My Tour of the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando

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As a Netflix DVD.COM director, I receive a complimentary membership to Netflix DVD and was invited to tour the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando while I was visiting the area for a conference.


Where has the summer gone?

One moment it was May. Then, in the blink of an eye, it was July. Between blogger conferences for me, soccer practices and games for my boys, and community events for all of us it feels like the last two months rushed by. But I could not let any more time go by without sharing the details of one of my favorite summer field trips from this past June.


My Tour of the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando


While visiting Orlando, I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando.


Netflix DVD.Com Directors heading for Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando

Netflix DVD.Com Directors heading for Netflix DVD.COM Hub in Orlando


The Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando

The Netflix DVD.COM directors and I took a charter bus to the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando from our hotel, so I can’t tell you where exactly it’s located. What I can tell you is that it’s in a warehouse among other office buildings. In a space smaller than a warehouse club store (think 22,000 square feet), this Orlando Hub processes approximately 150,000 DVD shipments each week. WOW!


Netflix Hub in Orlando

This machine opens and inspects Netflix DVD envelopes as they come in.


Take a look at my tour of the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando in this video that I recorded live.


It was interesting to see how their team of 8 associates is able to process all those DVDs each day. Some tasks are done by hand, while others are completely automated. Check out the fascinating facts my fellow directors and I learned while touring the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando.


Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando

Machines spray the ink on the envelopes to address them to subscribers.


Fascinating Facts about the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando

  • Netflix Hub in Orlando8 employees including the manager. On average, their associates have been with Netflix DVD for 7-8 years.
  • 150,000 DVD shipments processed each week
  • Their inventory includes 2.5 million DVDs, with a large supply of local favorites.
  • Since 2016, the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando has shipped over 12.7 million DVDs.
  • In this Netflix DVD hub employees arrive as early as 2-3 am to get the day’s DVDs out in the mail by 4:30 am.
  • The Netflix DVD inventory varies from hub to hub depending upon which film titles are popular in each hub’s area.My Tour of the Netflix DVD Hub in Orlando
  • Netflix DVD ships to every address and zip code in America, including military bases throughout the world.
  • Netflix DVD has used more than 14,500 gallons of red ink on their envelopes!
  • They have shipped over 4 billion DVDs by mail since 1998.
  • A machine actually opens the Netflix DVDs when they are returned. The machine is able to detect whether a customer is returning one or more DVDs and if there is any damage to the DVDs.


Netflix first shipment

Photo credit Netflix DVD.COM.


One last fact I’ll leave you with. The Netflix DVD hub in Trenton New Jersey is the largest Netflix DVD hub in the country.


Did you know that?


Would you like to see the Netflix DVD Hub in Trenton?


Comment below and let us know.


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