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In full disclosure, we were given a meal for 4 in order to make this review possible. We appreciate Paragon Tap & Table’s support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to tell New Jersey families about family friendly restaurants. As usual, all opinions are our own.




Sometimes, going out to eat is nothing more than a routine. You have your favorite places, your favorite menu items, and you know about how long it will all take. Nothing new comes from the experience except full bellies. No one’s complaining, but no one’s tried anything new.


We live a town away from Paragon Tap & Table and since its opening it’s had positive word of mouth from friends and family. I’ve looked at the menu a few times but thought it wasn’t quite right for a family meal out. And date night? How often does that happen? Brunch is also something that seems from a far off time. On a recent Sunday we had some celebrating to do after church, and decided it was time to try Paragon Tap & Table. Conveniently located near the Garden State Parkway exit 135, it was a great location for us as we had plans that afternoon that took us down the Parkway southbound. I was craving a yummy brunch and knew I could get it there, while my kids would be taken care of too.


I knew I could count on Paragon Tap & Table for my kids because we had recently visited Morris Tap & Grill, Chef Eric Levine’s partner restaurant. The meals my children got there were familiar but tasty (and healthy!), and while Paragon’s online menu showed no kids menu, there were kids portions of the brunch items at a reduced cost. This was good enough for me to give Paragon a try for brunch. Sometimes Mom (and Dad) get their choices and the fussy eating kids can figure it out.



These look like kids who loved Paragon Tap & Table, right?


As I said, Paragon Tap & Table is located right off the Garden State Parkway at exit 135, in Clark. It is in the Target shopping center (which is always a bonus), and if the weather is good there’s outdoor seating. During our visit there was a private party, but still seating in a smaller room as well as at the bar area. After a friendly greeting from the host and our server Rahul, it was time to decide what to eat. As I said, it was brunch for me, with the Breakfast Burrito. My husband can’t get enough pizza, so he went for the Sausage Pizzetta. Our kids were ready to order burgers and then Rahul said the magic words, “We also have a kids menu.”  Their faces lit up with joy and a little relief (as I said, picky eaters), and they couldn’t resist the Chicken Fingers.


Looking for more unique meals than what my family had? Look no further. Wild Boar Burger, or Duck Quesadilla, or Stuffed Avocado are a few of the more diverse items. There’s also an extensive craft beer list and unlimited Bloody Mary and Mimosas for $15/person.


Our meals were served so quickly, we didn’t have time to eat our appetizers first (this is a good thing!), but the Truffle and Parm fries with Truffle Garlic Aioli and Burrata were delicious. We had so many good tasting plates on our table at once we barely knew where to start. It seemed like before I knew it my kids were done with their meals!



Sausage Pizzetta, Burrata, and Breakfast Burrito. Where to start?


Our server Rahul was attentive and speedy with the drink refills and having our table cleared. He was knowledgeable about the menu (remember the offer of the kids meals? He earned his keep on that!) and made some great suggestions. My son has a peanut allergy, and we asked a couple questions and had no concern about cross contamination. Our meal was well paced, even with the restaurant seemingly at capacity on a busy Sunday afternoon. We felt welcomed and appreciated at Paragon Tap & Table!




What’s a special meal out without DESSERT? Rahul brought us a tray with 6 amazing offerings, but when he said gelato, my kids were sold. The adults chose the Dulce de Leche and the kids got a great chocolate gelato in a waffle bowl to share. A sweet ending to a satisfying meal.


I’m very glad we finally decided to try Paragon, despite my reservations about it being family friendly – it absolutely was! When it’s time to treat your family to a restaurant with a more diverse menu, but can still satisfy everyone, consider Paragon Tap & Table. I can recommend it for any meal, but why not rediscover brunch as a family? The kids portion option is great for families – and don’t forget to ask about the kids menu – just in case!


Paragon Tap & Table is located at 77 Central Avenue, Clark.  To learn more about Paragon Tap & Table visit their website here.


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In full disclosure, we were given a meal for 4 in order to make this review possible. We appreciate Paragon Tap & Table’s support of Jersey Family Fun and our efforts to tell New Jersey families about family friendly restaurants. As usual, all opinions are our own.

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