OWI Robotics RobitiKits 14 in 1 Solar Educational Solar Robot – Toy Review

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We received the OWI Robotics RobitiKits at no charge, to review. We appreciate
their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families
information about toys we think their family may enjoy.

My almost 12 yr old is addicted to any type of science or engineering toy so when I received the request for us to review the OWI Robotics Robotikits Solar Robot, I jumped for joy at the opportunity. He is always trying build robots with his other building toys but this one was unique. This neat box of fun parts was going to build a robot that was able to move by solar power. No batteries required. How cool is that?


The packaging shows Wheel-bot outside on a nice sunny day

Each RobotiKits14 in 1 Solar Educational Robot Includes:

  • Instruction Manual
  • Plastic Parts
  • Motor with connectors
  • Solar Panel with Springs
  • Assorted gears
  • Sticker Sheets
  • Plastic Boat
  • Zipper bags to store the assorted parts
  • labels to affix to the bags showing the part names

Neatly packaged

What I liked about the 14 In 1 Solar Educational Solar Robot

  • Even though at first glance the instructions were intimidating, my son was able to build his own robot. With some help from his dad it took them about an hour to build a level one wheel-bot.
  • The name says it all, you get to constantly have fun with this toy. You can build 14 different robots that each have their own features and abilities. With just a few clicks you can change from the Wheel-Bot to the Running Beetle to the Surfer.
  • There are two different skill levels, each skill level has 7 robots that can be built.
    • Level One
      • Turtle-bot
      • Beetle-bot
      • Quadru-bot
      • Boat-bot
      • Walker-bot
      • Dog-bot
      • Wheel-bot
    • Level Two
      • Roly Poly-bot
      • Auto-bot
      • Slither-bot
      • Surf-bot
      • Zombie-bot
      • Crab-bot
      • Row-bot
  • The robots are able to work on land or in the water. I can’t wait to see surf-bot go for a spin around my sink.
  • My favorite feature is No Batteries Required, the only thing your child needs to make the parts move on this robot is some sunshine or a 50W & Up Halogen Light.
    • Sadly it has been extremely rainy in New Jersey so we haven’t had the opportunity to take our robot outside yet to see him in action. However I did have find one lightbulb in the house that we were able to hold Wheelie up to and see him go. We can’t wait to take him outside and show you how awesome he is when in action.

Putting the wheels together

Would I recommend OWI Robotics RobotiKits 14 in 1 Solar Educational Solar Robot?

100% YES! My son has played with this kit many times since we received it. I would not recommend it for anyone under the age of 10 as the instructions can be a bit overwhelming at first. You need to have patience to read them thoroughly, however once you do let the fun begin. As they say on their box alternative energy is the future and this toy helps reinforce and teach that technology in a fun manner. If you have a child who is interested in engineering, building, or solar energy then this is the toy for you. I have a feeling we will be building solar robots for a long time.


Wheel-bot is finished


Want to purchase your own OWI Robotics RobotiKits 14 in 1 Solar Educational Solar Robot?

  • The 14 in 1 Robotikit retails for $31.95
  • You can purchase it online by visiting Owi Robotics

Check out our Facebook gallery for more OWI Robotics Robotikits photos.


In full disclosure we were provided with a sample of the OWI Robotics 14 in 1 Solar Educational Solar Robot to make this review possible. As always all opinions are honest and our own and based on our experience with the toy.

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2 thoughts on “OWI Robotics RobitiKits 14 in 1 Solar Educational Solar Robot – Toy Review

  1. Andrea bardwell says:

    I got the 14and 1 solar robot from wish, and I have no instructions. I looked it up and was only able to build the bot. But I have no idea on how to make any of the bots.
    Could you please send me a copy of the manual so my son can build his bot.
    Please, and thank you.

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