Muppets Most Wanted Family Friendly Movie Review

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We loved Muppets Most Wanted

We loved Muppets Most Wanted


Is he Kermit or could it be Constantine?


About Muppets Most Wanted

Dominic Badguy (Ricky Gervais), the Muppets’ new manager, convinces the gang to embark on a world tour. Kermit the Frog doubts that it’s a good idea — a feeling that’s proven right when look-alike Constantine escapes from prison, takes Kermit’s place, and lands Miss Piggy’s sweetie in a Siberian prison. While the frog tries to convince his captors of his true identity, Constantine and Dominic are free to carry out their plan to steal London’s crown jewels.


We decided to take a trip to our local library and rented this fairly new movie which was released last year in 2014. The movie was upbeat on this chilly, windy, and rainy day. This is the perfect rainy day movie with tons of songs to help you dance and sing the bad weather away.


Why I enjoyed the movie Muppets Most Wanted

  • Muppets Most Wanted is the sequel to the 2011 released movie called the Muppets. This includes some of the same loveable characters like Miss Piggy and Kermit. The movie even makes fun of itself because it’s a sequel. We always know sequels can’t always be as funny as the original but I loved this one just the same.


  • Muppets Most Wanted¬†includes many songs. The songs in the movie are catchy. The songs have a good rhythm and they also rhyme making it easy for children and family alike to sing along and watch the movie over an over again. The singing also makes what could be a scary scene not scary at all.


  • It’s funny as the characters don’t realize that Kermit and Constantine have switched places. It’s a running joke in the movie. Constantine has a mole but also a thick accent. Constantine tries to watch old shows and movies with Kermit in it to try to mask his voice. It isn’t until half way through the movie when they see Constantine’s picture in a newspaper that they realize they can cover his mole to create an identical Kermit.


  • The movie plot has them in a prison. The prison which would seem scary is not scary as grown “scary” men dance around and sing. Even the evil characters start to change through-out the movie when it’s time for music, dancing, and signing. We start to see a softer side of each of the characters.


I don’t think this movie is any different than any other Muppets movie so you do know what to expect. There are some potty jokes and a scene where you see Kermit coming out of a rather dirty and disgusting toilet. The worst language you will hear is the word butt and also a time that one of the characters calls another an idiot. The love and romance also continues between Kermit and Miss Piggy.


Go watch Muppets Most Wanted! 


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