Pixel and Parker App Review

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Pixel and Parker App Review


Pixel and Parker App ReviewWell, I can now say after all these years we are finally the proud owners of an iPod touch! It didn’t take long before my fiance had put all the latest and greatest games on it.Only it was more frustrating than anything to have to put down the laundry or stop washing dishes to push the buttons for my 2-year-old and 6-year-old when they couldn’t do the games. Just when I had almost had enough of this iPod we were told about Pixel and Parker!


The Pixel and Parker app is a fun storybook adventure. Think of it as a board game that jumped into the palm of your hand ready to be there for those long drives, long lines and oh even to distract them so you can brush their teeth at night, without a fight.


The story line is great. Parker is a little boy who loves his cat Pixel. Pixel is a very curious cat that runs off to chase a butterfly and now it is up to you to help Parker find Pixel before bedtime! Every time your spinner is spun Parker will move ahead 1-6 spaces. Each time Parker lands on a space another part of the story comes alive for your little one to interact with, there are over 30 of these activities. My 2-year-old is hooked and as for my 6-year-old well, her favorite part is collecting the gifts along the way which are new shirts for Parker to add to his collection,dress up never gets old for us girls, and with over 30 shirts to collect this might take her some time.


Pixel and Parker App ReviewAs with any game there is always an obstacle. So watch out for that slide and skateboard or you will be heading back a few spaces. In the end it is a happy reunion as Parker finds Pixel and they are off to bed and hopefully your little ones will be ready by then too !


More about Pixel and Parker, the app

Fresh from the makers of TallyTots and Operation Math comes the new children’s adventure that’s literally giving storytelling a whole new spin.

From the playground to the alley, to the forest and beyond, join Parker on his quest to find his missing cat in the playful children’s adventure that uses a game spinner to advance the story. Fun, fresh and filled with lots of surprises, Pixel and Parker features more than 30 different activities critical to the story, putting readers in control and on the edge of their seat.

Pixel and Parker is the first in a coming line of Spintale adventures designed to engage young readers in a whole new way.


The Pixel and Parker App features

  • A fun storybook adventure based on the value of friendship
  • Innovative spinning action that determines the path of the story
  • Over 30 activities that involve readers and advance the plot
  • 30 T-shirts readers can use to change the look of the character
  • Original illustration, music and narration.
  • No in-app purchases



This blog post was written by Amy M. while she was a blogger for Jersey Family Fun.

In full disclosure, this review was sponsored by Spinlight who provided Jersey Family Fun with promotional codes to review the app and to host a giveway. As always our opinions are hones and our own bwased n our expereince with the app.

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