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Morey’s Piers Water Parks Raging Waters & Ocean Oasis

In the past we’ve visited Morey’s Piers Water Parks, Raging Waters & Ocean Oasis as media guests with complimentary tickets and at our own expense.

When you visit these two Morey’s Piers water parks get ready for a full day of fun!

Camp Kid-tastrophe, appropriately named!
Camp Kid-tastrophe, appropriately named!

My family spent a vacation week in Wildwood Crest for 7 years before we made our first Morey’s Piers water park visit. Between the pool and the beach and our morning bike rides, we just couldn’t find the time. Thinking the kids were too young for the water parks, we would get to the boardwalk rides but that was it. The year all that changed, my husband stated, “You realize, this is the new standard,” meaning the kids will never again want to skip a Morey’s water park day!

Choose your Morey’s Piers Water Park

Morey’s Piers & Beachfront Water Parks offers three piers of rides, and two of those piers have amazing water parks! Raging Waters is on Mariner’s Pier, behind the large iconic Ferris Wheel at Schellenger Avenue. Ocean Oasis is on Surfside Pier at 26th Avenue, closer to North Wildwood.

What do the Morey’s Piers water parks have in common?

We’re here to break down for you the differences and similarities between the parks. It’s difficult to pick your favorite, but you won’t have to with a pass for both! Morey’s offers ticket options for one or both waterparks, amusement ride add-ons, and even just morning admission.

With two water parks at Morey’s Piers it’s no surprise that every age can find a way to have fun. Both offer play areas for young children as well as high intensity rides for the daring. What I like most is that even the older ones still enjoy what’s meant for the littles! You’ll see plenty of older “kids” enjoying the lazy river, splashing in Camp Kidtastrophe and racing on Wipeout.

Shotgun Falls, Rocket Raft Runs and Lazy Rivers

All of these rides can be found at both water parks. Shotgun Falls is a single rider slide, Rocket Raft Run is a single rider with tubes, and the lazy rivers are a delightful float through the waterparks (mom’s favorite!). So if you’re too busy at one park to try these out you can catch them at the next one.

Shotgun falls at Raging Waters at Moreys Piers in Wildwood.
Shotgun falls at Raging Waters at Moreys Piers in Wildwood.

Activity pools of fun

We love a good activity pool! The Morey’s Piers pools offer obstacle course type challenges and slides bigger than what you’ll find in a kiddie pool. Think rope ladders, cargo nets and lilypads to walk across too.

One of the activity pools at Morey's Piers water parks.


Both water parks have great sit down restaurants with lots to offer. Stubborn Brothers is at the end of the Mariner’s Pier with easy access from Ocean Oasis. PigDog Beach BBQ is at Raging Waters and is dog friendly! We’ve dined at both and they offer great menus and family friendly atmospheres. There are concessions throughout the water parks as well as grab and go options.

Details to know:

  • You can bring food inside the Morey’s Piers parks, the only restrictions are no glass and no alcohol.
  • Cabanas are available to rent if you can’t find chairs (it does get crowded on peak summer days).
  • Lockers are available for $15/day (price subject to change for 2020)
  • Morey’s Piers Hours of operation vary but in peak times the water parks are open by 9:30 AM and close around 6 PM.

Raging Waters on Mariner’s Pier

Raging Waters is on the middle pier, Mariner’s Pier, behind the large iconic ferris wheel. We entered at 9:30 am and found a chair. They were mostly taken by 10:15 am so we suggest an early arrival if you plan to have some downtime while the kids play. Best location to claim seating would be in Camp Kidtastrophe/Shipwreck Shoals area where the kids can play and there’s a snack bar.

Morey's Piers Raging Waters

Camp Kidtastrophe/Shipwreck Shoals

Camp Kidtastrophe is the splashpad/play area at Raging Waters and it’s HUGE! Evoking a Neverland camp sort of fun play area, it’s filled with small water slides, water guns, and more over three levels. It’s a perfect place for the family to battle it out with water sprays, or have the parents take a seat right at the edge while the kids play.  Lifeguards are all over to keep everyone safe, and watch out for the bucket drop! Shipwreck Shoals right next to it is a smaller kid area but offers some great challenges for the older kids like balancing on floating docks.


Slides and More

Mom doesn’t like to do fast water slides, so Sky Ponds is our favorite family slide and a must do when we visit Raging Waters Water Park! Sky Ponds starts high but moves into 4 elevated pools, with lifeguards along the way. Share a tube or double up – there’s a little splash at the end but no going under! Safe for wimpy mom but still fun for the kids.

My 5 year old son, 9 year old daughter, and 10 year old friend mastered the Rocket Raft Run, after the whole family floated in the River Adventure lazy river and lazed in the heated Fountain Pool. Other attractions at Raging Waters are Serpentine Slides and Speed Slides.

Having been to other water parks where my son (42″) is limited in what he can ride, we were so happy he could join us on many slides. Slides empty into shallow water so as long as your little one has a life vest (provided by Morey’s), they can ride with the big guys! Even closer to noon, when the park was more crowded the lines for the slides aren’t prohibitive.

So much fun happening!
So much fun happening!

Ocean Oasis Water Park and Beach Club on Surfside Pier

In our experience, Ocean Oasis offers more of a low key, hangout feel. One side of the park has a swim up bar and hammocks. There are also firepits near the cabanas and live music playing nearby. The kids area (Bonsai Beach) also had small slides and structures to climb on in shallow water. Kids could easily spend extended time there while parents rest on a nearby chair. Ocean Oasis might be the more low key water park, but the most intense ride was there! Cliff Dive, where you drop 5 stories, none of us was brave enough to try it! We returned to Bonsai Beach and the Puddle (a small pool just for swimming), and then headed back to the hotel for a rest.

Ocean Oasis offers all kinds of fun too!
Ocean Oasis offers all kinds of fun too!

Our favorite slide – Wipeout!

Wipeout at Morey’s Piers’ Ocean Oasis is a great place to see just who is the FASTEST on the water slide. You can race up to 6 at one time! Grab a mat, climb 40 feet to the top and slide down 350 feet! Will it be the heaviest person or is there a strategy? Lines for this ride were short since it can accommodate so many, so my crowd rode it again and again!

The other two slides are Sidewinders and Riptide Rapids. Sidewinders is a single person mat ride, and Riptide Rapids is also single rider, in a tube.

Morey's Piers water park waterslides

Want to Visit Morey’s Piers?

Morey’s Piers offers water park only and ride only admissions, or pay as you go pricing for the rides. There’s a morning only option for the waterparks too. Check their website for ticketing options and specials. Our advice is to purchase an inclusive admission that gets you into each park. It’s hard to pick just one! To learn about the Morey’s Piers amusement parks, read The Difference Between the Morey’s Piers Piers.

For more Morey’s Piers photos, check out our Facebook albums, Morey’s Piers Raging Waters and Ocean Oasis photos and Morey’s Piers – Mariners and Surfside Ride Piers photos.

Morey's Piers entry arch

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