My Little Adventures, an indoor play place in Mt. Laurel

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My girls and I enjoyed an indoor play place the other day called My Little Adventures. They are located at 3163 Marne Highway in Mt Laurel. It’s in a shopping center with plenty of parking.  The price for the first child is $7.50 and each sibling is $4, with children under 1 free, which in my experience is really reasonable.  It’s geared towards ages 5 and under.


When you first walk in, there are benches with cubbies so that you can leave yours and your children’s shoes.  Parents must wear socks, but if you forget to bring yours, you can purchase them there for $2.


The play place itself is adorable. In the main area, there are several wooden structures for the kids to climb on and slide down.  There is a ball bin that is small enough for 2 children in the back corner.  Several times, someone came out with scarves, balls, or bubbles for the kids to play with.

Off to the side there is a music room. It has a disco ball and it’s a darker room decorated with children’s artwork.  There is different music playing in that room for the kids to go in and dance.  My oldest daughter took advantage of this a lot.

In the back, there is an area that has a few little house fronts where the kids can go in and play house and dress up.  And right next to the counter where you order you food there is a wall with games mounted on it so that my kids had something to do while I ordered our lunch.


Essentially, it is just one long room, so it was easy for me to keep an eye on all three of my girls, who just love to run in opposite directions.

The entire place is a peanut-free environment, and they ask that you do not bring your own food in for the safety of children with allergies. The Lilypad Cafe menu has many reasonable options for a quick snack break or a full lunch.  We got the string cheese and veggie sticks for $3 and it came with 2 mozzarella sticks and a plate of veggie sticks.  For lunch, we got the kids’ meal of pizza and it was a great size for kids and it came with our choice of side. We chose goldfish but we could have gotten carrot sticks, apple sauce, or veggie sticks.  It also came with a juice box or milk for $4.50.  There are some great options for adults, too.


We did the open play, which they call Pop-n-play (it’s a frog theme) which they offer several times a week, but check their schedule before going because they close for classes and birthday parties.  They post the schedule on their Facebook page.


I was so grateful to see at least one person, but at times, up to four cleaning.  There are sanitizers all over the play areas and everything was constantly being wiped down.  There are buckets around in which you can drop toys that have been chewed on. After the high chairs were used they were sprayed and wiped down completely as well. This was quite literally the cleanest play place I have ever been to with my kids.  And the toys were constantly put back in their places for the next set of kids to come through.


Another bonus for me is that this is a family owned and operated business and I love to support small operations like this one. I had a hard time getting my oldest daughter to leave after 4 hours there, so the owner helped by offering my daughter stickers and a frog stamp on her way out!


I highly recommend checking out My Little Adventures.  My babies can’t wait to go back!


In full disclosure this is not a sponsored post, we paid our own way and all opinions are our own.


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