Pillow Pets Tricksters Helmets Make Wearing Helmets Fun!

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We received the Pillow Pets Trickster Helmet, at no charge, to review
from Pillow Pets. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun
which allows us to share information about toys we think families may enjoy.


Are you looking for a safe AND adorable helmet for your kids? Do you want a helmet that gets kids excited about learning to ride their bike?

Well I have the helmet for you! Pillow Pets just released the new character inspired plush helmets that will be sure to excite any child this spring and summer. Tricksters Helmets make bicycle safety easy and fun for parents and kids.


Some details about Pillow Pets Tricksters Helmets: 

  • Tyler loved his Panda Trickster Helmet!

    Tyler loved his Panda Trickster Helmet!

    Each helmet has an adjustable dial on the back to ensure a perfect fit.

  • Trickster Helmets are the only plush helmets on the market that are compliant with CPSC and ASTMf1492 safety standards.
  • Trickster Helmets are safety certified for bicycles, skateboards, rollerblades and scooters.
  • Each helmet comes with an easy to read and understand owner’s instructional guide.
  • Trickster Helmets come in 2 sizes: Small (ages 3-5) and Medium (ages 5-7).


Pillow Pets Trickster Helmets come in 5 furry designs:

  • Flower Power Cat
  • Lulu Leopard
  • Panda
  • Puppy
  • Rainbow Bear

We were provided with the adorable Panda Trickster Pillow Pets Helmet in size medium. Although my son is only 4 years old, his head is large for his age so we chose medium over small. This was a great decision as not only is it perfect for him, but he will also be able to grow with the helmet allowing him to use it for years to come. Tyler was so excited to put the helmet on, and he immediately wanted to play outside on his scooter!


5 reasons why we LOVE Pillow Pets Tricksters Helmet:

  • Tyler had so much fun riding his scooter wearing his Trickster helmet!

    Tyler had so much fun riding his scooter wearing his Trickster helmet!

    Easy to use! The Trickster Helmet was very easy to put on, and the simple to turn dial in the back allowed me to easily adjust it to the perfect fitting. The strap buckle that goes under Tyler’s chin also easily clipped into place.

  • Safe! This is obviously the MOST important quality a helmet must have. It is so important as a parent to feel comfortable with your child riding his bike or playing on his scooter knowing he will be safe when he falls. Notice I said “when” not “if” because we all know our children will fall at least once when playing outside. Tricksters Helmet made me feel secure in allowing my child to ride his scooter down the driveway without me standing directly next to him.
  • Adorable and Stylish Designs! We absolutely LOVED the Panda Trickster. It was soft and lovable while still being able to serve its purpose as a piece of safety equipment. The Pillow Pets Trickster Helmet comes in 5 creative styles that are perfect for girls and boys. Children can choose their helmet based on their favorite animal, favorite color or own unique style.
  • The kids LOVE it! Having your child love what they are wearing is very important especially when safety is a factor. In the past, I have had trouble getting my son to wear a helmet, but with the Panda Trickster, Tyler put on the helmet with no problem and was actually excited about wearing it. This will definitely make teaching him to ride a bike much easier!
  • Sparks the Imagination! The Trickster Helmet can help children embark on a fun adventure as their favorite animal. Children can pretend to be a Panda exploring a new habitat, or a puppy trying to find his bone. Children can also give their helmet a name and take care of them like they are their own “pet.”


I hope you enjoy Pillow Pets Trickster Helmet as much as we have. Here is where you can find out more information about Pillow Pets Tricksters:


You can purchase Pillow Pets Tricksters – Kids Plush Helmet – Comfy Panda and other designs on Amazon for $29.99 or on the Tricksters Helmets website.


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