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Thrilling New Jersey Halloween Lights Displays

A new trend has taken hold in New Jersey and since it only appears to be growing, now’s the time to tell you about New Jersey Halloween lights displays.

If you love Christmas lights, you’ll love NJ Halloween light displays!

Ultimate guide to New Jersey Halloween Lights

New Jersey Halloween Lights

We first became aware of these Halloween lights and light shows last year in The Lights & Sights of South Jersey Facebook Group. It’s inspired us to do some digging and see just how widespread this new Halloween activity has become.

This is our listing of Halloween Lights in New Jersey, listed by county and municipality, with the details we know and links to more information when possible.

Please know that we will continue to update this. This is our first attempt to put a complete listing together. Bookmark this site and check in with us often. If you know of Halloween displays and lights that you feel should be listed please comment below with all the details.

Scary or Silly? Walk Through or Drive By?

Not all of the Halloween lights in New Jersey are scary some are silly or a little of both. Some NJ Halloween displays will allow you to park and walk through and others are meant to be drive by. Please read our descriptions we’ll try to give you as much detail as possible. We also encourage you to visit the pages we link to for additional details as sometimes things to change.

Please approach each Halloween lights display with caution. Keep in mind cars will be traveling slowly to check it out and children and their grown ups may be walking around it to get a closer look.

Where can I find haunted houses in New Jersey?

While some of these Halloween light displays may have a haunted element to them you really need to visit our Insane New Jersey Haunted Houses & Halloween Displays We Dare You to See to find the best haunted houses in New Jersey.

Pictures and videos

We don’t have pictures of all the NJ Halloween displays we’ve listed. The pictures below are ones that are either public or we were given permission to use and we have credited the source. Other pictures and videos are those that we have taken ourselves. Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like permission to use any of the images we have taken.

For those attractions where no photo is listed we encourage you to visit the Lights & Sights of South Jersey Facebook Group there are pictures and videos posted there for most of the South Jersey displays.

Do I need money for these NJ Halloween lights?

Most of the attractions we have listed don’t charge any admission fee, but they do collect donations. If you can, stop and get some cash before heading out. Donations are always appreciated and go towards some great local causes.

Since so much of our listing includes residential properties this listing is subject to change. Please recognize that some homeowners may choose to alter their display, hours, and other particulars. We do not have any control over that.

NJ Halloween lights and displays are also weather permitting. Sometimes conditions are too rainy or windy to allow for displays to be up. Please understand when weather conditions prevent a display from being lit, inflated, or otherwise available.

Halloween Lights in North Jersey

This guide to Halloween Lights in New Jersey is a work in progress. We are working to locate North Jersey Halloween lights and will update this guide as we become aware of them. If you have any to suggest please comment below or send an email to [email protected].

Bergen County Halloween Lights

Halloween Light Display in Waldwick, NJ

At 23 Frederick Street in Waldwick is a house that decorates for every holiday! A reader tells us it’s family friendly with many blow-ups, displays, and decorations lit up every day and night.

There are about 6 Garden scale trains and trolleys that run on the tracks through villages of houses and stop at train and trolley stations! The decorations on the trains change every week. Holiday music will be playing.

These North Jersey Halloween lights are open Fridays 4 -7 pm and Saturdays to Sundays 12 – 7 pm, weather permitting. There are many photo ops there as well.

Bergen County Halloween Lights in Waldwick NJ
Photo credit Jersey Family Fun Reader

Essex County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Bloomfield

  • Haunted Cornfield with plenty of jump scares. Located on the front yard at Morse Avenue in Bloomfield. Submitted by Dossantos A. Nelson.
Haunted Cornfield in Bloomfield NJ Photo credit Dossantos A. Nelson
Haunted Cornfield in Bloomfield Photo credit Dossantos A. Nelson

Hudson County Halloween Lights

Morris County Halloween Lights

Passaic County Halloween Lights

Sussex County Halloween Lights

Martorana Christmas House in Augusta, NJ

The Martorana Christmas House isn’t only for Christmas! Head to 44 Augusta Hill Rd in Frankford for some Halloween festive decor. Their 155+ inflatables will be open daily in October unless it’s windy or bad weather. Changes to the schedule are posted on their Facebook page regularly. No fee to view. View the complete schedule here

More Sussex County Halloween Lights

  • At the end/cul-de-sac of Pegasus Trail in Sparta Township, New Jersey off of 94.
  • Oak Hill Dr in Sussex, New Jersey

Union County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Roselle Park, NJ

  • 625 Beechwood Avenue, Roselle Park, New Jersey. A not-too-scary display of Halloween lights, skeletons, and spiders. There is one talking witch.

Halloween on Dakota in Westfield NJ

Check out Halloween on Dakota at 1779 Dakota Street in Westfield. Danielle says, “we are new to the area. It’s only our 3rd Halloween.” Their Halloween lights and decor include a 25 foot pirate ship with cannons that “fire” thunder and lightning. There is a whole pirate display on the other side of the yard.

Halloween on Dakota in Westfield NJ Photo Credit Danielle Lobato
Halloween on Dakota in Westfield NJ Photo Credit Danielle Lobato

Warren County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Central Jersey

This guide to Halloween Lights in New Jersey is a work in progress. We are working to locate Central Jersey Halloween lights and will update this guide as we become aware of them. If you have any to suggest please comment below or send an email to [email protected].

Hunterdon County Halloween Lights

Mercer County Halloween Lights

Middlesex County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Colonia, NJ

  • 121 Jordan Road, Colonia, New Jersey. Skeletons, the Grim Reaper, witches, and other creatures emerging from tombstones in a creepy graveyard.

Monmouth County Halloween Lights

Gress House Holiday Light Spectacular in Union Beach, NJ

The Gress House Holiday Light Spectacular is a residence with a Halloween display at 14 Johnson Ave (off Broadway) in Union Beach. Their Halloween lights and decorations are family-friendly. They accept donations every year to help the Children’s Miracle Network. As of October 1, 2022 it did not appear they were ready for visitors. You can learn more on their Facebook page and see what new elements they will have for this year.

Asbury Park Halloween House

Located at 1107 Ridge Avenue in Asbury Park, this house is lighting up the block with Halloween lights and smiles. The lights are on daily from 7 pm till 2:30 am.

This Central Jersey Halloween lights display has 5500 lights, ghosts, pumpkins, spotlights, a Reaper Gondola, a lit-up spider web, a few inflatables, a 10-foot werewolf. and 4 Halloween projectors!

Follow the Facebook group for updates and additional details.

Asbury Park NJ Halloween Lights on house
Photo Credit Melanie Cortese

Somerset County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Basking Ridge NJ

  • Pond Hill Road

Halloween Lights in South Jersey

Atlantic County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Egg Harbor Township NJ

Child-created Halloween Light Display in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

At 205 Sun Valley Circle in Egg Harbor Township an 11-year-old boy created an entire Halloween display down to the lights. There are inflatable characters, spiders, and even skeletons coming out of the ground. The creator enjoys seeing cars drive by slowly and stopping to look. On Halloween, the family will be roasting marshmallows for the kids in the driveway and giving away lots of treats.

Halloween Carneval in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

I stopped at this Halloween Carneval of sorts at 208 Spring Lake Court in Egg Harbor Township, New Jersey one night. All I could say was WOW! The house truly looked like a carnival big top tent. The lawn was adorned with a larger-than-life skeleton, clowns, a werewolf, and a cymbal-crashing monkey.

Red and white big top carnival tent house at Halloween Carneval in Egg Harbor Township, NJ

More Halloween lights in Egg Harbor Township NJ

  • 100 Offshore Road, Open from 6:30 pm – 10 pm daily
  • 9 Willowbrook Lane

Burlington County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Atco

  • 2133 Kohler Ave, Atco – Daily from dusk until 10 pm, until November 1, 2022.

Halloween Lights in Cinnaminson NJ

Lights On Olmsted Lane in Cinnaminson, NJ

No longer just for Christmas, the Lights On Olmsted Lane has been offering Halloween light shows at 5 Olmsted Lane in Cinnaminson. Hours are Sundays through Thursdays from 7 pm till 9:30 pm and Fridays through Saturdays from 7 pm till 10:30 pm.

Donations support the Food Bank of South Jersey and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. For more information and weather-related updates visit the Lights on Olmsted Lane website.

Halloween Lights in Delran, NJ

  • 4 Auburn Drive in Delran, New Jersey

Halloween Lights in Marlton, NJ

  • Halloween Haven on Kettle Run, 535 Kettle Run in Marlton, Dinosaurs and other Halloween lights, Open on October 17, 19, 21, 22, 25, 28, and 31. Hours are from 6 pm – 8:30 pm.

Halloween Lights in Mount Laurel, NJ

  • Terror on Teddington, at 26 Teddington Way, is up and running and will be in full operation most nights from dusk until 10 pm.
  • Lavister Drive, more details coming soon.

Halloween Lights in Shamong, NJ

  • 90 Stokes Road, open daily from dark until 10 pm.

Camden County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Barrington, NJ

  • 200 Shreve Avenue, Barrington, NJ

Halloween Lights in Bellmawr, NJ

Halloween Light Display in Bellmawr, NJ

Visit 205 2nd Avenue in Bellmawr New Jersey for this fun Halloween light display complete with pumpkin heads, spiders, and a graveyard. Organizer Dawn Commanderr says, “It’s not a walk through display but you can drive by or walk by.” Hours are Sundays through Thursdays from when it’s dark till 9 pm. Fridays and Saturdays the Halloween lights run till 10 pm. From October 21st through Halloween, the lights will stay on later into the evening.

More Halloween Lights in Bellmawr NJ

  • 17 Park Drive in Bellmawr, Display turns on at sunset for 2 hours Sundays through Thursdays and 4 hours Fridays and Saturdays.

Halloween Light Display in Berlin Borough, NJ

On weeknights, the Halloween lights at 165 Clementon Road in Berlin Borough are on until 10 pm. On weekends, the lights stay on until 11 pm. Visit often throughout the season because it looks like they will continue to add to this spooky display. But beware Michael Myers will be stalking the yard periodically. Owner Danielle Marie Sewter asks visitors not to walk through the grass because there are lots of wires and cords.

Halloween lights in Blackwood NJ

Last House on the Left SJ Edition in Blackwood, NJ

Camden County seems to be where it’s at for Halloween lights in South Jersey. The Last House on the Left SJ Edition is located at 404 Linda Avenue in Blackwood, New Jersey.

Visiting hours for this walk through Halloween yard haunt are 7 days a week from 5 pm-11 pm rain or shine. Donations will be collected for the Animal Adoption Center in Lindenwold. There is a donation box in the Pet Cemetary which is located with the 3 Reapers.

There are 3 sit down locations for photo opportunities in front of these characters.

  • Andre the Skellie
  • Scarecrow in the pumpkin patch
  • Pumpkin man

Psycho Trail in Blackwood NJ

Located at 311 Harrison Avenue in Blackwood is the Psycho Trail, a frightening display of Halloween lights, skeletons, dolls, and other scary sights. The lights are on most nights from 7 pm to 9 pm. Some nights there is fog, music, and a few actors. Follow the Psycho Trail Facebook page for more details.

Halloween Lights in Cherry Hill

The Del Percio’s Haunted Estates in Cherry Hill, NJ

The Del Percio’s Haunted Estates in Cherry Hill is finalizing details for their 2022 South Jersey Halloween lights display. The Del Percio’s Haunted Estates is located at 1000 Robwill Pass in Cherry Hill.

The Del Percio's Haunted Estates Halloween Light display in South Jersey
Photo credit Del Percio’s Haunted Estates

Walk through hours will be announced soon. On Halloween night there will be a special added feature with live actors. This year’s donations will support Skeletons for St. Jude, a nationwide effort of haunters to raise $100,000 dollars for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital during the 2022 Halloween season. Learn more on the Del Percio’s Haunted Estates Facebook page.

More Cherry Hill Halloween Lights

  • Halloween Installation by Tricia Hoskins, 121 Old Orchard, Cherry Hill, NJ
Halloween installation by Tricia Hoskins Cherry Hill Halloween Lights
Halloween installation by Tricia Hoskins

The Cursed Corner in Clementon, NJ

This Camden County Halloween lights display is located at 2 Charter Oak Road in Clementon. This year’s layout will be new and have scary elements. Visitors can walk through elements of the outdoor Halloween decor. Lights go on at approximately 7 pm nightly.

Learn more on the The Cursed Corner Facebook page.

Halloween Lights in Erial, NJ

  • At 850 Sicklerville Road in Erial, New Jersey is a Halloween light display. It’s walk thru display Fridays through Sundays and a drive by display during the week.

Halloween Lights in Glendora, NJ

  • Maple Avenue
  • 506 Thorny Lane

Halloween Lights in Gloucester Twp, NJ

  • On Baynes Avenue in Gloucester Township, New Jersey is a Nightmare before Christmas Halloween light display.  

Halloween Lights in Haddon Heights, NJ

  • 221 8th Avenue in Haddon Heights, NJ, a scary Halloween light display

Inflatable Halloween Light Village in Pine Hill, NJ

The pictures we’ve seen of this inflatable and lit up Halloween collection of characters is adorable. No scares here. So far there are 33 inflatables, 100+ feet of lights, 6 neons, a pet cemetery and a skeleton named Gerald. This fun display of Halloween lights is located at 35 Country Club Road in Pine Hill.

There is a haunted walk-through available.

Schedule subject to change. Closing times may change due to curfew.

  • No Scare Nights 7 pm – 10 pm
    • Friday 10/14
    • Saturday 10/15
  • Some live actors 7 pm – 10 pm
    • Friday 10/21
    • Saturday 10/22
    • Friday 10/28
    • Saturday 10/29 7 pm – 9 pm
  • Halloween
    • 4 pm – 6 pm No Scare
    • 6 pm – 9 pm Full Scare

Halloween Lights in Voorhees, NJ

  • 33 Hazelhurst Drive, Voorhees, New Jersey
  • The Nightmare Before Christmas at 1200 Walnut Street in Voorhees, New Jersey. Lights for the displays will be on evenings between 6:30 pm and 10 pm.

Halloween Lights in Sicklerville, NJ

  • 9 Greystone Lane, Sicklerville, New Jersey
  • 7 Dottie Lane, Sicklerville, New Jersey, Daily from 4 pm – 10 pm.

Halloween Lights in Somerdale, NJ

  • 207 Tilford Road, Somerdale, New Jersey

Cape May County Halloween Lights

Cumberland County Halloween Lights

Gloucester County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Deptford, NJ

  • Abandoned Carnival Haunt at 124 Wexford Court, Deptford, New Jersey
  • 6 Pioneer Circle, Deptford, New Jersey. Lights will be on every night from dark until 10 pm.

Dead End Haunt in Franklinville, NJ

Dead End Haunt is a home-based haunt. The creator designed is as a means to share and spread the joy of Halloween and horror with as many people as possible. Located at 495 Proposed Avenue in Franklinville. Lights are on nightly from dusk until about 9-9:30 pm.

Halloween Lights in Paulsboro, NJ

  • 524 Greenwich Avenue, Paulsboro, New Jersey

Halloween Lights in Pitman, NJ

  • 23 Euclid Avenue, Pitman, New Jersey

Halloween Lights in Sewell, NJ

  • 28 Ravenwood, Sewell, New Jersey. Lights are on Sundays through Thursdays from 6 pm to 9 pm, Fridays and Saturdays from 6 pm – 10 pm. The animatronics are motion-sensored. Feel free to walk up and wave your hands to watch them come alive.
  • 130 Pitman Downer Rd, Sewell, New Jersey. Lights are on 6:30 pm – 10:00 pm on weekdays and 6:30 pm – 11:00 pm on weekends
  • 423 Morning Dove Circle, Sewell, New Jersey. Visit tp see the Halloween lights Sundays through Thursdays from 6:45 pm to 9 pm, and Fridays and Saturdays from 6:45 pm to 11:30 pm.
  • 42 E Holly, Sewell, New Jersey. The Halloween 2022 lights featuring Michael Myers and Jason! Visit if you dare!

Halloween Lights in Williamstown, NJ

The Caretakers of The Final Estates Cemetery in Williamstown, NJ

This past weekend’s Ian Storm has delayed the opening of The Caretakers of The Final Estates Cemetery for Halloween 2022. Located at 505 Cleveland Avenue in Colonial Estates development, the pictures they’ve released look pretty spooky with a haunted cemetery.

Last year, the display was open every night during October from 7 pm to 11 pm with sounds off at 10 pm. Mondays were no scare nights.

This is a walk through Halloween lights display with designated parking on the left side of Cleveland Avenue next to the Cemetery parking signs.

Haunted Mansion/Disney House in Williamstown, NJ

Move from spooky to playful when you travel to the Haunted Mansion in Williamstown. Located at 620 Cobblestone Road in Williamstown you’ll find Halloween lights and decor out in the yard and Halloween window displays in the house.

More Williamstown Halloween Lights

  • 1058 Huntington Drive, Williamstown, New Jersey

Ocean County Halloween Lights

The Casqueira family’s Stranger Things Light Display in Brick Township, NJ

The Stranger Things Halloween Light Show will play at 843 Downey Avenue in Brick Township from September 23, 2022, through October 31, 2022. This is the third year the Casqueira family has hosted a Halloween lights show in New Jersey.

The Brick Township Halloween lights show features over 100,000 LED lights and soundtracks from the Stranger Things series. Music is broadcasted over Radio Station 103.1 FM.

The 20 minute shows run Sundays through Thursdays from 6:30 pm to 10 pm and on Fridays and Saturdays from 6:30 pm to 11 pm. The show runs as a continuous loop.

Admission is free, but donations are collected to benefit Lead U, a positive group of educators who seek unique, often theatrical, methods of actively empowering children of all ages to help them find the leader within themselves. Learn more on the Casqueira Holiday Light Show Facebook page.

Halloween Lights in Jackson, NJ

  • Hampshire Boulevard, Jackson, New Jersey, Haunt on Hampshire, QR code on the lawn to donate to Skeletons for St. Jude.

Salem County Halloween Lights

Halloween Lights in Elmer, NJ

  • 44 Creamer Drive, Elmer, New Jersey

Halloween Lights in Woodstown, NJ

  • 16 Lee Street, Woodstown, New Jersey. The Horror on Lee Street

Where are your favorite Halloween lights in New Jersey?

Let us know in the comments below.

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Bill Hildebrandt

Thursday 13th of October 2022

I would like to add Lavister Drive in Mount Laurel to your Burlington County list. There are several family's that decorations their homes for Halloween. And our displays only get bigger each year. I can send photos and or videos of last year or what has been done, so far, this year if needed.

Jennifer Auer

Monday 17th of October 2022

I would love to include Lavister Drive. Please send details, hours, pictures to me at [email protected]. Thanks - Jenn

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