Our Try Hockey for Free Day Experience

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Kids ages 4-9 hit the ice across the country to Try Hockey for Free!


We’re lucky to have a great seasonal ice rink in our county, so we were excited to learn they’d be participating in this year’s Try Hockey For Free Day.  On November 2, 2013, USA Hockey and over 500 local programs across the country encouraged kids, ages 4 to 9, to try youth hockey as part of the NHL’s Come Play Hockey Month.  Our event at Warinanco Ice Skating rink was hosted by the local Cranford Hockey Club.



With a father who is a hockey referee and 3 older cousins who all play ice hockey, my children are not new to being on ice skates.  No matter though, even those who laced up for the first time had something to do on the ice that day too.  Warinanco Ice Rink offers walkers for novices, and both children found use for them to improve their skating technique.  Meanwhile, on the other end of the rink the more seasoned hockey players took shots and skated with speed.


While my 4 year old loves the rough and toughness of hockey, his 8 year old sister is a little more demure.  Imagine our surprise when she put on the USA Hockey jersey and after a little uncertainty on the skates, picked up a stick and played against one of the Cranford Hockey Club volunteers.   It proves you never know what your children can do until you give them the tools and the opportunity!  And while we’ve done plenty of open skate at ice rinks, and play hockey in our driveway and basement, finding a time and place to be on ice with a hockey stick without being a part of a hockey club is not easy.


Thank you USA Hockey for providing some learning time!




We also came home with a goodie bag for each child, including the jersey, a t-shirt, towel, stickers, a bracelet and information about USA Hockey for kids.  Keep reading Jersey Family Fun, and bookmark USA Hockey’s Try Hockey For Free website to get alerted for the next event date. You can also check our county listings for ice rinks across New Jersey!



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