Oak Avenue Park – Ocean County Parks & Playgrounds

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Oak Avenue Park – Ocean County Parks & Playgrounds

Oak Avenue Park, or” Castle Park” as the locals affectionately call it, has something to offer everyone from young to old! The park has multiple playground areas, separated by age groups.  There are 3 sets of swings, over 6 different slides, a sway booth, rock walls, and games attached to the playground equipment. On hot days you can find the ice cream truck parked by the entrance.

The smaller playground equipment for children ages 2-5

The smaller playground equipment for children ages 2-5


3 Reasons my Family Loves Oak Avenue Park 


  • The Castles – Both of the playgrounds at Oak Avenue have castles which are perfect for hiding in, or simply playing in when pretending to be princesses, pirates or any other imaginary creature! The castles are surrounded by various bridges and ample slides.


  • The Sway fun booth- This booth sits at least 6-8 children at a time.  It is so much fun to have an adult bounce you up and down as you sway back and forth in this cool booth.


  • No Woodchips- I must say not having to pick woodchips out of my daughter’s hair, or worrying about other children throw them at her is such a relief. This park is exceptionally clean, and the grounds are all pour and play material, which is a soft rubbery material, that lessons the chance of any injuries should a child fall.
Rocking in the the sway booth

Rocking in the the sway booth

What Oak Avenue Park offers

  • Soccer and Baseball field
  • Baby swings, and 2 sest of older children swing sets
  • A covered picnic area with ample amounts of tables
  • Clean bathrooms
  • soft rubber surfacing
  • Sway booth(similar to a boat, rocking back and forth)
  • 2 separate play areas,with several slides and forts
  • rock walls
  • games
Bigger playground for children ages 5-10

Bigger playground for children ages 5-10

The Oak Ave Park  is located at Oak Avenue and North Bay Avenue in Toms River in Ocean County.The park opens at 8am and closes at dusk.


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In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post.


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