Philadelphia Science Fest: Science Carnival – Our Fun Day of Learning

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There were no rides and no cotton candy, but there sure was a ton of Scientific FUN!


Saturday my family and friends hit the streets of Philadelphia to see what kinds of fun we could find. I have a 10-year-old budding scientist in the family and he didn’t know which way to look first. His eyes were like flying saucers when we entered Logan Circle and he saw the sea of white tents everywhere. There were over 100 exhibitors offering different experiments and science fun. The museums and libraries on Logan Circle were inviting with large green balloon sculptures. There were stages set up on either side of the circle providing entertainment all day long.


Logan Circle Transforms into the 2012 Science Carnival


What did we learn about at the Carnival?

The question should actually be, What didn’t we learn?

  • The students of Temple University taught us about Poison and Pharmaceutical Safety. They had wonderful visuals set up with bottles of Pine Sol and Apple Juice and asked if you knew which was the chemical. They also had a handy chart with pictures of different candies and gum compared to medicines. It is scary how similar some of these things are. The students did a great job interacting with the kids and making sure they understood the differences.

Pills or Candy? Scary similarities


  • The Philadelphia Section of The American Chemical Society showed us what will happen when you mix shaving cream and food coloring. This is an experiment you can try at home with your children. First place a strip of shaving cream across the bottom of a piece of paper, add 3 drops of different colors of food coloring. Swirl the colors around the shaving cream and then fold the paper in half and push down on the cream. When you open the paper back up scrape of any excess shaving cream with a ruler or popsicle stick and you will have a unique shaving cream painting.

Shaving Cream Paintings


  • The Franklin Institute gives out Science Awards each year, and at the Science Fair kids were given a paper replica of one of those awards. The friendly staff from the Franklin spoke to each of the kids for a minute to find out what their interests were and matched them up to the category they would be able to earn an award from. Then, they presented them with their awards. I am the proud mother of an award-winning chemist, computer scientist, and business leader. Sean spoke of his love of Chemistry with the staff member and learned all about the schooling he would need to become a chemist. This was one of the highlights of the day for him.

Sean receiving his Chemistry Award


While we arrived later than anticipated we were still able to visit with many of the exhibitors. Thank You to the volunteers that were walking around with the maps of where the exhibits were located, this helped us out when deciding which way to head first. Thank You to the Philadelphia Science Festival for holding the 2012 Science Carnival and to the exhibitors for sharing their knowledge with us.


To see more pictures from our day at the 2012 Science Carnival, check out our Facebook Album here.


To learn more about the Philadelphia Science Festival and to see their list of upcoming events click here.


In full disclosure this was a FREE event open to the public.

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