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Turkey Brook Park Playground in Budd Lake NJ (with Photos)


Turkey Brook Park Playground in Budd Lake is a large playground, that is part of a significant 267 acres of the New Jersey Highlands. It’s a Mount Olive park with a majestic castle playground, a variety of athletic fields, trails, and a free splash pad.

Turkey Brook Park

We love that the playground equipment is geared both towards older and younger children.  With imaginative play features and murals, rope course style challenges, and more your family can enjoy spending hours of playtime here. The tot section is situated in the middle of the playground and has fabulous climbers, slides, and swings perfect for that little toddler.

10 Things to Know About Turkey Brook Park Playground in Budd Lake

As part of our challenge to write about 100 New Jersey playgrounds in 100 days we bring you the details about Turkey Brook Park (Mt. Playmore), a playground in Budd Lake, Morris County, New Jersey. Our pictures are from a 2014 visit and a 2018 Playdates in the Park event we held.

Where is Turkey Brook Park Playground located?

Turkey Brook Park is part of the Mount Olive Parks System. The playground area is often referred to as “Mount Playmore”. The park is often listed as being a part of Budd Lake, Flanders, Mount Olive and all of those things are technically true.

The park website lists the official address as 30 Flanders Road in Budd Lake in Morris County, New Jersey. Some GPS services will pull up the address 40 Flanders Road, but using 30 Flanders Road will likely work better. A helpful landmark is the historic Seward Mansion at the entrance to the park.

What kind of playground equipment does Turkey Brook Park have?

Turkey Brook Park offers great imaginative features such as a pirate ship! It’s such a fun place for kids to be active and use their imagination. Climb on the rope ladders and rock walls. Practice balancing skills on tight ropes and balance beams! Walk the plank! Kids will not get bored.

play ship at Flanders Playground at Turkey Brook Park.

Toddlers won’t be bored either. The tot lot has interactive music boards, a toddler climbing area, a great jumpy bridge, and more.

Tot lot at Turkey Brook park playground in Budd Lake, New Jersey

Are there swings?

Turkey Brook Park has a variety of swings: traditional, toddler, accessible, and a tire swing.

Turkey Brook Park Playground in Budd Lake NJ swings

Are there slides?

So many slides!! There are tube/tunnel slides (regular and wooden), twisty slides, bumpy slides, and a triple slide. The toddler area has a small straight slide.

What special features does the playground offer?

There is a multitude of special features at Turkey Brook Park to enhance your child’s playtime. The playground at Turkey Brook park is called “Mount Playmore” and it has a castle theme, complete with towers, and multi-levels of play. There are many places to hide and climb throughout the playground.

  • Several unique climbing structures and rope course style features
  • Rope bridges
  • Climbing pods
climbing structures at Turkey Brook Playground in Budd Lake NJ
  • Monkey bars & rings
  • Seesaw
  • Rock climbing castle wall
  • Murals
  • Spinners
Climbing wall on the castle tower at Turkey Brook Park in Budd Lake NJ
Climbing wall on the castle tower at Turkey Brook Park in Budd Lake NJ

What kind of ground cover does the playground have?

The flooring of the entire park is covered with rubber tiles and completely fenced in, except for the one entrance. The structures are made of recycled plastic so you don’t have to worry about splinters.

Ground surface at Turkey Brook Park playground in Flanders New Jersey

Is the playground at Turkey Brook Park accessible?

Turkey Brook Park is accessible. There are wide ramps that lead up to the playground equipment and some wide paths to get around to sensory play areas. Some areas may be narrow though. Additionally, there are accessible swings.

Turkey Brook Park Playground in Budd Lake NJ outside of castle pavilion with ramp

Is there shade available at Turkey Brook Park? 

There are plenty of shaded places at Turkey Brook. There are even a few covered benches in the playground area for you to sit in and still see your kids.

The 2 story castle tower feature at Turkey Brook Park provides lots of shade for kids at play.

The playground has no shade from trees but the two-story structure is all shaded and there are several canopy tops on the playground equipment. Children can also play underneath the pirate ship.

The 2 story castle tower feature at Turkey Brook Park provides lots of shade for kids at play.

There is also a very large gazebo on the outside of the playground with plenty of picnic benches and some tables have umbrellas.

Pavilion at Turkey Brook Park in Flanders New Jersey

Where is parking for Turkey Brook Park? 

There is a parking lot right next to the playground and several other parking lots located around the park.

Parking lot at Turkey Brook Park in Flanders New Jersey

Are there restrooms at Turkey Brook Park?

There are several restroom options. There are port-a-potties right outside of the playground and an indoor restroom with diaper-changing facilities next to the playground at the splash pad. There are also 2 other indoor restrooms near the sports fields.


What else is there to do at Turkey Brook Park?

In addition to the playground at Turkey Brook Park, there are a ton of additional amenities available for visitors.

Pirate’s Cove Splashpad and Sprayground

Next to the playground is a splash pad that is free and open daily throughout the summer.

The Story Walk

The Story Walk Path is where you can follow a trail and read parts of a story as you go. The story changes every few months.

The Story Walk at Turkey Brook Park in Budd Lake New Jersey


From the Turkey Brook Park website, Biba games are played with a grown-up as the referee. The adult downloads the game and holds the phone through the entire game experience. This allows kids to remain hands-free so they can focus on the physical activity and the fun – not the phone. This configuration for gameplay keeps grownups and kids playing together.

Are there walking trails?

There are a few options for walking trails.

  • A measured ½-mile walking track around Seward Place (the loop road) and about 1.5 miles of asphalt walking pathways.
  • Trailhead access for the local trail network (White Trail access).

Are there fields or courts for sports? 

Besides the playground Turkey Brook park also offers several soccer fields, a football field, baseball fields, basketball courts, beach volleyball, and a lacrosse field.

  • Six natural grass soccer fields
  • One artificial turf soccer field with lights
  • One lit game football field and one lit football practice field
  • Four baseball fields, 2 with skinned infields for softball play.
  • One lacrosse field
  • Two tennis courts
  • Two volleyball courts
  • Two basketball courts
Soccer fields at Turkey Brook Park in Morris County.

Bonus information we want you to know about Turkey Brook Park 

There always seems to be a reason to visit Turkey Brook Park. There’s the playground, splash pad, sports fields, trails, dog park, and the Maier’s Pond. Seasonal activities include ice skating, the PAL fishing derby, the Mt. Olive Week Carnival, and much more.

playground equipment at Turkey Brook Park playground in Flanders NJ

There is a 1.5-acre dog park with an attached .5-acre alternative dog park for small dogs.

” target=”_blank” rel=”noreferrer noopener”>Turkey Brook Park photos in our Facebook Gallery.

Who do I contact about having a birthday party or event at Turkey Brook Park?

We provide these details about Turkey Brook Park as a service to our readers and the park. However, Jersey Family Fun is not directly involved with this park. To reserve Turkey Brook Park for a birthday party or private event, please contact them directly by calling (973) 691-0900, emailing [email protected], or visiting their website.

Turkey Brook Park Playground mushroom stools and tunnel

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