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New Jersey Planetariums And Observatories to SEE Stars, Planets, Constellations and More

Our list of New Jersey Planetariums and Observatories was first published in 2015 and is checked for updates often and updated as needed. if you know of a planetarium NJ that should be added to this list please comment below.

When the leaves start to fall and the air becomes a bit crisper, my family and I prefer to find indoor events to attend. There is no better way to combine science and fun than by gazing at a sky full of stars. Whether it be a laser-filled light show at a planetarium or a taking a closer look through a telescope at an observatory, New Jersey has some awesome places where families can explore space and the great beyond! If you have ever wondered if there is a planetarium near you, we’re happy to share there are planetariums in every region of New Jersey. So go ahead, bring a little bit of the outside in, and head to your nearest planetarium or observatory!

New Jersey State Museum New Jersey Planetariums in New Jersey

NJ State Museum Planetarium

See the stars in New Jersey, New Jersey Planetariums and Observatories

New Jersey Planetariums and Observatories in North Jersey, South Jersey, and Central Jersey

New Jersey Planetariums in North Jersey

Where can I see a planetarium show in North Jersey?

When we talk about planetariums and observatories in Northern New Jersey we’re talking about those in Bergen County, Essex County, Hudson County, Morris County, Somerset County, Union County and Warren County. You can see planetarium shows in Lyndhurst, Newark, Jersey City, North Branch, Cranford, and Hope.

New Jersey Planetariums in Bergen County

William D McDowell Observatory in Lyndhurst

(Viewing sessions depend on the weather – please check website before attending)

  • This Lyndhurst planetarium is located at Meadowlands Environment Center, 2 Dekorte Park Plaza, Lyndhurst.
  • The phone number for the William D McDowell Observatory is 201-460-1700.
  • Weather permitting, the Observatory is open to the public every Wednesday from 7:00 PM until 10:00 PM.
  • 20-inch research grade telescope
  • For more information including a schedule of planets and other viewable images click here.

New Jersey Planetariums in Essex County

Dreyfuss Planetarium in Newark

  • This Newark planetarium is located at the Newark Museum of Art, 49 Washington Street, Newark.
  • The Newark planetarium was New Jersey’s first planetarium.
  • The phone number for the Dreyfuss planetarium is 973-596-6529.
  • Interactive theater and planetarium
  • Tickets available at the ticket office FIRST THING when the museum opens.
  • Dreyfuss Planetarium ticket prices start at $4 for children and $6 for adults. Members receive a reduced price.
  • Ages 4 and up recommended.
  • For more information click here.

New Jersey Planetariums in Hudson County

Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium in Jersey City

  • This Jersey City planetarium is located at the Liberty Science Center, 222 Jersey City Blvd, Jersey City.
  • The Liberty Science Center Planetarium, named the Jennifer Chalsty Planetarium, is the largest in the Western Hemisphere.
    • The planetarium dome has a diameter of 27 meters from one end to the other – about 1.5 times the length of a bowling alley lane.
    • From the bottom of the theater to the highest part of the dome screen is 60 feet.
  • The Liberty Science Center Planetarium is the most technologically advanced planetarium in our region.
    • The 10 projector system features a resolution of 88 million pixels – that’s 25 times the resolution of an HDTV and over 6 times the resolution of the new 4K television and movie screens.
  • Click over to read more about the Liberty Science Center planetarium.
  • The phone number for the Jennifer Chalsty planetarium is 201-200-1000.
  • Admission is in addition to your paid admission to the Liberty Science Center.

The NEW Liberty Science Center Planetarium _ The Region's Largest & Most Advanced Planetarium (1)

New Jersey Planetariums in Morris County

Longo Planetarium in Randolph – CURRENTLY CLOSED AS OF FEBRUARY 2020

  • This Randolph planetarium is located at Morris County College, Cohen Hall Building B, 214 Center Grove Road, Randolph.
  • The phone number for the Longo planetarium is 973-328-5076.
  • Digital theater and planetarium
  • Astronomer on hand to answer questions and give tours.
  • Shows open to the public once a month.
  • Ticket price for the Longo Planetarium is $10. Only cash and check are accepted.
  • For more information click here.

New Jersey Planetariums in Somerset County

Raritan Valley Community College Planetarium in North Branch

  • This North Branch planetarium is located at Route 28 & Lamington Road
  • The phone number for the Raritan Valley Community College Planetarium is 908-231-8805.
  • 3M Observatory and planetarium.
  • Public shows offered for all ages at various times throughout each month-please see website.
  • Observatory open evenings during public show hours-please see website.
  • Special sensory-friendly shows for families with autistic or developmentally disabled children.
  • Ticket prices at the RVCC planetarium are $10 per ticket.
  • For more information click here.

New Jersey Planetariums in Union County

Sperry Observatory in Cranford

  • This Cranford planetarium is located at Union County College, 1033 Springfield Avenue, Cranford.
  • The phone number for the Sperry Observatory is 908-276-STAR.
  • 24-inch reflector telescope
  • Open to the public every Friday- 7:30-10:30 pm (weather permitting-please check website ).
  • Informal presentations every Friday night at 8:30 pm.
  • For more information click here.

New Jersey Planetariums in Warren County

Jenny Jump State Forest Observatory in Hope

  • This Hope planetarium is located at 330 State Park Road, Hope.
  • UACNJ provides free public programs at our Observatory in Jenny Jump State Forest from April through October on Saturday evenings. An astronomy presentation begins at 8 PM in the lecture hall regardless of the weather and is followed by stargazing on the observatory’s telescopes until 10:30 PM, weather permitting.
  • For a schedule of lectures click here.

New Jersey Planetariums in Central Jersey

Where can I see a planetarium show in Central Jersey?

The observatories and planetariums listed below in Central New Jersey are located in Hunterdon County, Mercer County, and Middlesex County. You can see planetarium shows in Glen Gardner, Titusville, Piscataway, and Trenton. There are observatories in all those locations and in Princeton, New Jersey.

New Jersey Planetariums in Hunterdon County

Paul H. Robinson Observatory in Glen Gardner

(viewing sessions depend on the weather – please check website before attending)

  • This Glen Gardner planetarium is located at Buzz Aldrin Astronomical Center, Voorhees State Park, 251 County Rd 513, Glen Gardner.
  • The phone number for the Paul H. Robinson Observatory is 908-638-8500.
  • Daytime solar viewing, nighttime sky viewing and tours.
  • CLOSED December-February
  • March-May public viewing events posted on website.
  • June-Late October public viewing Saturday evenings and Sunday afternoons.
  • Use of 26 inch telescope during nighttime viewing sessions.
  • For more information please click here.

New Jersey Planetariums in Mercer County

John W. H. Simpson Observatory in Titusville

(viewing sessions depend on the weather -please check website before attending )

  • This Titusville planetarium is located at Washington Crossing State Park, Bear Tavern Road entrance, Titusville.
  • The phone number for the John W. H. Simpson planetarium is 609-737-2575.
  • Slide roof observatory
  • 6.25″ vintage Hastings-Byrne achromatic refractor
  • Open to the public Friday evenings, from April through the end of October, from sunset until 11 pm.
  • This state-of-the-art astronomical observatory located near Pennington is currently CLOSED due to COVID-19.
  • For up to the minute news and updates check the observatory website.

Peyton Observatory in Princeton

  • This Princeton observatory is located at Peyton Hall, on Ivy Lane, Princeton, on the Princeton University Campus.
  • The observatory houses a 12 inch Schmidt-Cassegrain made by Meade, and is used for teaching and public outreach.
  • The department of Astrophysical Sciences at Princeton University holds monthly informal open houses for the purpose of observing the night sky. Open houses will *usually* be on the second or third Wednesday (sometimes Tuesday) of each month (in the event of cloudy skies, bumped *usually* to a week later), at 8:00 PM (9:00 PM when daylight saving time is effective, 9:30 in May)
  • Weather permitting there is usually a look at planets, nebulae, open clusters, globular clusters, and galaxies through a 12″ Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope.
  • Check the website for status updates for this Princeton planetarium.

New Jersey State Museum Planetarium in Trenton

  • This Trenton planetarium is located at 205 West State Street, Trenton.
  • The phone number for the New Jersey State planetarium is 609-292-6464.
  • The New Jersey State Museum planetarium features a projection of over 6000 stars.
  • Domevideo allows visitors to feel the sensations of zooming through space.
  • Open to the public weekends during the school year.
  • General Admission for the state museum planetarium is $7 adult; $5 child (twelve & under).
  • For more information click here.

New Jersey Planetariums in Middlesex County

Robert A. Schommer Observatory in Piscataway

  • This Rutgers planetarium is located at Serin Physics Lab, 136 Frelinghuysen & Allison Road, Busch Campus of Rutgers University, Piscataway.
  • The phone number for the Robert A. Schommer planetarium is 848-445-8973.
  • 20-inch optical telescope available for public viewing.
  • Open to the public on the second, third, and fourth Thursday of every month weather permitting.
  • For more information about the Rutgers planetarium in Piscataway click here.
  • Status September 24, 2020, in order to slow the spreading of the coronavirus, we will not be open.

New Jersey Planetariums in South Jersey

Where can I see a planetarium show in South Jersey?

These South Jersey planetariums and observatories are located in Gloucester County and Ocean County. You can see planetarium shows in Glassboro and Toms River.

New Jersey Planetariums in Atlantic County

Harold E. Taylor Observatory

  • This Galloway observatory is located at 36 Pomona Road, Galloway.
  • The phone number for the Harold E. Taylor Observatory is 609-652-4546.
  • The observatory offers twice monthly viewings, open to the public. Reservations are requested.
  • For more information visit their website. As of 9/24/2020, they are not open to the public.

New Jersey Planetariums in Gloucester County

Fredric and Jean Edelman Planetarium in Glassboro

  • This Glassboro planetarium is located at Edelman Planetarium is located directly inside Science Hall at Rowan University, 201 Mullica Hill Road, Glassboro.
  • The phone number for the Fredric and Jean planetarium is 856-256-4389.
  • The ticket booth opens 30 minutes prior to the show. Shows are offered Friday, Saturday and Sundays.
  • Most public shows are not recommended for children younger than 5 or 6. The ideal minimum age is 8 or 10 for these local planetarium shows.
  • Tickets are $5 adults, $3 children.
  • For more information click here.

edelman planetarium New Jersey Planetarium in South Jersey

New Jersey Planetariums in Ocean County

Robert J. Novins Planetarium in Toms River

  • This Toms River planetarium is located at Ocean County College (Building #13-park in lot #2), 1 College Drive, Toms River.
  • The phone number for the Robert J. Novins planetarium is 732-255-0343.
  • Full dome, laser shows, sky views
  • Shows open to public on weekends, please check website for current schedule.
  • Tickets needed for all shows 30 minutes before the show, or via website.

New Jersey Planetariums & Observatories in South Jersey, North Jersey and Central Jerseu

Click over for more fun things to do in New Jersey.

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Se Dewes

Sunday 10th of November 2019

Is there any place in Burlinton country that is hosting a viewing opportunity for the Mercury transit, November 2019?

Jennifer A.

Sunday 10th of November 2019

Not that I am aware of. I would recommend contacting the planetariums directly. - Jenn


Tuesday 20th of October 2015

Thanks for getting the word out about our observatory. Open viewing is free and families do enjoy coming here.

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