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Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford NJ (with Photos)

Step into the forests of Cranford and you’ll discover the Nomahegan Park Playground that seems to stretch into the trees. With multi-level metal towers and a rope bridge, it’s as if your kids can climb into the sky. This is definitely one of the taller playgrounds in New Jersey offering fun at every level.

Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford NJ - WIDE image - larger playground side view side with frog

10 Things to Know About Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford

As part of our challenge to write about 100 New Jersey playgrounds in 100 days we bring you the details about Nomahegan Park Playground, a playground in Cranford.

Where is Nomahegan Park Playground located?

Nomahegan Park is located at 1033 Springfield Avenue in Cranford in Union County, New Jersey. The park is part of the Union County park system.

Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford NJ - TALL image - smaller playground structure

What kind of playground equipment does Nomahegan Park have?

Melanie first reported on this playground in 2014. We revisited this playground on June 30, 2022 and I’m so glad we did. The playground equipment is all new. There are still two structures but both are new. At the time of our visit, a portion of the smaller structure was closed. We have learned from a reader who visited the playground on September 18, 2022 that both playgrounds are open. These pictures and details are based on our June 2022 visit.

The playgrounds do have swings, slides, and climbing features.

Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford NJ - TALL image - large playground structure front side

Are there swings?

There are two swing structures. On the one structure, there are 2 baby swings, 1 accessible swing, and 1 2-person/companion swing.

Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford NJ - Swings - baby swings, accessible swing, companion swing WIDE image

The second structure has 4 traditional swings.

Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford NJ - Swings - traditional swings WIDE

Are there slides?

The smaller structure has a side-by-side slide and an open twisting slide.

The larger structure has two tall tunnel slides that twist. It also has an open twisting slide that’s not as tall as the tunnel slides and a straight slide that descends from the lowest level.

What special features does the playground offer?

As if the multi-level towers weren’t enough there are additional features built into the playground to add to the fun. Special features include a robe bridge between the two towers, climbing rocks, spinners, stepping pods, sensory play areas, large animal sculptures that serve as a stepping stool, a viewfinder, and more.

What kind of ground cover does the playground have?

The ground cover is rubber padding in different colors.

Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford NJ - TALL image - large structure back end

Is the playground at Nomahegan Park accessible?

There is one accessible swing and some ground-level sensory play like this incredible musical instrument area. There are no ramps onto the playground equipment.

Nomahegan Park Playground in Cranford NJ - WIDE image - large structure side view with musical instruments

Is there shade available at the Nomahegan Park Playground? 

The playgrounds are surrounded by trees that provide a lot of shade to them. There are some benches around the playground that are also shady. Away from the playgrounds, the paths are shaded by trees and there are benches and gazebos on the paths.

Nomahegan Park in Cranford NJ - Extras - gazebo

Where is parking for Nomahegan Park? 

There is a large parking lot near the playground, but the lot can be crowded during the daytime with students from nearby Union County College.

Nomahegan Park in Cranford NJ - Parking Lot

Are there restrooms at Nomahegan Park?

There is a building, at the end of the parking lot, with indoor restrooms.

Nomahegan Park in Cranford NJ - Restroom building

What else is there to do at Nomahegan Park?

In addition to the playground at Nomahegan Park, there are additional amenities available for visitors.

Are there walking trails?

The park has 2 miles of smooth paths for easy riding or stroller pushing. During Melanie’s visit, they saw ducks, geese, chipmunks, squirrels, all different birds, and a deer!

Additionally, there is a fitness trail and some parts of the path are part of the East Coast Greenway.

Are there fields or courts for sports? 

There are open grassy areas, softball fields, and a soccer field.

Nomahegan Park in Cranford NJ - Extras - open grassy area with picnic tables

Bonus information we want you to know about Nomahegan Park  

The park is one of 36 Union County parks that encompass 6,200 acres. The woods at Nomahegan Park are great for exploring! There are always appearances by small animals.

Nomahegan Park in Cranford NJ - Extras - lake view from other angle

Fishing is permitted at the lake with permission. Signs at the park can provide more details.

Nomahegan Park in Cranford NJ - Extras - lake with bridge view

Who do I contact about having a birthday party or event at Nomahegan Park Playground?

We provide these details about this Cranford playground as a service to our readers and the park. However, Jersey Family Fun is not directly involved with this park. To reserve Nomahegan Park Playground for a birthday party or private event, please contact them directly by calling (908) 527-4900, emailing [email protected], or visiting their website.

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