15 Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids

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A little rain does not have to mean a boring day stuck inside. Actually, with the right attitude and perhaps rain gear your children can not only really enjoy themselves out in the rain, but they can also learn a lot from outdoor rainy day activities.

  • They can learn about the reason for rain,
  • where the rain goes,
  • and why it is raining in the first place.
  • They use their senses to when playing in the rain, they can see the rain, hear how it sounds, feel it hitting them and yes even hold their mouths open and taste it.


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 15 Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Children

  • Puddle Jumping – What child doesn’t like jumping in the puddles? Throw your rain boots on and splash in those puddles? It only takes the smallest amount of water and my 3 year-old will jump right into it.  He cracks up every time, especially if he can get me wet doing it.
  • Slip-n-slide – Drag out the slip and slide and have a rainy day sliding party.
  • Blow Bubbles – Bubbles in the rain is not only fun but the kids can run through the bubbles and get soapy and the rain washes it off.
  • Tub Toys – Bring the tub toys outside and let the kid’s imagination take over.
  • Hunt For Rainbows – Go on a walk and look for things that are the colors of the rainbow, if you are lucky maybe you will find a real rainbow too.
  • Rain Painting – Fill up some Rubbermaid containers with the rain water and go under a covered porch. Get your paintbrushes ready and create murals with the rain water on the porch.
  • Water Balloons – Have an old-fashioned water balloon fight.



  • Mud Pies- Kids love getting dirty. Mud pies are a great way to enjoy the rain and get a little messy. Just get some aluminum pie plates go outside and start your mud bakery.
  • Does it Float Game- Take a pot outside and place different objects in the pot as the rain fills the pot some items will float and some will sink. Make guesses on what objects will float and what ones will sink. Do Rocks Float? Do Leaves Float?
  • Play Ball – Imagine a game of catch in the rain. Playing catch in the rain is a tad more challenging but the kids will have a ball getting messy and slipping and sliding.
  • Create your own water world – Get out the plastic dinosaurs and other small toys and rebuild Atlantis
  • Boat Races – Build boats with the kids and then have a race down the gutters or through the puddles. See whose boat goes the fastest.
  • Picasso Rain Prints-Take a paper plate and place a few drops of food coloring on it. Take the plate outside. When the rain hits the food coloring it will create beautiful swirls of color. Let dry and you will have a one of a kind piece of art.
  • Species Hunt – Go out on a hunt for animals. What kind of animals come out in the rain? What kind of animals are hiding?
  • Sights & Sounds – Take a walk through your neighborhood or park. Ask your kids questions. Get them thinking.
      • How does the rain sound when it hits the rooftops?
      • How does it sound hitting the pavement?
      • How do things look different with the rain? Besides being wet, how does the rain affect the leaves on the tree? How does it affect the movement of water in the pond? Why do puddles form here but not there?


What outdoor activities do you do with your kids in the rain?


15 Outdoor Rainy Day Activities for Kids - PIN


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