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Where to Get Face Masks in New Jersey.

Whether you agree with it or not, face masks are required in New Jersey.

Governor Phil Murphy today (July 8, 2020) signed an executive order that requires face coverings be worn outdoors at all times where social distancing is not possible. You can learn more at the State of New Jersey website.

New Jersey’s current rate of transmission now sits at 1.48, the highest that it has been since April.

Dinosaur kid masks from Kidcover
Get your kids a mask designed by kids. Photo credit Kidcover

NJ Executive Order requires face masks in New Jersey.

Here’s what Governor Murphy said about requiring masks.

In the absence of a national mask strategy, I’m signing an EO today requiring face coverings in public outdoor spaces when social distancing isn’t possible, so we can continue on the road back from this pandemic.

Governor Phil Murphy

Exceptions to the NJ mask rules

Exceptions to the mandate include

  • When eating at an outdoor dining establishment
  • Individuals whose health would be compromised by wearing a mask
  • Children under 2 years old.

Do you need a new face mask? Do you need face masks for kids?

The reality is that if you or your children have not had to leave your home or be in a situation where there were not others you probably have not needed a face mask. But it’s getting harder and harder to avoid people.

More locations in New Jersey are opening up. Our kids are getting bored or we’re getting tired of them being on screens. We want to get out and the places we want to go will potentially have crowds. Then, there’s the whole schools will reopen in September thing.

If you haven’t needed to buy masks or you only have one mask, now’s the time to consider buying masks.

I had one mask my husband broke down and bought me. It was ugly, dark, and kind of a scary mask, I use it for situations where I will probably run into a lot of people: grocery stores, post office, doctors offices. I have neck gaiters I use when hiking.

Knowing schools will be back in session and I will likely be back to substitute teaching, my boys and I need new face masks. I want some fun designs that will make it a little easier for my boys and I to get used to the idea of wearing masks.

Smiley face mask for kids from Funtastic Life
Photo credit Funtastic Life

It’s not enough to rely on Amazon for ordering face masks. Many suppliers who sell through Amazon have not been able to keep up with demand. Even with Amazon Prime ordering today doesn’t mean you’ll see your mask order before school starts. Knowing that I’ve had to look for new places to order face masks. I’m sharing what I’ve found so that you to can easily find and buy masks for kids and yourself.

Quick Disclaimer

Many of these vendors offer homemade mask that are not medical-grade face mask regulated by the FDA, such as the N95 respirator. They are not meant to replace medical-grade PPE. Homemade cloth face masks have been recommended for use by the general public by the CDC. These may assist with blocking splashes and large-particle droplets, and may also block coughing or sneezing outward. Homemade face masks do not provide complete protection from germs and other contaminants. If you have any concerns please contact the vendors directly.

New Jersey face mask makers

Support a local small business when you order from New Jersey mask makers.

Cotton Candy Skies Shop

Making fitted face masks for kids and adults and made in Denville, New Jersey.

  • Order through their Etsy shop. 5 Star Rated.
  • Masks available in designs like Spiderman, princesses, kittens, and llamas.
  • Use code FBFRIENDS for a discount.

Thats Sew Rad Designs

Rad face mask designs made in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey.

  • Order through her Etsy shop. 5 Star Rated.
  • Masks available in fabric designs with American Sign Language, sunflowers, daisies, sunglasses, Breast Cancer awareness, animal prints, chocolates, and more.

T Bird Sewing Nest

Clear face masks for deaf, hard of hearing, speech therapist, language teacher made in Marmora, New Jersey.

These clear mouth face masks have soft elastic ties for tying around your ears or bun. 100% cotton fabric. With a clear plastic center for the ability to read lips while staying protected. This mask is a great option for those who are deaf, hard of hearing and hearing impaired to communicate effectively.

  • Order through her Etsy shop. 5 Star Rated.
  • The clear mask is available in ice cream cones and popsicles designed fabric.
  • Traditional masks are also available.

These face mask makers ship to New Jersey

These vendors make and design masks that can be shipped to you in New Jersey or elsewhere.

Roni the Travel Guru

An excellent seamstress with beautiful face masks.

Roni’s cute face masks are made of 100% cotton and lined to provide extra comfort. They have a pocket on the inside so you can add a filter if you so choose. Since wearing masks is mandatory in New Jersey (when you can’t social distance), it’s best to have one to wear and at least one to wash.

beautiful face masks from Roni the Travel Guru
Photo Credit Roni the Travel Guru

Roni is now offering personalized masks for kids! The children in your life will be happy to sport a mask that has their name on it, especially when their name is in a fun font.

  • Order through her website.
  • Multiple prints and fabric designs available.
  • Has kids masks available
  • Each mask is handmade and takes at least 5-10 business days to get your order to you.


Face masks designed by kids for kids.

Emma’s business was an idea that started as a mini-project for a Young Entrepreneur class she took last year in 5th grade. Each student had to think of a product to sell, create a prototype, name their business, design a logo, and draft a business plan. Emma chose face covers for kids, because she had already started to learn to make them from her mom and grandma. Through the help of her parents and grandma, Emma turned her class project into a real business.

  • Order through their Etsy shop. 5 star rating.
  • Over 50 fabric kid-friendly designs and prints for their kids face masks.
  • Each mask is handmade/kidmade by Emma.
  • Kids masks are available in 3 sizes.
Bees face masks for kids from KidCover
Photo Credit: KidCover

Funtastic Life

  • Order through Leanette’s website.
  • Free shipping on orders of $25 or more.
  • Custom designed and personalized face masks available.
  • Happy Birthday masks also available.
Custom masks are available from Funtastic Life
Photo credit Funtastic Life

Surf and Sunshine

  • Order masks through her website.
  • Multiple designs available: popular characters, science fiction, super heroes, sports and college teams, animals, prints, and solids.
  • Custom masks are also available.
  • Masks have 2 breathable 100% cotton layers
  • Non-woven sewn in filter layer never needs replacing.
  • Adjustable soft elastic ear loops with FREE ear saver included.
  • LATEX-FREE elastic available or you can also opt for head ties instead.

The Thriftanista Closet

  • Order through her website.
  • Homemade cloth face mask made with 3 layers of fabric.
  • Outer layers are batik and ankara print fabrics from Africa. Many designs available.
  • Interior fabric is flannel.
  • Masks are secured with elastic that goes behind the head and nape of neck.
The Thriftanista Closet batik and ankara print fabric face masks


  • Order through her Etsy shop. 5 star rating.
  • Reusable fabric face masks with filter pocket.
  • Face masks available in various designs: superheroes, rainbow, prints, Black Lives Matter, Happy Birthday, and more.


What’s your sign?

  • Order through their Etsy shop.
  • Represent your sign with adorable and comfortable lightweight cloth face coverings.
  • The outside is high thread count cotton fabrics.
  • The inside is soft cotton/spandex blend cotton knit.
  • All zodiac signs available for face masks.
  • Items are hand pieced and no two are exactly alike as a result.
  • Allow up to five days for production turn around.

Haiti Projects

Masks that make a difference. Buy a Mask, Give a Mask

Haiti Projects mask production is currently keeping Haitian artisans employed and ensuring that the most vulnerable and poorest communities in rural Haiti are safe from COVID-19.

  • Order through their website.
  • Masks are made of canvas and cotton with a pocket for an additional filter and produced under strict quality control methods to avoid contamination. 
  • A $10 Purchase= 1 Mask to a Local Haitian + Income to a Woman Artisan


  • Order through their Etsy shop. 5 Star rating.
  • Kids masks and adult masks are available.
  • Over 15 designs available: animals, flowers, prints, and others.
sloth face mask from Sewfullee
Photo credit Sewfullee

My Cornacopia

  • Order through their website.
  • Seven available designs: Star Wars, US States, Paris, and more.
  • Masks are handmade in the USA.
  • Masks take up to 5 days to send out for delivery. 

More Sources to buy Kids Masks

Amazon’s selection of Kids Masks

Kids Fabrics for Kids Masks

On Amazon, using our affiliate links, you can buy kids fabric by the yard in any of these designs.

Paw Patrol Fabrics

Disney Frozen fabrics

Construction truck fabric

Minnie Mouse Bows Minnie’s Best Bow Disney Fabric

Train print fabric

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Fabric

Camouflage Pattern Fabric

Airplanes Pattern Fabric

Dora the Explorer Fabric

Doc McStuffins Fabric

Clear Face Coverings

One of the concerns parents and kids have had regarding masks and face coverings is how well will students and parents be able to understand each other. A layer of cloth can make that difficult. It may muffle the sound and the fabric prevents us from being able to read each other’s lips. Switlik has a solution.

Switlik clear face coverings

Switlik has developed adjustable clear face coverings or shields that can be worn with our without masks. They sent us a few to test out. The intent of the face shield is to have it be re-usable as all the components can be taken apart and cleaned. They offer kid sizes and adult sizes. Their face coverings are made in New Jersey.

Switlik clear face masks

The Switlik face shield wrap-around design protects mask and face from liquid particles by extending above the forehead, below the chin, and around the sides of the faces. The padded velcro headband fits loose but secure around the head keeping it comfortable to wear for hours at a time. Order through their website.

Switlik clear face shields made in New Jersey

With masks or protective face shields, you’re ready to head out for some Jersey Fun. Take a look at these blog posts for some ideas.

Jersey Classroom Logo- Transparent
For NJ parents homeschooling and doing virtual learning this fall, the Jersey Classroom can help with fun New Jersey educational worksheets and more. Click to learn more.

Need more ideas for safe activities for kids in New Jersey?

Take a look at these articles on safe things to do in New Jersey with kids.

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