Nanoblocks Add Building Fun To Your Easter Baskets

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My kids love coming home to find out what kind of surprises I have waiting for them. Friday as soon as my 11 year old came home and saw the package we received from Ohio Art he couldn’t wait to open it. He was super excited when he saw the Nanoblock‘s Sheep. He loves to build things and Nanoblock enabled him to build awesome 3D sculptures.


Great resealable bag, holds your Nanoblock creation


Nanoblock is a micro-sized building block system with its smallest piece being a mere 4mm X 4mm X 5mm.  Challenging and fun for all the construction enthusiasts in the family, Nanoblock lets you build in greater detail than ever before.


The Nanoblock sheep comes with

  • Over 120 micro-sized building blocks 
  • Instructions on how to build the sculpture

Detailed instructions in full color


What we liked about Nanoblocks

  • They offered a challenge. Their smaller pieces made it more fun for my son. 
  • Kids really have to take their time and build.
  • They are compact making them easy to display once finished.
  • They clearly label the difficulty of putting together their products from a level 1-5 on their packaging. Our sheep was a level 2 not overly difficult but still a small challenge.
  • This is a product that a family can work on together, fathers and sons can build a deluxe kit and spend some extra quality time with one another.
  • The instructions were fairly easy to follow for my older son.
  • The resealable package makes it easy for small pieces to be stored to prevent losing them.
  • That extra pieces are provided and clearly stated they are provided just in case of loss.

Concentrating hard

Nanoblock has a few different series for builders of all skill levels

  • Mini Series
    • 19 different animal sets to build including
      • Sheep
      • Rabbit
      • Bald Eagle
      • Pink Pig
      • Duck
      • Tree Frog
  • Sites to see
    • 12 different landmarks to build including
      • The White House
      • Empire State Building (This is high ranking on my son’s wish list)
      • Eiffel Tower
      • Taj Mahal
      • Statue of Liberty
  • Deluxe Series
    • 3 larger building sets
      • Deluxe Space Shuttle
      • Himeji Castle
      • Neuschwanstein
  • Instruments
    • 3 different instruments to build
      • Guitar
      • Drum Set
      • Grand Piano

They would make a great addition to your Easter Basket because, whether your child is into music, animals, or travel there is a Nanoblock for everyone.



The sheep fits perfectly in the palm of his hand


Would we recommend Nanoblocks?

Absolutely! This was our first Nanoblock building set and we are already looking into what our next one will be. My son had such a good time building with them. A typical block building set is completed by him within 10-15 minutes but this one challenged him a bit more and took about 40 minutes to build. When he was done he proudly showed everyone and even wants to take his sheep to school to share with his science class.


To learn more about Nanoblock check out their webpage.


To see more Nanoblocks pictures from our afternoon playing see our Facebook album.



In full disclosure Jersey Family Fun was sent a Nanoblock building set to review, there was no money exchanged for this review. All opinions are honest and our own.

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