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Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ (with Photos)

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton New Jersey is a great place to visit if you have kids of differing ages. It has a Peter Pan theme complete with boat themed equipment and a crocodile! Kids also love to find the treasure where X marks the spot on the playground.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Marlton Playground Horizontal Older Kids Section

10 Things to Know About Memorial Park Playground in Marlton

As part of our challenge to write about 100 New Jersey playgrounds in 100 days we bring you the details about Memorial Park Playground, a playground in Marlton. This playground is often referred to as the Marlton Playground or the playground at the Memorial Sports Complex.

Where is Memorial Park Playground located?

This Marlton playground is located at 1040 Tuckerton Road in Marlton, Burlington County, New Jersey. The park is part of the Marlton/Evesham Township park system.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Horizontal Younger Kids Playground Marlton Playground

What kind of playground equipment does the Memorial Park Playground have?

There is a lot of special playground equipment for varying age groups. Kids will love the Peter Pan theme, sliding the super high slides (or smaller ones), crossing the obstacle course, and discovering the treasure.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Slides 2 tan slide tunnel and open

Are there swings?

There were two swing structures for a total of 8 traditional swings, 4 baby swings, and 1 accessible swing.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ traditional Swings
Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ baby swings

Are there slides?

There is an open straight slide and an open curvy slide on the younger kids section.

On the older kids structure, the larger slides are taller than at most other playgrounds so they will likely be very exciting for older kids. Two of those slides are large wavy tunnel slides. There is also a somewhat tall open straight slide and a very tall open twisting slide.

Marlton Park
The fun tube slides

Former writer for Jersey Family Fun, Crystal advises, “My kids must have climbed up and down the tower to those large two-story tube slides for half an hour straight. While this was our favorite spot of the park, I do recommend that you stay close to where they are climbing as the first level off the ground has large openings without a railing near a rock wall. Adults can climb, there is even a small bench when you get to the second story if you need to take a pause after the climb.

What special features does the playground offer?

There main attraction of the special features is the miniature ropes/obstacle course for younger kids. It’s complete with a rope bridge, tunnels, climbing wall, and other obstacles to climb.

There is a high back spinner, otherwise know an as a merry go round.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Special Features Marlton Playground high back spinner

There is a peek-a-boo style tunnel.

Marlton Park is one of many playgrounds in Burlington County.
One of the play structures at Marlton Park

Completing the playground is a crocodile ride-on-toy, faux pirate treasure, pretend toy store, and musical playground equipment.

What kind of ground cover does the playground have?

The ground cover is rubber padding.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Vertical Older Kids Section Marlton Playground

Is the playground at Memorial Park Playground accessible?

There is one accessible swing. The musical playground equipment and the faux toy store under the playground equipment is also accessible.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Special Features Marlton Playground musical sensory play area
Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Shaded Toy Store Play Area under the Playground

Is there shade available at the Memorial Park Playground? 

There is a seating area/pavilion right outside the playground with lots of picnic benches that are in the shade. The playground itself is not shaded.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Pavilion Horizontal

There is some shade under some of the playground features like the bridge, toy store, and in the tunnels.

Where is parking for the Memorial Park Playground? 

There is a small parking lot next to the playground.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Parking Lot

Are there restrooms at Memorial Park Playground?

There are indoor restrooms in a building right next to the playground.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Restrooms

What else is there to do at Memorial Park Playground?

In addition to the playground at Memorial Park, there are additional amenities available for visitors.

Are there walking trails?

There are not any walking trails, but there is an area with exercise equipment.

Are there fields or courts for sports? 

Marlton Park is located near the Evesham sports complex. You could spend an afternoon at the playground and then try your hand at soccer, tennis, and basketball.

  • Artificial Turf
  • Baseball Field
  • Basketball Court
  • Soccer Field
  • Softball Field
  • Tennis Court
Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Fields Nearby

Bonus information we want you to know about Memorial Park Playground 

The Marlton Park playground is large and completely fenced in except for the entrance gate. There is plenty of space to run around and play on the different equipment.

Thirsty? There is a vending machine near the playground under the pavilion.

Need a break from the sun or heat? The playground is located only a couple minutes from the Evesham Library.

Who do I contact about having a birthday party or event at Memorial Park Playground?

We provide these details about this playground as a service to our readers and the park. However, Jersey Family Fun is not directly involved with this park. To reserve Memorial Park Playground for a birthday party or private event, please contact them directly by calling (856) 983-0222 or visiting their website.

Memorial Park Playground in Marlton NJ Welcome Marlton Playground

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