Noodles & Company: A Taste of Flavors From Around The World

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This post was sponsored by Noodles & Company who provided gift cards for my family to enjoy lunch.
It was arranged by BML Public Relations. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun that
allows us to share with families what restaurants we think their family may enjoy.Noodles & Company

A few days ago we visited Noodles & Company, as their guests, for a meal with them. We were immediately impressed with the layout, design and service at Noodles & Company. We were greeted with a smile and the cashier was extremely helpful. It was our first time and we weren’t quite sure what to order at first. Everything on the menu looks and sounds amazing but with young eaters who don’t enjoy certain flavors I wasn’t sure if we would be eating much more then mac & cheese. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that all menu options are customizable. The kids were still able to order what they wanted and exclude some of the ingredients that weren’t so appealing to them. This is a great perk for anyone who is a picky eater.

The menu at Noodles & Company goes far beyond typical pasta dishes. They blend flavors and ingredients from around the world. There is truly something for all tastes, and all ages at this restaurant.


Noodles & Company

I love the open feel in the restaurant. Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

Why Noodles & Company isn’t your typical fast food chain

  • You order your food at the counter and then your food is brought to your seat. Its a blend of a fast food and a sit down restaurant.
  • It’s not your typical cheeseburger and fries place, instead you can enjoy lavish pasta dishes, salads, soups, and sandwiches inspired by tastes around the world.
  • Noodles & Company offers the convenience of fast food with quality of a sit down restaurant. Whether you are on the go on a quick lunch break or you want to sit down for awhile and chat with your family, they can accommodate you.
  • Food and beverages are served on actual dinnerware instead of cardboard containers and paper wrappers. The servers bring your food to you with a smile on their face and hand you nicely rolled silverware instead of plastic forks and knives.
  • Meals start at just $4.70 for a high quality meal.
  • They offer free refills on their beverages.
  • They list calorie counts on the menu.
  • They have a small variety of Gluten Free menu items.
  • They have symbols on the menu that indicate if an item is spicy or vegetarian.
Noodles & Company

Our delicious Noodle Bowls Photo Credit Jersey Family Fun

The Noodles & Company Experience

  • Choose an Entree
    • Noodles & Pasta
    • 12 appetizing entrees to choose from
      • Wisconsin Mac & Cheese
      • Japanese Pan Noodles
      • Spaghetti & Meatballs
      • Whole Grain Tuscan Linguinie
      • Steak Stroganoff
      • Buttered Noodles
  • Pick your size
    • Regular or small, we went with the regular which was a nice size portion. I would recommend the small size for younger guests.
  • Add a Meat or a Tofu (additional Fee)
    • Naturally Raised Pork
    • Parmesan Crusted Chicken Breast
    • Chicken Breast
    • Marinated Steak
    • Shrimp
    • Oven Roasted Meatballs
    • Organic Tofu
  • Green it up / Soup it up ($1 additional fee adds a side salad or soup)
    • Side Salads
      • Tossed Greens
      • Caesar
      • Tomato Cucumber
    • Soup
      • Chicken Noodle
      • Thai Curry
      • Tomato Basil Bisque


What if I’m not in the mood for Noodles?

That is ok. Like I said earlier this is something for everyone.

  • Sandwiches (come with your choice of side salad or soup)
    • BBQ Pork
    • The Med
    • Wisconsin Cheesesteak
    • Spicy Chicken Caesar
  • Salads
    • Spinach & Fresh Fruit
    • Grilled Chicken Caesar
    • Chinese Chop Salad
    • The Med Salad
  • Appetizers
    • Potstickers
    • Lettuce wraps
    • Edamame
    • Garlic Bread
    • Rolls/Flatbread
  • Desserts
    • Cookies/Rice Krispy Treats


We had a fantastic time at Noodles & Company. So good in fact that even though its about an hour drive from our house, it will be a family favorite of ours and well worth the drive.


Want to learn more about Noodles & Company, visit their site.

We visited the Noodles & Company in East Brunswick, New Jersey. To find a Noodles & Company location near you click over to their site.


To see more Noodles & Company photos from our visit to be sure to check out our album on Facebook.


In full disclosure we were provided with a meal for five at Noodles & Company to make this review possible. As always all opinions are honest and our own and based on our experience eating at this family restaurant in Middlesex County, New Jersey.

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