Our Trip to the Country Fresh Farm, a Warren County Farm

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FelicityCountryFreshWhat is better than warming up with hot apple cider on a crisp fall day?

It’s a complimentary cup of hot apple cider accompanied by a sweet treat. At Country Fresh Farm, in Warren County, families can enjoy just that. For over 20 years, Shari Bylicki and her family have provided the community with an opportunity to play all day at a price that is affordable. Besides the traditional fall activities, families can fill their baskets full with fresh local produce that supports local farmers and businesses, they can shop in the gift shop which has gifts from the country that remind you why New Jersey is in fact “The Garden State”. You can also bring home fresh pies, baked goods and local honey that will satisfy all of your sweet cravings.  This year it has been important to our family to stay local. As our communities grow and our lives move at a faster pace we want to take the time to celebrate each moment together as family. With the fall season nearing an end, our family was seeking an opportunity to create memories on a beautiful, crisp afternoon. With a recommendation from a friend we found ourselves at the home of John Henry, the 1,200 pound rescue pig and we are so thankful we did. This farm not only gave us the opportunity to grow our family photo album but allowed us to foster a sense of family, community and seclusion that is hard to find with so many venues today.


Country Fresh Farm’s Activities

For just $5.00 per child, families can come and play all day in their tot-friendly and child-friendly lot that has so much to do and see.

  • Maze
  • Bouncey Slide
  • Bowling
  • Corn Box
  • Ride On Cars
  • Play Houses
  • Hay Bale Climb
  • Slides
  • Much Much More




Outside of the Kids Play area, there is so much more to see. With breathtaking scenery, families can visit with the farm’s many friendly animals. Children can pet, snuggle, and feed horses, pigs, calves, cows and a donkey. Each animal is kind and gentle and loves to be petted and fed.




After staying for more than two hours at Country Fresh Farm, each of our children remarked how glad they were that we found the farm and how they wanted to return. I mentioned bringing some friends back to stay and play and I was asked only to do so when they were home from school. The first visit felt like we simply belonged and that this farm was family. This makes sense because the farm is just that, family. With the entire family on site and working, we felt we were not only having a great time but supporting a family within our community. This allowed us to continue to teach that supporting small business in our local community will keep our community alive.


Before we left our children were treated to a special event. The calves were being fed. Due to their age, they were bottle fed. At most farms, you will find the owner carefully feeding their animals. While carefully supervised, the Bylicki Family engaged all who were there calling on the children to come and lend a hand. It’s no wonder we feel like family, we were considered family. Country Fresh Farm will be our new fall go to. It may not be the biggest, it may not have all the bells and whistles but it has out heart and after all, isn’t it the heart that matters?




Country Fresh Farm Location

The Country Fresh Farm is located at 70 West Asbury Anderson Road, Hampton New Jersey. It’s convenient to Warren, Hunterdon, and surrounding counties.


Country Fresh Farm Hours

It is open on the weekends from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. and during the week. Call their office at 908-537-9009 for more information and information regarding other events such as parties, Girl and Boy Scout Events and even Family Reunions.


This blog post was written by Ellie while she was a blogger for Jersey Family Fun.

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