only area that may give those with strollers and wheelchairs difficulty are the lookout points from above the fort and hilltops. We found stairs at different spots along the hills whenever there was an area that could be explored.
Lookout tower at Fort Mott Park in Pennsville NJ

Lookout tower at Fort Mott Park in Pennsville NJ

More New Jersey Hiking Trails

These hiking trails in New Jersey run through multiple state parks, national parks, county parks and more.

Where do you like to go hiking in New Jersey?

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