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Discover New Jersey Snowshoeing Trails that NEED to be Explored this Winter

When most people think of hiking, your first thought might be during warmer months with shorts and a tank top. However, you don’t need to pack away your hiking boots just yet because of a sudden drop in temperature! New Jersey is breathtaking in the winter months, and it’s one of the best times to hit some of the New Jersey snowshoeing trails.

Snowshoeing at Purity Spring Resort
I absolutely love snowshoeing.

I got to tell you, I love snowshoeing. I may even love it more than hiking. I first discovered snowshoeing during our trip to Purity Spring Resort and later at Smuggler’s Notch. Now whenever the boys are skiing, you’ll find me snowshoeing.

There’s something to be said for snowshoeing in the winter. The grounds are beautiful. The trails are pretty empty. You work up a sweat but never tend to notice it because of the chill in the air. It’s one of the best ways to exercise in the winter and you can have the forest all to yourself or snowshoe with the kids or friends.

I haven’t snowshoed in New Jersey yet because I didn’t realize until last spring that there are New Jersey snowshoeing trails across the state. I am so thrilled that there are and that I don’t need to travel out of state to get in a snowshoeing hike. I can not wait.

This winter, try something new or if you’ve tried snowshoeing elsewhere, try it in New Jersey.

“There’s just something beautiful about walking on snow that nobody else has walked on. It makes you believe you’re special.”

– Carol Rifka Brunt

Put on those layers. Pack a good snack. And get your family out there for some winter snowshoeing! Here are a few of my favorite snowshoeing trails in New Jersey that need to be explored this winter.

Jersey family fun guide to snowshoeing in New Jersey

Where to buy or rent snowshoes

First things first, you need snowshoes. Snowshoes are these metal shoes that have sharp claws that face the ground. They strap over your normal shoes. You can strap them over winter snow boots, but I find they work best strapped over my winter hiking boots.

The first time you wear snowshoes they may feel a little awkward. You may not be sure you have them on the right feet. Some showshoes will be labeled on the bottom. The buckle of the ankle strap should be on the outside of your foot. If you’re not sure, always ask one of the staff members or park rangers. They can help you get situated before you start. I’m embedding a quick video for you below as well.

Some New Jersey park systems do rent snowshoes, but they don’t tend to have a large supply. It’s usually first come first serve. With COVID still around it’s also possible, once a pair has been rented for the day it may not be able to be rented again till the following day.

You’re much better off being prepared by bringing your own snowshoes. Now, as much as I love snowshoeing, buying my own snowshoes was not easy at all. I thought snowshoes would be something most ski stores or sports stores would carry. Turns out it’s not.

I did what all of us do when we can’t find something locally. I turned to Amazon. Then, I put it on my Christmas wish list and found them under the tree Christmas morning.

Jennifer's snowshoes by carryown
These are my snowshoes. They’ll be with me every ski trip and every chance there is to walk out in the snow.

Here’s a few that Amazon currently has in stock. I’m sharing my affiliate links to make your shopping easier. We participate in affiliate programs that allow us to earn a commission when you make a purchase using our links.

Don’t wait to buy them though. Many brands do not carry a large inventory and you want to have them BEFORE the snow gets here. Also make sure to buy a set that includes the poles and a carrying bag. Snowshoes have sharp edges and it’s much safer to carry them in their own bag versus not having them in a bag at all.

Discover 5 New Jersey Snowshoeing Trails that NEED to be Explored this Winter

Allamuchy Mountain State Park

Located in Warren County

Allamuchy Mountain has several different marked hiking trails, including a section that adjoins Stephens State Park. This section of the Highlands trail is a beautiful hike, and it is excellent if you want to do any winter camping or stop for a quick picnic on your hike.

This park is more undeveloped and has more fishing and hunting than Stephens State Park, but the quiet atmosphere is why this makes a great choice! There are about 14 miles of marked trails, making this a great place to snowshoe in New Jersey.

a woman snowshoes through the forest

Lamont Reserve

Located in Bergen County

Covered in over 130 acres of woods and adjacent to Palisades State Park, Lamon Reserve is a beautiful place for a snowshoe adventure this winter. You’ll find cisterns, stone walls, and wells from old logging sites as you travel around this historic area, which used to be home to a community of freed black slaves back in the early 19th and 20th centuries.

There are 4.5 miles of New Jersey snowshoeing trails, so you’ll be all set for a full day of snowshoeing here in Northern New Jersey.

a picture of snowshoes with text that says try snowshoeing in New Jersey with kids

Pyramid Mountain Natural Historic Area

Located in Morris County

Pyramid Mountain has such unusual sites, which is why it’s one of my top picks for snowshoeing this winter. You’ll find lots of scenic overlooks, wetlands, and waterfalls, as well as glacial erratics and rock outcrops.

Two of the best glacial erratics in the area are Bear Rock and Tripod Rock. Bear Rock is one of the largest in the state and worth the trek just for that.

a pair of olive green snowshoes stuck in the snow

Ramapo Mountain State Forest

Located in Bergen County

Ramapo Mountain State Park is perfect for those looking for more challenging New Jersey snowshoe trails close to The Big Apple. This forest has nine different trails that range from one mile to ten. They are rated difficult by the New Jersey State Parks and Forest Service of New Jersey, so this is for serious snowshoers only!

The terrain here can be a big rugged, and you’ll go from 200 to 1,000 feet up on some of these trails. However, some of them offer a beautiful view of the New York City skyline that is well worth the trek.

Take a hike! Snowshoeing trails in New Jersey

Round Valley Recreation Area

Located in Hunterdon County

Created in the 1960s, the Round Valley Reservoir is the deepest water in New Jersey at just 180 feet. Surrounding this reservoir is an excellent three-mile-long and two-mile-wide reservoir with hiking trails and wilderness campsites.

There are over 3,000 acres in this park, and it’s a great view of the reservoir no matter which hiking trail you choose! There are three total marked trails that equal about 12 miles.

The Pine Tree Trail is at the top of my list to check out because it’s not a multi-use trail, so it’s only for hikers. If you’re up for more of a challenge, consider taking the Cushetunk Trail about 8.3 miles and encircle the reservoir!

There are so many great hiking trails in New Jersey that were made for the winter months! Make sure to put one of these or all of these trails on your bucket list this winter for a fun new winter activity.

a girl snowshoes on a trail in New Jersey
snowshoeing trails in New Jersey

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Jaime antifonario

Thursday 7th of January 2021

Hi!!! I’m dying to try snow shoring this winter. I’ve never been though so would like to go to a place where someone guides you so I’m Not off by myself somewhere. Does this exist at any of these places??

Thank you!! Really want to do it this year!!

Jennifer Auer

Thursday 7th of January 2021

It might. I would suggest checking with the county park systems we listed. They may have guided snowshoe hikes. Additionally, most snowshoeing trails are marked with trail markers on the trees or poles out of the ground that are still visible even with snow. - Jenn

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