Monster Jam Path of Destruction: Celebrating 30 years of Grave Digger

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Happy 30th Anniversary Grave Digger!!!

I remember being a kid and sitting with my family at Raceway Park in Englishtown NJ just to get a quick glimpse at Grave Digger demolishing a few cars and taking off down the track. It was a night I always looked forward to. Now 25 years later i was able to sit down and remember those great memories while creating new memories with my boys. I couldn’t wait to take watch Grave Digger in action with them and to hear them scream and yell out in excitement while watching the Monster Jam Path of Destruction show.

My ten year old instantly fell in love with Grave Digger at Monster Jam Path of Destruction. When we walked into the pit party Grave Diggers 30th Anniversary Experience was one of the first places on our list. Upon walking up to the area he was smiling ear to ear and his eyes were as wide as the tires on the truck. His day had officially been made and it had only just begun. We walked around the experience and were able to see a timeline of Grave Digger over the years including the original Grave Digger that Dennis Anderson built and drove. We even got a quick glimpse of Dennis signing autographs for fans. His favorite thing in the entire Grave Digger Experience was a massive replica Grave Digger made completely out of K’nex. My son is still trying to figure out how he can recreate this in our backyard!  If it were up to my lil guy we would have stayed right in that spot until the show began.

The Boys with the Original Grave Digger


Can you believe this Grave Digger Truck is made entirely of K’nex

As soon as we heard the bells sound he immediately knew that meant Grave Digger was coming out for a spin. His eyes lit up his hands went in the air, and along with his brother they started chanting Grave Digger! Grave Digger! Grave Digger! When he saw the truck fly into the air i could hear him gasp hoping that his favorite driver would land ok. When Dennis plowed through an RV and turned corners at high speeds shock and amazement filled his face. At the end of the night we were able to meet the drivers and have the kids programs signed, this was a true highlight for my son. When we were walking out of the stadium he grabbed me by the hand and told me he couldn’t wait to go to school on Monday to show all of his friends that he met Dennis Anderson and saw Grave Digger in action!

He just heard the bells for Grave Diggers Intro

A letter to My Favorite Driver

Dear Mr. Anderson,

Thank you so much for putting on such an awesome show. I have never been to a Monster Jam before but i have watched it on TV and played the game. Seeing it live was much much cooler. I really liked walking through the experience and seeing the original Grave Digger truck. I am glad you changed the paint scheme though i like the purples and greens much better then the brown. I really enjoyed watching you drive the truck in the races. I can’t believe how fast you can make the truck go! I also knew you would win the races, the other drivers are great but you are amazing! The freestyle rounds were my favorite, it was so cool to see how high up in the air you went and how you crushed the cars and RV’s like they were speedbumps. At one point you stopped right in front of us so i got a great look at Digger all dirty. At the end of the night you took the time to meet the fans and you signed the program that my brother and i got as presents. I took the program to school to show all my friends they thought it was awesome. Thank for taking the time to meet us and to drive a Monster Truck for 30 years. I want to learn how to drive one now too. Hope to see you at another Monster Jam Show! Happy 30th Anniversary Grave Digger!

From, Sean age 10

On behalf of the Jersey Family Fun team we want to wish Grave Digger and Dennis Anderson a very Happy 30th Anniversary!

Do you have a favorite memory of Grave Digger? We would love to hear all about it. Please leave us a comment letting us know your Grave Digger memories.

Want to see photos of Grave Digger in action visit our Facebook Album

Visit Jersey Family Fun’s YouTube channel to see videos of Grave Digger or any of the other Monster Jam: Path of Destruction trucks.

Purchasing tickets for Monster Jam Path of Destruction at the MetLife Stadium

  • Seats start at $35 for adults and $15 for kids.
  • Pit Passes $15 each
  • $5 Off Adult Tickets Discount Coupons available at participating Advance Auto Parts locations from 5/28/12 through 6/15/12 while supplies last.
  • Use code BLOGGER to save $10 off a $25 or $35 ticket
  • Tickets are available
    • MetLife Stadium Box Office
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    • Online at or
    • Charge by phone 800.745.3000.


Stay tuned to Jersey Family Fun, where our own Crystal and her family traveled with the Monster Jam team in Baltimore to get a preview of the show and a behind the scenes look at the drivers and their trucks. Click Monster Jam Path of Destruction to view the latest in our series about the Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam Tour.


In full disclosure this series is being sponsored by Advance Auto Parts Monster Jam, who provided Jersey Family Fun with VIP Access and accommodations to attend the Baltimore show and to host a giveaway. We were responsible for some of our own travel costs.



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