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Over 100 New Jersey Zoom Backgrounds for Kids

Our kids are going back to school! That means that most of our kids are going to be spending a lot more time online. Whether your child is doing some or all of their lessons virtually, they will likely be meeting with their teachers via Zoom. Have you discovered Zoom backgrounds for kids?

Like many parents, I have been hesitant to participate in Zoom meetings unless I could make sure everything was clean behind me. Life with 3 boys and a dog gets pretty messy. Then, I discovered virtual Zoom backgrounds. With the magic of technology I could make the laundry and dirty dishes disappear and replace them with beautiful pictures of New Jersey. I first discovered some on the Visit New Jersey website, but then I realized I could create my own with pictures I’ve taken.

Now, as part of our Jersey Classroom, I’ve put those pictures to good use by creating wallpapers and Zoom backgrounds for kids. Below you’ll find Zoom backgrounds for Six Flags Great Adventure, Diggerland USA, Morey’s Piers, our state parks and more. We’ve also included images you can use for Zoom or as wallpapers that include dinosaurs, castles, and playgrounds.

There’s no charge for these Zoom backgrounds. Instead if you love what you see we’d love for you to show your support of Jersey Family Fun by sharing this list with a friend, paying what you wish to Jersey Family Fun through PayPal, or using our affiliate link the next time you shop on Amazon. Unless otherwise stated, we do own the copyright on all these images. If you see an image you’d like to purchase for a use besides Zoom or a computer wallpaper, please contact me at

To learn how to install a virtual background visit these Zoom directions.

Twitter size image of train at Saw Mill Park for zoom backgrounds for kids

Over 100 New Jersey Zoom Backgrounds for Kids

It was hard to know where to start when creating these Zoom backgrounds for kids, but we tried our best with a mix of images from New Jersey family attractions, zoos, theme parks, state parks, farms, and beaches. I’ll be creating more so if there’s something particular you or the kids would like to see, let me know in the comments below.

19 Field Station Dinosaurs Zoom Backgrounds for Kids who love dinosaurs

What kid doesn’t love dinosaurs? In New Jersey, we have a few different places to see dinosaurs. You can visit our list of places to see dinosaurs in New Jersey, but if your child loves dinosaurs you’re going to want to download these wallpapers and Zoom backgrounds for kids. They’re all from pictures I took at Field Station Dinosaurs, one of the best places to find life-size dinosaurs in New Jersey.

Field Station dinosaurs zoom background of baby dinosaur in a cage
Field Station Dinosaurs Zoom Background of a Apatosaurus
Field Station Dinosaurs Zoom Background of a Stegosaurus

2 Six Flags Great Adventure Zoom Backgrounds

Yes, we’ve been visiting Six Flags Great Adventure for years, you would think I would have more pictures. I do, I just have to locate all the ones that don’t have people in the background. LOL. For now, I have two to share. One is an arial view from the cable cars and the other is of the Green Lantern ride. Coming soon…. Zoom backgrounds for kids and you of different scenes from FrightFest and Holiday in the Park.

Six Flags Great Adventure Zoom background that's an arial image of the park particularly the Joker ride.

20 Diggerland Zoom Backgrounds for Kids who Love Trucks

Only in New Jersey can you find a construction theme park for kids and kids at heart. We’ve been visiting Diggerland USA since they first opened years ago in 2014. I know how much kids love construction trucks, that’s why I created these Zoom backgrounds for kids of construction trucks. The Diggerland Zoom backgrounds for kids also include fire trucks, camping at Diggerland and rides from Diggerland USA.\

Picture of the Diggerland Fire Truck for a zoom background for kids
Inside of Diggerland ride Elevation Station for zoom background
A picture of the Spindizzy ride at Diggerland serves as a great zoom background or computer wallpaper for kids.

6 Morey’s Piers Zoom Backgrounds

I’m still going the hundreds of pictures I have for Morey’s Piers and our visit to Wildwood a year or so ago. For now, I’ve put together Zoom backgrounds of the entrance and a few rides like the Seagull Cycles, Flying Galleons, Musik Express, Sea Serpent and the swings.

Morey's Piers Zoom Background of Musik Express ride
Morey's Piers Zoom Background of entrance to Morey's Piers

A few more Wildwood NJ Zoom Backgrounds we thought the kids would like.

Wildwood Zoom Background of the Tram Car

Liberty Science Center Zoom Backgrounds

What brings your kids the most joy at the Liberty Science Center? Is it climbing through the Infinity Climber, watching the planets in the planetarium, making art with the Pixel Art wall, or something else? Take a look at these Zoom backgrounds with these images of Earth, the planetarium screen, the Infinity Climber, the Starship Enterprise, and more.

Liberty Science Center Zoom Background of planetarium screen
Liberty Science Center Zoom Background of inside of Star Trek Enterprise
Liberty Science Center Zoom Background of inside Infinity Climber

Tuckerton Seaport Zoom Backgrounds

There’s so many beautiful fun pictures you can take at Tuckerton Seaport. Our latest round was for an article about Tuckerton Staycations, and we’re in most of those pictures. I know that won’t work for you Zoom meetings. While I’m digging through the files for some other images enjoy these from the top of the lighthouse and the Tuckerton-LBI Ferry.

Tuckerton Seaport Zoom Background on the LBI Tuckerton Ferry
Pretend you’re back on the Tuckerton-LBI Ferry with this as your virtual background.

Fantasy Island Amusement Park Zoom Backgrounds

Fantasy Island Amusement Park is the newest amusement park we’ve visited. I didn’t know it then, but all those pictures I took of the rides and arcade games would make for a great virtual background for your child’s next online meeting with their class.

Fantasy Island Amusement Park Ferris Wheel Zoom Background
Fantasy Island Amusement Park Zoom Background of Lighthouse Launch ride
3…2…1. Launch into a great class meeting.
Fantasy Island Amusement Park Skeeball Zoom Background

Garden State Discovery Museum Zoom Backgrounds

Coming soon.

Trailside Nature & Science Center

While going through my pictures, I was reminded of how much fun we had at the Trailside Nature and Science Center last summer. With indoor exhibits and outdoor play areas and trails there was so much to explore. I’ve taken a few of those images to make some more backgrounds I think kids will enjoy.

Trailside Nature and Science Center Zoom Background of colorful wheels
Trailside Nature and Science Center Zoom Background of hut

2 Kip’s Castle Zoom Backgrounds

Castles don’t just have to live in your kids’ imagination. Bring them to life on the screen with these castle Zoom backgrounds. These computer wallpapers and Zoom backgrounds are from our visit to Kip’s Castle in New Jersey.

Lucy the Elephant

No where else but New Jersey can you see a larger-than-life elephant. Margate may be home to Lucy the Elephant but your kids can visit her everyday with a Lucy the Elephant Zoom background.

Lucy the elephant zoom backgrounds for kids

6 New Jersey Beaches Zoom Backgrounds for Kids

So many fun memories are made on New Jersey beaches. Whether you have a young kid that likes to play in the sand or a teen that loves to surf the waves, these beach Zoom backgrounds will ‘shore’ be a hit.

A picture of the Atlantic City beach with a pier makes for a great background for Zoom meetings.
a picture of the rocks on Long Branch beach covered with some snow.

Waterpark Zoom Backgrounds from New Jersey Waterparks

Raging Waters Waterpark in Wildwood

Morey's Piers Raging Waters Waterpark Zoom Background of water play area

Hurricane Harbor Waterpark at Six Flags Great Adventure

Hurricane Harbors Waterpark Zoom Background of Calypso Springs pool

Mountain Creek Waterpark in Vernon Township

Mountain Creek Waterpark Zoom Background inside funnel waterslide
How cool would it be to have a Zoom class from the inside of a waterslide funnel?

Splash Zone Waterpark in Wildwood

Splash Zone Waterpark Zoom Background waterslides

Playground Zoom Backgrounds for Kids

We have some amazing playgrounds in New Jersey. I’m always saying “we stop for playgrounds.” We stop, take pictures, record live playground tours, and get all the details all in an effort to help you find fun playgrounds. I’ve taken our favorite pictures of the coolest New Jersey playgrounds and turned them into Zoom backgrounds for your kids. Take a look.

Scott E Merulla Playground Zoom Background
Liberty State Park Playground Zoom Background
Van Saun County Park Merry Go Round Zoom Background

Zoom Backgrounds with Trains

Our first set of Zoom backgrounds with trains comes from my Saw Mill Park photos.

Saw Mill Park Red Train Zoom background

New Jersey State Park Zoom Backgrounds

Cape May Point State Park

In addition to great trails Cape May Point State Park has a World War II Bunker and a beach. I’ve included images from all 4 areas in my 6 Cape May Point State Park Zoom backgrounds.

Cape May Point State Park Zoom Background of World War II Bunker
Cape May Point State Park Zoom Background with trail marker signs
For kids who like to hike this Zoom background could be fun.

Corson’s Inlet State Park

The Corson’s Inlet State Park also has a beach. The Zoom backgrounds from this state park include the beach, under the bridge, and a sand sculpture creation.

Corson's Inlet State Park beach sculpture zoom background

Parvin State Park

Coming soon.

A few more Zoom backgrounds your kids will like

Rows of Tulips Zoom Background
Zoom background of dog with glasses
Zoom background of underwater ocean with fish, turtle, stingray, and shark

I’m not done! I’ve been taking pictures of New Jersey for Jersey Family Fun for nearly 10 years. I’m sure there are more Zoom backgrounds I can create for you and your kids. Keep checking back here every few weeks to see what new New Jersey Zoom backgrounds we’ve added. If there’s a particular scene you want to see, let me know in the comments below.

Create your own Zoom backgrounds

These Zoom backgrounds were created with Canva software using my own photos (except for the last five). It’s so easy to use. They even have a Canva template. If you want to create your own Zoom backgrounds, screensavers, or desktop wallpapers check out Canva with my affiliate link.  

More resources for homeschooling and virtual learning in New Jersey

If you are new or have been homeschooling for years or are trying out virtual learning for the first time, we’re here to help. Click over to learn more about the Jersey Classroom, our way of providing free printables and educational worksheets for New Jersey students. Not in New Jersey? While these printables and worksheets are themed for kids in New Jersey they can be a great resource for any kids who like to have fun.

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