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Our Favorite Things to do at the Crayola Experience

This post was made possible by the Crayola Experience who provided us with admission at no charge. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that allows us to share with families information about Lehigh Valley attractions we think families will enjoy.


Crayola Experience


One of the locations that’s been on my wish list forever to take the boys to was the Crayola Experience. I had fond memories of taking a bus full of Girl Scouts nearly 15 years ago. I remember then how much there was to do and what a fun time it was for all of us. I was pretty sure it would still be fun today. I had no idea how much fun though and if my boys at ages 7, 9, and 11 had outgrown crayons and colors. They love to draw and create but would they love an experience that’s all about crayons?


Is an 11 year old too old to enjoy the Crayola Experience?


Take a look at my oldest’s review of the Crayola Experience.

When I went to Crayola Experience I was amazed. There was 3 floors of awesomeness. My favorite part was the Color Alive Studio. Floor 1 was all about crayons. Floor 2 was about markers and floor three was about paint. On floor 1, I decorated my own crayon. (deep sea blue). I also drew on a tablet while my drawing came on a big screen. I found a Color Alive Studio were my drawing came alive too.


I also saw the show on how crayons are made. Floor 1 was fun but floor 2 was equally exciting. Floor 2 had a room were your writing glowed. In that same room you can control a crayon person. The rest of floor two was a jungle gym that stretched all the way to floor 3! Floor 3 had a spot where you melt a crayon into a mold, paint a picture, and create wheel art. As you see my trip to Crayola Experience was awesome!


crayola experience n


As you can see from my 11 year old’s Crayola Experience review, the experience did not disappoint. With the remodeling of years ago, there was even more to do. Floor after floor was filled with so many hands on activities. We could have easily spent all day there. Unfortunately, since this was a whirlwind quick trip to the Lehigh Valley, we only had a few hours at the Crayola Experience. That being said we made the most of the experience filling it with as much fun as we possibly could. We’re sharing our favorite experiences, but please know you can take a look at the Crayola Experience website to learn more about everything included with your admission. The activities listed below are included in your ticket price.


Our Favorite Things to do at the Crayola Experience

Floor 2

  • Watching & Learning at the Crayon Factory Show! Once we sat down for the show it wasn’t long before Scarlet & Turk (Turquoise), animated crayon friends, and a Crayonologist showed us how crayons are made. We also learned some fascinating facts about crayons like how many are made every day.


Crayola Experience show



  • Dancing in the Rainbow Rain. It was raining melted wax! It was the kind of rain that we could play in but not get wet, the kind of rain that was affected by our movement yet we never touched it. With this virtual simulation wall, guests can watch the various forms of melted crayon react to their presence.



  • Arts Alive. Create art on a tablet and project it onto the wall to watch it become an animated part of a bigger scene.


From this drawing on an iPad…

Crayola Experience Art Alive


…to animation on the wall


  • Be the Star of your own coloring page. This area was crazy cool. Pose for the camera. Pick a background. Then print away. Next thing you know we were all holding coloring pages of ourselves! You can even pull up your image at the gift shop to have it printed on a t-shirt, canvas, or puzzle for an additional fee.


Crayola Experience Be a Star Coloring pages


  • Color Magic.  We experienced more Crayola magic when we each selected a page to color and bring to life at the Crayola Experience. Yes, this mom got in on the coloring action. While my boys colored dragons that flew over a city firing up buildings, I colored a fairy and gave her life in an enchanted forest.



Floor 3

  • Doodle in the Dark. In this interactive dark room, your kids can write with vibrant neon colors onto a large doodle boards. I was especially touched with the message my oldest chose to wrote.


  • Play on the Floor. In the Doodle in the Dark exhibit area, there is an interactive floor. From a floor of popcorn kernels to lily pads, from a hockey court to other fun images, it’s a floor that reacts to your presence. Walk, hop, or skip across it and see what happens.



  • Animate a crayon. In the same Doodle in the Dark area is a large wall of screens where you will see three crayons waiting to be animated. Pick a spot to stand and watch how these crayons become animated and mimic your every move.



  • Climb the Crayola Climber. Wiggle up the melted wax tower, then bounce and splat across the paint bridge. Shimmy down the Pip Squeak marker and zigzag up the Crayola crayon while dodging and squeezing through obstacles. Slide out of the crayon box onto the chalk surface. My kids say they loved this area and I loved how it let them burn off some of the excitement they had from all the Crayola projects they were creating.


crayola experience jungle gym


  • Punch Out a Puzzle. Across from the playground is an area where guests can design their own puzzle. Everyone starts with a blank canvas. Create your image within the borders. When you are ready, select how many pieces you want for your puzzle. Then, with your puzzle on the conveyor belt and you turning the crank you have a new puzzle.


Crayola Experience punch out a puzzle


  • Rockin’ Paper. Our favorite station where our artwork comes to life is the Rockin’ Paper experience on the third floor. After you color your creation (ours was a pterodactyl but creatures may vary), line up to have a Crayola employee attach some binder clips to their feet, and get ready for the show! Your characters will entertain you with their dance for almost a minute where they bop, spin and bow to the music. We all really enjoyed this one – see the video of the performance in our montage below.



Floor 4

  • Melt & Mold. As if your child hasn’t created enough projects there is more creation magic on the top floor. Select a crayon color and a mold shape. With a few simple steps and four minutes you can turn that crayon into a ring, critter, or another special souvenir!


Crayola Experience molding station


  • Drip Art. Remember the spin art we had as a kid? The Crayola Experience puts their own twist on it. We were allowed to select two colors. Each color got its turn melting on the paper as we pressed a button to determine the speed of our spinning paper. Our spinned drip art is one very unique souvenir.


Crayola Experience Drip art


The Crayola Experience was such a unique one. Where else can you create all your own souvenirs and have the cost be included in the price of admission? Have you been? We’d love to hear about your own experiences and favorite parts of the Crayola Experience.


And don’t forget the food!


It didn’t take long for us to work up an appetite in the Crayola Experience, and luckily the Cafe Crayola is right inside the building on the first floor. This was a welcome change from what was offered on our visit so many years ago, and both of us moms were more than satisfied with the offerings. Pizzas are made to order. Sandwiches are prepackaged. There are kid friendly hot dogs and parent approved salads. Gluten free options are available too! Bottled drinks and a limited amount of snacks and desserts (this is a good thing!) are available.


The cafe space is large! The tables are long so if you’re with a large group you can get everyone together, and high chairs are available. We filled our bellies, rested our feet, and were ready to explore some more. We weren’t leaving until we were done!


You can’t leave without a walk through the gift shop. Resistance to buy is futile – some of the items are exclusive to Crayola Experience, plus who can resist that adorable crayon mascot or a WALL of fresh new crayons?


Crayola Experience Wall of Crayons

Where to start?


What Crayola Experience would your kids most want to experience?


What you should know before you visit the Crayola Experience.

  • The Crayola Experience is located at 30 Centre Square, Easton, PA 18042.
  • Crayola Experience hours vary depending on the time of year. Visit their website for more information.
  • Crayola Experience tickets are available online or in person. Regular admission is $16.99 for all ages.
  • A large parking lot with paid parking options is available across the street. 
  • If your kids get hungry, the Crayola Experience has a cafe.
  • Click over to visit the official Crayola Experience in Easton PAwebsite.


View more of our Crayola Experience photos in our Facebook Gallery. See a preview below.

The Crayola Experience hosted Jersey Family Fun for a visit as part of our Family Travel series. We had such a creative time, none of us wanted to leave. Just take a look inside through our pictures.

Posted by Jersey Family Fun on Thursday, November 5, 2015


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