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What’s NEW at Hersheypark?


Are you making plans for a sweet summer? Will you be heading to Hersheypark?

There’s always something new at Hersheypark!

Every summer there always seems to be something new at Hersheypark in Hershey, Pennsylvania. This summer promises to be no different. This past weekend as part of Sweet Welcome (where 8 bloggers were hosted for a complimentary stay at Hershey Lodge with tours of Hershey attractions), I got a sneak preview of what’s coming to Hersheypark for not just this summer but next summer as well and I have to say I’m pretty excited. From new services to new rides, you’ll want to make time to visit Hersheypark this summer.


What's new at Hersheypark


Watch our video for the highlights of what’s new at Hersheypark and then we’ll break down the details.

2019 New Hersheypark attractions

Reese’s Cupfusion

One of the most exciting things we got to look at was the Reese’s Cupfusion ride, new at Hersheypark. This thrilling ride will be a multi-sensory interactive gaming experience with opportunities to complete individually against other guests and compete as a group with your family against other families.

More about Reese’s Cupfusion

Reese’s Cupfusion is now OPEN for summer 2019 in the Founder’s Way area. Reese’s Cupfusion attraction merges the world’s love of chocolate and peanut butter to create a full-sensory dark ride adventure with multiple ways to play for the entire family. The love for Reese’s is at the center of it all as guests experience interactive family game play throughout the new attraction, with multiple ways to earn points.

Hersheypark Reese's Cupfusion ride seats

New at Hersheypark, the Reese’s Cupfusion ride.


What will the Hersheypark Reese’s Cupfusion ride be like?

As a Reese’s Agent Trainee, guests will need to ensure the world is never deprived of Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. A new character, Commander Cup, will lead the mission against new bad buys, Mint the Merciless and the League of Misfit Candy.

  • Using state-of-the-art amplifiers, agents will activate targets to power the factory, stun intruders and work with fellow agents to unlock extra points. Reese’s Cupfusion will have more targets than any other similar ride in the world.
Hersheypark Reese's Cupfusion ride amplifier weapon

With the Hersheypark Reese’s Cupfusion ride amplifier power the factory, stun intruders and work with your fellow agents.


  • Guests can unlock additional features and try to beat their score with every ride to become a Reese’s Legend in the Hall of Fame.
  • Have your senses of sight, smell, touch and sound nall activated.
Track your score from your seat on the new Hersheypark Reeses Cupfusion.

Track your score from your seat on the new Hersheypark Reese’s Cupfusion.

  • The mission also continues outside Reese’s Cupfusion where guests can do the following:
    • Take a spin on two kiddie rides taken over by Mint the Merciless and the League of Misfit Candy – check out the newly dubbed Minty Bees and Misfit Bug attractions.
    • Grab sweet gear from the Agent Supplies store.
    • Challenge each other at the Commander Cup Factory Game.
    • Meet the all-new Reese’s Cupfusion characters.
An imager rendered by the Hersheypark team of a scene from the Reese's Cupfusion ride, new at Hersheypark.

An imager rendered by the Hersheypark team of a scene from the Reese’s Cupfusion ride, new at Hersheypark.

How long will the Hersheypark Reese’s Cupfusion ride be?

  • The approximate ride time is 4 minutes and 20 seconds. The ride will be able to handle up to 500 riders per hour.
Become an agent for Commander Cup on the new Hersheypark Reeses Cupfusion.

Become an agent for Commander Cup on the new Hersheypark Reese’s Cupfusion.


What are the height requirements for Reese’s Cupfusion ride?

  • A Kisses height requirement (36” and up) or taller is required for the new attraction. (Kisses and Reese’s height categories must be accompanied by a supervising companion to ride.)


How can you learn more about Reese’s Cupfusion?



Another new development in Hersheypark rides are the newly redesigned gondolas for the Skyview ride.


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This view just got a lot sweeter! Have you noticed our newly redesigned gondolas?

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2019 New Hersheypark services for guests

Hersheypark is always working to help their guests have the SWEETEST experiences ever. This summer with the introduction of HPGO, guests are going to be able to have some new ways to keep their Hersheypark experiences going all summer long.


New at Hersheypark, HPGO provides guests a unique way to enhance their Hersheypark experience and link it with Fast Track options. 

HPGO screenshot in Hersheypark app

Here’s how the new HPGO program works

  • Get your free HPGO wristband at in-Park kiosk locations: Fast Track Services and any Guest Services location.
  • Download the FREE Hersheypark App to create your personalized HPGO account and connect your group’s wristbands.
  • Tap Your Wristband & GO Tap the Kiss-shaped HPGO reader at all Fast Track locations. When guests activate their HPGO wristbands at Reese’s Cupfusion and Whitecap Racer they can collect free ride stats and photos.
dots on the seats of Reese's Cupfusion new at Hersheypark

These dots on the seat of the Reese’s Cupfusion ride at Hersheypark are what’s going to track your stats and photos with the HPGO wristbands.


  • Keep track of it all with your personalized dashboard in the Hersheypark App. Imagine being able to track your points and stats all summer long.


Watch the video to learn more


Hersheypark Fast Track Options

In an effort to help guests move through the lines and get to the Hersheypark fun faster, Hersheypark has created a new Fast Track options. As part of the HPGO platform, Fast Track wristbands will work together with the Hersheypark app and the HPGO program. 

  • Fast Track – Skip the regular line once for each of the 13 featured attractions, starting at $39 per day.
  • Fast Track Unlimited – Skip the regular line on any 13 of the featured attractions all day long, starting at $49 per day.

Where can you buy these Fast Track options?

  • Fast Track can be purchased online in advance or in the Park at a new Fast Track Services location near Carrousel Circle.

Stay tuned as new ways to use the HPGO program will be introduced in the coming months.


2019 New Hersheypark foods

There are three new developments coming to Hersheypark dining.

  • First, their food truck fleet is growing! New at Hersheypark this summer will be food trucks for Chick-Fil-A and Nathan’s.
  • King Size Shakes at Simply Chocolate! These look so super duper yummy. For less than $15 share one of these with the kids. With flavors like Slither’s Squirm, Cupfusion, and Mint Merciless, you won’t be able to resist them, especially when you see how decadent they are.
  • Second, this summer Hersheypark will experiment with refill stations. Guests will the All-Day Drink Deal will be able to refill their souvenir cups at self-service refill stations.
  • Finally, and most exciting Hersheypark will have new gluten-free options in the park. You can read more about those in this article, Enjoy all the Yumminess of the Hersheypark Gluten-Free Menu.
Spinach and Artichoke Flatbread, available on the Hersheypark Gluten-free menu at The Outpost.

Spinach and Artichoke Flatbread, available on the Hersheypark Gluten-free menu at The Outpost.


Recapping what’s been new at Hersheypark and to Hershey, PA 

2018 New Hersheypark attractions

Two new attractions were added to the Hersheypark Boardwalk in 2018.

Whitecap Racer

Take off in the world’s longest mat-racing slide race again and again through the turns and tunnels of wet water fun. With 6 color-coded racing lanes and 2 sets of looping tunnels, what more do you need? Race times are posted on an arena-sized leaderboard. In summer of 2019, you’ll even be able to track your progress with the HPGO wristband. See how fast you can slide by the end of summer!


New Attractions to the Hersheypark boardwalk waterpark

Whitecap Racer and Breakers Edge Water Coaster debuted at the Hersheypark Boardwalk in 2018.

Breakers Edge Water Coaster

Rocket through splash-filled hills, open-air Flying Saucer turns, and sweet thrills on Breakers Edge! This is one epic water coaster that families can ride together in 4 person family rafts.


2017 New Hersheypark attractions

During the summer of 2017, new at Hersheypark was the Hershey Triple Tower, All Day Drink Deal, and the BBLz Experience.

Hershey Triple Tower

The newest Hersheypark ride, Hershey Triple Tower, offers three levels of thrills! I still haven’t mustered the courage to participate in this jaw-dropping fun, and neither have my boys. The Hershey’s Tower stands at 189 feet high, the Reese’s Tower at 131 feet high, and the Hershey’s Kisses Tower that stands high at 80 feet high. But even as I chicken out from the ground I love watching the Hershey Triple Tower and taking pictures of it. You can read more about the Hershey Triple Tower on the Hersheypark site.

the Hersheypark Triple Tower was new to Hersheypark in 2017.

The Hersheypark Triple Tower was new to Hersheypark in 2017.

Hersheypark Dining & Drink Programs

In 2017, changes to Hersheypark Dining allowed families to save on food and drink while visiting the park. The dining deal allows families to pay once and then eat throughout the day at 14 on property restaurants. With the All-Day Drink Deal, guests get a souvenir cup and unlimited free refills throughout Hersheypark all day! Bring that souvenir cup back anytime throughout the season for .99-cent refills. It’s such a great convenient option for parents. You can learn more here on the Hersheypark site.


Hersheypark dining

Dining at HersheyPark is getting easier with dining plans.


The BBLz Experience

Where can your favorite beverage turn into a sweet, fizzy concoction? In the summer of 2017 at Hersheypark, BBLz™ offered a brand-new beverage experience to visiting guests. Located adjacent to the Overlook Food Court in Kissing Tower Hill, the BBLz experience continues to offer a unique beverage experience. From a menu of 7 options, Bubble Makers will mix your favorite Pepsi-Cola’s beverage with Hershey candies, soda syrups, frosting, and ice. The result is quite the flavorful experience that is ONLY available at Hersheypark. For us, it was like a sweet dessert that we had to finish off lunch. Click over to read more about it, The BBLz Experience, A New Sweet Activity for Hersheypark Guests.

preparing BBLZ drinks BBLz Experience 2

Our BBLz Bubble Maker at work.


2016 New Hershey Lodge attractions

Hershey Lodge Water Works

If you haven’t visited Hershey Lodge since the addition of the renovated indoor pool area, it’s a great time to do so. Open from 8 am till 10 pm, for Hershey Lodge guests Water Works is a great way to begin or end a sweet Hersheypark day. You can read about our experience and see our video tour in this story, The Hershey Lodge Water Works ~ Wonderful Water Fun.


Hershey Lodge Water Works Reason to visit Hersheypark

Not new to us, but certainly an awesome reason for us to return to Hersheypark.


Tell me about your family’s Hersheypark plans for the summer. What’s new at Hersheypark that you want to check out?

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