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As Halloween approaches we have been looking for Halloween movies for our family movie night that are a little bit spookier than our usual picks. Though we don’t want anything too spooky that might give my toddler nightmares.


I hadn’t seen Monsters Inc. since it came out in theaters nearly 12 years ago. Since Monsters University came out this summer my son was familiar with the characters thanks to all the commercials for the prequel.


For those not familiar with Monsters Inc. it is about two monsters Sully and Mike who work as scarers at Monsters Inc. Scarers go into children’s rooms via their closet doors and scare them. The power from the children’s screams is used to power the city of Monstropolous. Everything is going fine until a little girl named Boo follows Sully back through the door. Mike and Sully uncover a conspiracy at Monster Inc while trying to return Boo to her room.


Monsters Inc

Monsters Inc signReasons I Love Monsters Inc.

  • Mike and Sully voiced by Billy Crystal and John Goodman are a hilarious duo.
  • While the story has a scary pretense it is not scary at all.
  • The bond between Boo and Sully.
  • Jokes that adults get, the humor is not purely geared to the kids.
  • The movie shows that monsters are not really scary.


Reasons Kids will Love Monsters Inc.

  • Mike’s silly antics
  • Monsters being scared of kids
  • Fast paced story
  • Lots of laughs


We really loved watching Monsters Inc. as a family, sometimes kids entertainment is not adult entertainment, so it was nice to find a movie that was truly family entertainment. My son loved watching the scenes were Mike and Sully are scared of Boo. Since we watched this movie my son has been requesting to watch it over and over again.



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