Noodle Speedoodle ~ A Cooperative Play Game from Peaceable Kingdom

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We received the Noodle Speedoodle, at no charge, to review
from Peaceable Kingdom. We appreciate their support of Jersey Family Fun
which allows us to share information about toys we think families may enjoy.

Noodle Speedoodle

Noodle Speedoodle is our latest cooperative game from Peaceable Kingdom that we are reviewing in our Family Game Night series.


About Noodle Speedoodle

Noodle Speedoodle is one of Peaceable Kingdom’s award winning game for older children. In Noodle Speedoodle, one player draws with a noodle while everyone else must work together to guess what is being drawn. Families get 11 rounds to try and win 8 noodles. Noodle Speedoodle is for ages 8 and older and 3-6 players.


How to Play Noodle Speedoodle

  • Spin the spinner. There are 5 options that the spinner may land on. Where it lands will determine how you draw or chose your noodle picture.
    • Noodle Speedoodle ~ choose 1 noodle and use that in the drawing of your picture.
    • Draw a Noodle ~ Have another player draw a noodle that you must use in your picture.
    • Doodle 2 Noodles ~ Choose 2 noodles for using in your picture.
    • Other Hand Doodle ~ Draw the picture using your nondominant hand.
    • Kit & Kaboodle ~ Draw all 3 items on the card using the noodle.
  • The first play spins the spinner.  Once the player knows how they will need to draw the picture they take 1 or 2 noodles.
  • The player then selects a card and does not show it to the rest of the players. The card lists 3 different options. The player picks a picture to attempt to draw.
  • Start the 30 second timer.
  • The player attempts to draw the picture with the noodle as part of the picture.
  • If the family guesses the image before the time is up, the family wins the noodle. If the family doesn’t the noodle goes to the side, not to be used again.
  • Repeat these steps with different families drawing until your family wins 8 noodles or runs out of noodles.


Noodle Speedoodle Includes:

  • 1 dry erase doodle board (with marker)
  • 25 noodles
  • 100 cards
  • 1 30 second timer
  • 1 spinner
  • Instructions for game levels


What I love about Noodle Speedoodle

  • This is a cooperative game designed for older children. It challenges them in a way that most cooperative games don’t.
  • I love that even though the game is suggested for older children, my younger ones were able to play along in the guessing portion of the game.
  • It’s a good way to get kids thinking creatively and using their noodle.
  • There are minimal pieces to this game and the box gives compartments to easily contain everything.


You can purchase Peaceable Kingdom / NEW! Noodle Speedoodle Family Cooperative Game and other cooperative games on Peaceable Kingdom’s website, Amazon, or at your favorite specialty toy store for $24.99.


In full disclosure, we received Noodle Speedoodle to review from Peaceable Kingdom. This post includes Amazon affiliate links. Jersey Family Fun is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to

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