Our 3 Top Baby Shower Gifts From The New York Baby Show

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Jersey Family Fun was given free tickets and compensation by Momtrends for attending the New York Baby Show. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun and our attempts to bring our readers the latest in products for families. As usual, all opinions are our own.




When our friends at Momtrends invited Jersey Family Fun to the New York Baby Show, I thought I wouldn’t have any need for anything baby. My oldest is 10 and as I head into my 40s, I figured the next baby boom would be grandkids. Who needs to know about the top baby shower gifts? Wrong! I’m soon to be an aunt to triplets, and days after we learned that, another friend announced she is expecting. Suddenly, we were talking babies!  Babies that need stuff – strollers, bedding, feeding gear, toys and more.


How is it that tiny humans need so much?


Since when you’re pregnant with triplets you can’t get around much, my family and I headed to the New York Baby Show on May 15th, with two missions. The first was to look for anything that could make life with triplets easier (space saving, time saving, money saving). The second was for me as a gift giver, and blogger. We would find out what’s new in the decade since I had my first baby, and what unique items would be a hit at these upcoming baby showers. I walked around the expo intrigued by the gadgets and jealous at some of the innovations intended to make those difficult newborn days! There’s so many new top baby shower gifts.




I realize new expecting parents take a lot of time to create a registry based on their needs and likes. But not all parents do, and not all these amazing products are available at the stores they’d register at. As an “experienced” mom, I always like to gift something that we found to be indispensable. Whether it’s multiple pacifiers (because they were always lost), our favorite swaddle, or our most used teething toy, being able to pass on that knowledge is rewarding. After the New York Baby Show, I realized my ideas might be stale! My intention now is to give the items I wish had been available to me a decade ago, and ones that will be useful for more than just a few months.


With that, here are my 3 Top Baby Shower Gifts from the New York Baby Show!


Driver’s Little Helper car seat monitor
Retail $79.99, available on manufacturer website and Amazon.com

There are too many stories of a child left in a car. We never think it can happen to us but so did many of the parents whose experiences ended in tragedy. For the new parents who suffer from sleep deprivation, or any parents who might be in a rush, or anyone who worries about the temperature in the back seat, the Driver’s Little Helper is useful to all. The sensor sits under the car seat fabric, and connects with an app on your smartphone. Get alerts about temperature, car seat “escapees” and reminders to get everyone out when the car comes to a stop. Go beyond the backseat mirror and get some peace of mind with the Driver’s Little Helper system – it’s something that can be used from infant seats through booster seats!

Watch our site for a review and giveaway of a Driver’s Little Helper on our website soon.




Munchie Mug snack cupRetail $16.99 and up, available on manufacturer website and Amazon.com

How many snack cups do we need? Most homes of toddlers have a drawer filled with these – they’re stained they’re cracked, their lids are missing. They spill, or leak, or are otherwise useless for messy kids. We had a cup that we thought was great for my daughter, the handles were easy for little hands and she could get her fingers in to get the snack out. But she would sometimes get her fingers caught in the small opening in the rubber top. Once my son came along, all he did was take the top off and dump the cup out. If the Munchie Mug had been around, we’d have had plenty of those and nothing else! Made in America, BPA free and dishwasher safe, this snack cup has a pinch free spandex type covering that keeps snacks inside, and fingers safe. The lid is screw tight and difficult for little ones to remove, and it comes with a stay fresh lid as well for unfinished snacks. This is something that can stay with families for years – no matter how old, kids are sure to spill! It’s why we think of the Munchie Mug as one of the top baby shower gifts.




GoTo 2-in-1 Infant Carseat Holder and Highchair by Little Partners

Retails $59.99, available on manufacturer website and Amazon.com

Something I remember about all that baby gear was that it was so helpful and essential when needed, but as soon as it wasn’t needed it was in my way. I hated that so much money would be spent on something that only served a purpose for a few months. One of the first items I saw at the New York Baby Show that caught my eye as a possible top baby shower gifts was the GoTo 2 in 1 Infant Carseat Holder and Highchair. Made by Little Partners, a company that saw success with its “learning tower” that many families use in the kitchen, it’s a perfect example of a product that grows with the child’s needs. It first serves as a spot to safely stow the infant carrier/carseat while the child is sleeping. No one wants to wake a sleeping baby and when you bring the seat into the house, if you take them out you will inevitably wake them! Keep the seat up high, away from the pets and in a safer spot than a table. It’s completely foldable and comes with a carry case, so take it with you to the restaurant, a party, or wherever you’ll be sitting and need a spot for your baby to be raised up. And when the infant seat is outgrown, it can be used as a safe, clean, portable highchair!




All of these top baby shower gifts are under $100 and are sure to be useful for plenty of growing stages. Go beyond the registry and gift those expectant parents with these new products they’re sure to love and maybe didn’t even know about!  Thanks to the New York Baby Show for all the excellent info, see you next year!




Jersey Family Fun was given free tickets and compensation by Momtrends for attending the New York Baby Show. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun and our attempts to bring our readers the latest in products for families. As usual, all opinions are our own.

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