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Pirate’s Cove Splash Pad – Morris County Parks and Playgrounds


Pirate’s Cove Splash Pad – Morris County Parks & Playgrounds


Pirate's Cove


3 Reasons My Family Loves Pirate’s Cove Splash Pad


  • The Pirate’s Cove Splash Pad is a brand new and beautifully maintained Morris County splash pad.  All of the equipment is functioning and is regularly inspected and maintained. There is an employee on site at all times and the splash pad is regularly flushed and inspected by town employees.


  • Pirate’s Cove provides opportunities for older children to get REALLY wet, and younger children to play in more peaceful sprinkler areas. There is a giant bucket in the middle of the splash pad that fills up and tips over every 3-4 minutes. The kids line up underneath it and wait to get drenched. There are also a variety of sprinkler equipment throughout the splash pad at various heights.  I saw children ranging from under a year to over 12 having a blast.


  • Pirate’s Cove is FREE and open to residents and non-residents. There are not many splash pads in the Morris County area, and the ones that are there all cost money. Some are reserved strictly for residents of that town. Pirate’s Cove is open to anyone and does not cost any money. It makes a great destination for summer play dates. In fact, we have a few future play dates already scheduled.


Pirate's Cove


What Pirate’s Cove Splash Pad offers:

  • Big Water Bucket
  • Ground Level Sprinklers
  • Water Squirters
  • Spinning Sprinklers
  • A variety of preprogrammed water patterns
  • A sensor to conserve water usage
  • Shaded area inside the splash pad with benches
  • Gazebo directly outside of splash pad with picinic tables
  • Mount Playmore Playground located next to splash pad. Read our review of Mount Playmore.
  • Plenty of parking


Pirate's Cove


Pirate’s Cove is located in Turkey Brook Park at 30 Flanders Rd. in Flanders in Morris County. You can learn more about the park on their Facebook page.


Pirate’s Cove is open seven days a week from 10:00 AM to 7:00 PM. There is no cost to enter the splash pad.


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See more Pirate’s Cove photos in our Facebook Gallery.

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Friday 21st of July 2017

Looks interesting good pics and comments for August considering a visit .

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