Paving our Camden Children’s Garden to Put up A Parking Lot

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I heard the news about the Camden Children’s Garden this weekend. The more I tried to process it the more upset I became and this song came to mind. The Garden offered so many ways for fun and learning. Even though there aren’t many details available. There are ways to help; I knew our readers would want to know and would want to help.


Here is what I do know.


The nonprofit Camden Children’s Garden has two months to vacate most of its state-owned property before the land is transferred to the Adventure Aquarium next door.

In a letter sent last week, the New Jersey Department of Treasury ordered Children’s Garden director Michael Devlin to remove all property – including the facility’s amusement rides, gazebo, and giant dinosaur – by March 31.


There is speculation that the area may be turned into a parking lot but we don’t know because no one is commenting publicly.

I know we all love the Children’s Garden. I have some great memories, like below, from there


and from our Children’s Garden Photos in our Facebook album.



Here’s ways you can make a difference to try to save the Camden Children’s Garden

As we learn of new developments we will try to keep you updated as well.


It will take more than wishing to Save the Camden Children’s Garden. Get involved! Take action! |Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun


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6 thoughts on “Paving our Camden Children’s Garden to Put up A Parking Lot

  1. Alison Shaffer says:

    My family joined the New Jersey State Aquarium the first year it opened, it has changed names a few times over the years, but we still enjoy visiting. When the additon of the Children’s Garden came it added a whole new level of exporing and fun to the trips we took to the aquarium. It would be so sad for this to be taken down, for my own memories, and my kids, and for the experience other children would miss. I’ll be sharing the movement to save the Camden Children’s Garden.

  2. Sarah says:

    I’m not sure what Melissa is referring to, we go there regularly and the garden is looking great. Melissa, what disappointed you? They charge such a low rate to have access to something so wonderful. You need to think twice about saying things like you are “glad they are closing it.” Did you know the Garden not only provides free healthy food to the local community but also trains teens at risk in jobs in horticulture? The impact of closing would be felt hardest by those in the neighborhood. They need our help, especially if there is work to maintain the garden more now than ever.

  3. mary stewart says:

    I’m so sad to hear the Children’s Garden will no longer be .My husband spent so many days winter ,spring,summer and fall.We made so many unforgettable memories so sad to know there will no more memories to be made a the Childrens Garden.

  4. melissa magee says:

    i have only been to the garden once in sept. let me tell you i was so upset by how neglected and run down this place was. i am glad they are closing it. i only wish they would put something else there besides a parking lot.

    • mary stewart says:

      melissa so sorry you got the impression of the garden that you did……when my grandkids were younger the place was so magical and well kept…………so sad what can happen without the volunteers and funding…………….if you knew the place like i do you would be very sad

    • tracy says:

      The reason the Garden looks rundown is because in 2010, the state of NJ cut all of their operating budget – retroactively and without warning!!! This seems like it was in the grand scheme to shut the place down. Before you comment on the athetics, maybe you should research all the amazing programming they have for local families – espcially the poor children of Camden. Here’s their blog!

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